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Can You Use Tissue Paper to Roll a Joint

Can You Use Tissue Paper to Roll a Joint? Yes. Here’s How

Alright, so you’ve just run out of rolling papers and are currently searching for alternatives in your house. You spot a piece of tissue paper and begin to wonder if it’s a suitable alternative to use. Can you use it, though? The short answer would be yes, but of course, there are some caveats that … Read more

Rolling Paper Alternatives

13 Best Rolling Paper Alternatives: What Can I Use Instead?

It’s a quiet evening, your favorite tunes are playing in the background, and you’re preparing to unwind with some quality cannabis. But as you reach out for that all-important rolling paper, it dawns on you – you’re out! Panic strikes, but only momentarily, because believe it or not, there are a multitude of alternatives waiting … Read more

Weed Stuck in Throat

Weed Stuck in Throat? Here Are 10 Steps You Can Take to Fix That

Step Description Step 1: Stay Calm Begin by staying calm and breathing deeply. Step 2: Assess the Situation Recognize and evaluate the sensation in your throat. Step 3: Hydrate Sip water to moisten the throat and potentially dislodge the weed. Step 4: Try Gentle Coughing A gentle cough might help dislodge the weed particle. Step … Read more

How to Put Out a Joint

How to Put Out a Joint and Save It For Later in 6 Easy Ways

Ever find yourself wanting to savor the moment by only smoking half a joint? Or perhaps you’re in a situation where lighting up the entire thing might not be the best idea. Whatever your reasons, there’s no need to feel compelled to finish a joint in one sitting. Whether it’s about moderation, saving some for … Read more

Animated Movies to Watch While High

The 20 Best Animated Movies to Watch While High

Kicking back with an animated movie during a high is our favorite Saturday night ritual. The intricate details in these films, from the vibrant colors to the meticulous linework, settings, and character designs, all play pivotal roles in amplifying the story’s nuances. These elements reach out, captivating us as viewers, and pulling us into their … Read more

Masturbating While High

Why Does Masturbating While High Feel So Good?

Let’s admit it, we’ve all been curious. Being high feels great by itself, but there are times when we feel a little bit naughty down there. Now, what feeling do you get when you add masturbation while you’re high? One word: Amazing. Yup, it really is, and if you’re embarrassed to ask your friends about … Read more

Documentaries to Watch While High

15 Best Documentaries to Watch While High

Ah. Ever find yourself solo at home, the world around you tinged with that post-toke glow, thinking, “What now?” Sure, movies and games have their appeal. But sometimes, you want something a bit… deeper. Enter the captivating world of documentaries. I mean, who doesn’t like unraveling the mysteries of the universe with Neil deGrasse Tyson … Read more

Can You Smoke Weed Leaves

Can You Smoke Weed Leaves? Yes, But We Don’t Recommend It

We get it. Maybe you’ve just read our discussion about ‘can you smoke weed stems‘ and stumbled upon this page to find out if you can smoke weed leaves as well. Or perhaps you came here by chance because you have extra weed leaves lying around. Not to worry, the answer is a bit clearer … Read more

Can You Smoke Weed Stems

Can You Smoke Weed Stems and Get a Good High?

Hey, are you having trouble getting rid of those weed stems? Yeah, we hear you. Perhaps you’re wondering if it’s okay to smoke those bad boys so they don’t go to waste. Well, we’ve got some good news. There are effective ways on how you can utilize those weed stems, and we’ve curated them into … Read more

Why Does Weed Make You Laugh

Why Does Weed Make You Laugh? [9 Possible Reasons Why]

“Laughter,” as Charlie Chaplin once said, “is the tonic, the relief, the surcease for pain.” But what exactly triggers this burst of joy we call laughter? Although Charlie may not have said this in the context of being high, your weed buddy might have said this with the same intent. So why do we laugh … Read more

Pothead vs Stoner

Pothead vs Stoner: What’s the Difference?

If you regularly smoke weed, chances are you’ve come across the terms that people like to call someone who enjoys the good ol’ Mary Jane. ‘Potheads’ and ‘Stoners’ are two of the common labels used. But what do they mean, exactly? Well, that’s why we’re here today. We’re going to dive deep into the meanings … Read more

Why Does My Jaw Hurt While Smoking Weed

Why Does My Jaw Hurt While Smoking Weed? [11 Possible Causes]

You ever smoke a joint and suddenly feel like your jaw’s on strike? Well, friend, you’re not alone. Smoking weed can indeed affect your jaw. The connections between cannabis consumption and jaw discomfort aren’t always direct, but they’re present nonetheless. It’s a blend of factors: physical reactions, potential underlying conditions, and even the way you … Read more

Smoking Weed in the Bathroom

Discreetly Smoking Weed in the Bathroom: All You Need to Know

We see you. You’re stuck in a situation where stepping outside for a quick smoke session isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Maybe it’s your nosey neighbors, your parents or other family members, or the ever-present security cameras, or maybe it’s just a little too chilly outside. Whatever the situation may be, you’re here … Read more

Smoking Weed While Sick

Smoking Weed While Sick: Will It Make Your Flu or Cold Better?

Hey there, I understand you’re feeling under the weather and you’re curious about whether smoking weed could help alleviate your symptoms or potentially speed up your recovery. It’s not uncommon for someone to consider lighting up a joint to alleviate the discomfort associated with being ill. But is it the right decision? In this article, … Read more

Smelling Weed When There is None

Randomly Smelling Weed When There Is None: 13 Possible Reasons

Do you ever get a whiff of weed when there’s not a single source around? No, you’re not losing it. It’s more common than you’d think. The scent of cannabis can seemingly appear out of nowhere, even when you’re confident there’s no trace nearby. There’s a list of perfectly good explanations for why you’re experiencing … Read more

What Does Weed Taste Like

What Does Weed Taste Like? Is It Tasty or Something Else?

Hey there, ever caught yourself wondering what weed tastes like? Especially if you’re new to this, we bet it’s a question that’s popped up in your mind. No stress, we totally get it. Trying new things can feel a bit…well, overwhelming, right? Especially when it comes to flavors and experiences you’re not used to. But … Read more

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