How Vaporizers Impact the Cannabis Market

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Although the idea of vaping first cropped up in the 1920s, it wasn’t until 2003 when it became a widespread alternative to smoking cigarettes throughout North America. Initially, this practice of inhaling nicotine involved e-cigarettes. Today, most people simply call it “vaping.”

It didn’t take long for vaping to become popular. A lot of people turned to it as a way to either cut down on or stop smoking altogether. Even with some concerning information and an abundance of flavoured vaping products, this remains incredibly popular for people of legal age.

In comparison, the use of cannabis dates back to ancient times. Smoking marijuana used to be illegal in all 50 U.S. states, though. It was also illegal in Canada. That soon changed. Now, smoking weed is legal in Canada, as well as in 33 U.S. states. Each of these has some type of legislation in place regarding cannabis use.

In the U.S., California was the first state to legalize weed in 1996 but only for certain medical conditions. That led to other states following suit. Then, in 2012, Washington and Colorado approved it for recreational use. Now, it’s legal in all but 17 states. In Canada, the recreational use of cannabis was legalized in 2019. 

Vaping and marijuana use, whether for medical or recreational purposes, are quite different. Regardless, you have to wonder if vaping has had any impact on the cannabis market and, if so, how. Well, something interesting happened that brought the two together.

Vaping Marijuana

Instead of using vaporizers to smoke products that contain nicotine, a new practice of using vaping devices to smoke pot has gained tremendous popularity. Rather than causing no harm to the cannabis market, vaping continues to help it reach higher levels of use and, therefore, success.

Just recently, both cannabis and vaping device makers have seen record sales. Many people believe this has to do with the pandemic. Looking for new options, vaping and weed came together unexpectedly. In fact, some of the more popular vaping devices have become increasingly difficult to find due to high demand.

Many experts believe that as the momentum of using cannabis increases and more places make it legal, that this new trend will grow even faster than it already is. From the time vaping pot started roughly six months ago until now, it appears that the cannabis market is gaining a lot of traction.

How Do Cannabis Vaporizers Work

How Do Cannabis Vaporizers Work?

Vaporizers heat both nicotine products and dried weed flowers and THC oil in much the same way. People inhale the vapour the device emits. Keep in mind that there are some differences between standard vaporizers and those used to smoke pot.

For the most part, the two types of vaporizers look almost identical. However, the trending devices for marijuana have a design specifically for dried pot flowers or THC oils. This has grown in popularity so much that some manufacturers are trying to figure out a way to retrofit standard vaporizers to accommodate cannabis products.

People who enjoy smoking cannabis appreciate the simplicity and convenience of vaping. Also, these specially made devices heat pot at a much lower temperature compared to nicotine products. So, they don’t release high levels of terpenes and cannabinoids. You can choose a vaporizer that heats dried weed flower or THC oil, whichever one you prefer.

Vaporizers meant for cannabis users rely on one of two types of heating mechanisms. This is important to ensure you purchase one that can extract the active ingredients from the plant matter or oil and then convert it into vapour.

  • Conductive Heating – The first mechanism uses conductive heating. After placing the weed into the heated surface, an internal “hot plate” heats the dried flower or THC oil to the optimal temperature. These vaporizers have a chamber that heats the cannabis throughout, followed by converting the terpenes and cannabinoids into vapour.
  • Convective Heating – The second mechanism relies on convective heating. In this case, the dried pot or THC oil never comes into contact with the device’s heating element. Instead, a fan-like system moves heated air to reach the desired temperature. Once heated, the terpenes and cannabinoids turn into vapour. Many people prefer this option since it eliminates the risk of charring.

Cannabis Vaporizer Options

Just like with standard vaporizers used for nicotine products, those designed for cannabis come in a broad range of sizes and shapes. That means there’s something to accommodate everyone’s personal preference. Some enjoy using a larger vaporizer, which has tubing that connects to the mouthpiece. Others opt for a smaller device because of its portability and discreetness.

Cannabis Vaporizer Options

Market Impact

Since e-cigarettes and pot are completely different, there’s an audience for both. Overall, vaping doesn’t impact the cannabis market, at least in a negative way. With vaporizers now made to accommodate dried weed flowers and oil, if anything, the idea of vaping has taken the cannabis market to a new level.

Vaping cannabis has become such a hot trend that device manufacturers struggle to keep up with demand. As this form of smoking marijuana gets more technologically advanced, the market will likely see an even bigger uptick in the coming years.

Having a Positive Experience

The key is to purchase quality cannabis from a trusted source. The better the pot is, the better the effects. The same holds true for vaporizers designed for weed users. Sure, you can find all kinds of cheap products. If you want to vape marijuana, though, it’s always a good idea to invest in a quality-made product.

When vaping marijuana, you can still use the specific type or blend that you would normally smoke in a different way. In other words, you don’t have to compromise on the experience you enjoy the most.

The Bottom Line

People who like to vape nicotine products can continue to do so. However, individuals who enjoy cannabis can also vape using a vaporizer designed specifically for THC oil or dried weed flower. Thanks to the original vaping concept, this is now a viable option for marijuana. In addition, vaping devices make marijuana use more sophisticated.

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