dankwood pre rolls

Dankwood Pre Rolls Review

Learn more about Dankwood Pre Rolls in this article as we discuss what it is, what you should know, and what better alternatives you can choose from. What are Dankwood Pre Rolls? Dankwood Pre Rolls are pre-rolled blunts. The idea behind the conveniently pre-rolled blunts is based on the grab-and-go concept. Rolling a blunt is … Read more


PunchBar Edibles Review

What are PunchBar Edibles? PunchBar edibles are top-quality THC candies notorious for their intense effects. They are a popular choice for people first experimenting with edibles since they come in a variety of flavours and are easy to dose. This can be a great way to ease in, especially since the strong flavours mask the … Read more

how to smoke hash

How to Smoke Hash: Beginner’s Ultimate Guide

What is Hash/Hashish? Hashish, also known as hash, is a potent cannabis concentrate made from the resin of the female cannabis plant after separating the trichomes from the flowers. Trichomes are the resin glands of the cannabis plant that have the highest terpenes and cannabinoids, which give cannabis certain properties. Hash is made by drying … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide To Cannabis Dabs And Dabbing

A Beginner’s Guide To Cannabis Dabs And Dabbing

The methods of cannabis consumption continue to grow as time goes on. Many people used to stick to smoking cannabis concentrates or perhaps mixing extracts such as hash or shatter in their joints for stronger effects. Soon, other methods such as using weed edibles or tinctures gained popularity. However, for the strongest hits possible, dabbing … Read more

How To Eliminate the Smell of Cannabis

How to Get Rid of Weed Smell?

Smoking cannabis has all kinds of perks. It can improve your mood, relieve pain and inflammation, make you more social, and even enhance your creativity and mental focus. However, it can also have its drawbacks. Aside from dry eyes, dry mouth, and the munchies, one of the most common problems people have with cannabis is … Read more

What Is Pinene and What Are Its Benefits in Cannabis?

When you consume marijuana, the physical and mental changes you experience are largely due to cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. However, these aren’t the only components in cannabis that contribute to the effects. Each cannabis strain also contains an array of terpenes – aromatic compounds that work in conjunction with cannabinoids. One of the … Read more

It’s easy to ensure you have a good marijuana high as long as you learn about THC dosing. Click here for our essential THC Dosing Guide for weed beginners.

The Essential THC Dosing Guide For Marijuana Beginners

Whether you smoke weed, vape marijuana concentrates, take cannabis edibles, or use other marijuana-infused products, it’s important to know how to manage your THC dosage. Cannabis contains a range of cannabinoids and terpenes that offer a variety of benefits, but THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid that gives you the intense physical and mental highs that … Read more

How To Eliminate THC From Your System

How To Eliminate THC From Your System: A Complete Guide

Smoking or vaping your favorite cannabis strains will usually give you an incredible high for a few hours. Using cannabis edibles can often get you high for even longer. After the effects wear off, your physical and mental state will go back to normal. However, traces of THC can still last in your system for … Read more

What Is Limonene

What Is Limonene & What Are Its Benefits in Cannabis?

While all cannabis strains offer psychoactive highs, the effects and benefits of each strain are slightly different. While a lot of this comes down to cannabinoid levels, the terpenes or terpenoids in each strain also make a significant impact, and limonene is one of the most common strains you can find in cannabis. As you … Read more

What Is A Cannabis Contact High?

When you inhale marijuana smoke you’ll experience an array of physical and mental effects. Most users find that the THC in marijuana makes them feel physically soothed and mentally invigorated. Most people get these effects by smoking a joint, bong, or pipe. However, you could also experience a cannabis contact high. A cannabis contact high … Read more

How To Grow Psilocybin Mushrooms

If you’re looking for something stronger than marijuana or simply want an invigorating psychedelic experience, you’ll want to try psilocybin mushrooms. These fascinating fungi contain the psychoactive compound psilocybin and, when consumed, will induce a range of sensational mental effects. Low doses of psilocybin mushrooms can enhance your creativity and heighten your mood. Higher doses … Read more

How Much Cannabis Do I Need To Make Bubble Hash

How Much Cannabis Do I Need To Make Bubble Hash

Many seasoned stoners wonder how they can make their weed go further. While you can get stronger effects by vaping your weed or using it in a bong or pipe, you can also use it to make high-THC cannabis concentrates. One of the most popular extracts you can make with weed is bubble hash. Bubble … Read more

Can Cannabis Help Prevent Hair Loss

Can Cannabis Help Prevent Hair Loss?

Cannabis is no longer seen purely as a recreational drug – people all over the world now use it for a range of therapeutic purposes. From reducing stress and depression to alleviating pain and inflammation, the positive effects of marijuana can help with a wide variety of issues. As such, some users may wonder – … Read more

How to Grow Magic Mushrooms at Home

How to Grow Magic Mushrooms at Home

If you’re a seasoned psychonaut who enjoys the incredible effects of magic mushrooms or even just a casual user who wants to benefit from the perks of psilocybin, you might want to learn how to grow magic mushrooms at home. Once you know how to grow magic mushrooms, you can grow your supply within months … Read more

How To Store CBD Products

How To Store CBD Products & Know When They’ve Expired

The option to conveniently buy CBD products online is becoming more and more attractive as time goes on. After all, CBD products provide a way for people to safely and effectively consume cannabidiol without the potential drawbacks of THC. CBD doesn’t get you high but is still said to provide a wealth of benefits, making … Read more

How to Make Weed Brownies

How to Make Weed Brownies

Feel like getting in the kitchen and baking marijuana edibles? You can make all kinds of delicious creations after decarboxylating your favorite strain of weed and cooking up some cannabis butter. Some people enjoy marijuana chocolate chip cookies or even weed-infused cakes, but weed brownies are one of the most classic edibles you can make. … Read more