Cannabis Concentrates: A Simple Guide

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With all the cannabis flower strains out there, you can always find new types of cannabis to try. However, if the effects of weed have become too mild for you or you simply want to try a new way of getting high, cannabis concentrates are the way to go. Not only can you find them in all kinds of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, but they offer much stronger effects.

While your average strain of weed might contain around 15% to 25% THC, cannabis concentrates usually contain anywhere from 40% to 80%, and some are even higher. You can use them by smoking them with weed or putting a dab of your chosen concentrate in a vaporizer or dab rig for even more powerful effects.

There are also many types of concentrates to choose from. From wax extracts to solid, brick-like hash strains, cannabis fans have various choices when it comes to using cannabis concentrates. They’re a great option for marijuana users who want to experiment with something new.

So what should you expect from cannabis concentrates, how are they made, what types can you find, and how should you use them? Here’s a simple guide to cannabis concentrates with everything you need to know.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates aren’t just a singular product, but rather a range of different types of concentrated products that have been extracted from weed. Each cannabis concentrate is made using a different extraction method – some involving solvents, some involving nothing but heat and pressure. Whichever way, each concentrate provides a potent and rewarding high.

The bulk of the THC, CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis flower strains are contained within the trichomes. By extracting these parts and separating them from the rest of the plant matter, you end up with extremely powerful extracts. Many concentrates contain THC levels of 40 – 80%, but they can sometimes go as high as 99%.

Cannabis concentrates are also known by other names such as cannabis extracts or dabs, as well as the individual names of each extract. Popular cannabis extracts include hash, shatter, rosin, wax, and oil. You can also get powerful high-terpene full-spectrum extracts such as live resin and diamonds. These products are reinfused with terpenes to enhance their flavors.

Due to their high THC levels, even a small dab of your chosen concentrate can deliver powerful effects. These products are often chosen by veteran stoners who want to graduate to something harder-hitting than weed. They’re also great for medical users who need a potent product to help with pain, inflammation, headaches, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and other issues.

How Strong Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates contain extremely high THC levels. The exact THC levels in each concentrate can depend on the type of concentrate, the strain used for extraction, and even the quality of the extract. However, cannabis concentrates usually contain THC levels of anywhere from 40 – 99%.

Since they’re so potent, you only need a small dab of a high-quality cannabis extract to get high. What’s more, while people usually buy weed in quantities of 3.5 to 28 grams, a single gram of shatter, hash, live resin or another type of concentrate is usually enough to last you for various smoking sessions.

For example, if a strain of shatter boasts THC levels of 80%, a single gram will contain 800mg of THC. You can split this into ten or even twenty pieces and still get a hard-hitting high with each dab. Most people simply scoop a small dab of shatter to either mix with weed in a joint/bowl or apply it to a vaporizer or dab rig.

While they’re favored by users who want sensationally strong effects, you can get milder effects with concentrates. You can microdose cannabis extracts by using a very small amount. Sometimes you can even find CBD concentrates that have been extracted from hemp flower strains.

How Are Cannabis Concentrates Made

How Are Cannabis Concentrates Made?

Weed concentrates or extracts are named as such because they’re extracted from cannabis flower strains. A good stash of cannabis buds can be subjected to all kinds of interesting extraction processes that separate the potent trichomes of cannabis from the rest of the plant matter.

With that said, there’s no single extraction process used to make cannabis concentrates. Every type of cannabis concentrate is made using a different method, resulting in different textures and potencies. Some even go a step further by adding processes to give the resulting extracts extra flavor.

Many concentrates, such as shatter, wax, and budder, are made using solvent-based extraction processes. These involve blasting cannabis buds with solvents to extract the most potent parts. The extracts are then purged of solvents and cured to give the finished products extra potency and flavor.

High-terpene full-spectrum extracts, such as live resin and diamonds, also use solvent-based extraction processes. However, they also include extra steps to infuse the extracts with extra terpenes. These products are made using flash-frozen buds and reinfused with terpenes to enhance their aromas, flavors, and effects.

Other concentrates are made via solvent-free processes. Hash is made by separating kief from flower and compressing it into a solid block of potent cannabis. Rosin is made by applying high levels of heat and pressure to cannabis buds, kief, or hash to release powerful solvent-free extracts.

Strains Of Cannabis Concentrates

One of the perks of buying weed is that you can find a vast amount of different strains. Not only does each strain look, smell, and taste different, but they also offer different kinds of effects and benefits. Whether you’re looking for soothing effects, an energizing high, or something in between, there’s a suitable strain for your needs.

Fortunately, you don’t need to give up this level of variety when you use cannabis concentrates. These products are extracted from weed and offer all the same kinds of effects and benefits as the strains they’re extracted from. What’s more, the effects will be more potent due to the strength of cannabis extracts.

For instance, those looking for hard-hitting indica effects could use Bubba Kush Hash. This strain is known for delivering deep relaxation and helping to relieve pain, inflammation, and other forms of physical distress. Those looking for an uplifting and energizing sativa high could use Tropic Thunder Live Resin.

Of course, plenty of hybrid strains of concentrates are also available. Fans of cannabis hybrids could try Pineapple Express Live Resin, Gelato Sugar Wax, or Vanilla Ice Shatter. Using these popular strains in the form of potent extracts is a great way to experience the full potential of their effects and flavors.

Types Of Cannabis Concentrates

There are many excellent types of cannabis concentrates to use. While all of these can provide sensational highs, they often vary in their texture and potency. Here are some of the most popular types of cannabis extracts you can buy right now.

Hash – Hash is a popular type of cannabis extract known for its rigid, brick-like texture. It’s made by compressing kief into a solid block of potent weed. You must first prime hash using a lighter – it’ll then crumble so that you can easily mix it with weed in a joint or bowl. It can also be used with a dry herb vaporizer.

Shatter – Shatter is a solvent-based cannabis concentrate that often contains THC levels of up to 80%. Shatter extracts look like amber sheets of glass and break into small pieces when snapped, hence the name. You can melt shatter with a lighter and mix it with weed for smoking purposes, but using it in a vaporizer or dab rig will unleash its full potential.

Wax – Wax is another type of cannabis extract produced by blasting weed with solvents. It’s potent and flavorful, and its waxy texture makes it easy to handle. Since it’s particularly soft and pliable, you can easily scoop up dabs of wax to add them to a joint, bowl, vaporizer, or dab rig.

Budder – Budder is another solvent-based cannabis extract similar to shatter and wax. The difference is that budder has more of a thick, buttery texture. It’s also known as butter or batter due to its texture. Like wax, budder is great for scooping up and adding to your joints and bowls, although it’s best used via vaping or dabbing.

Live Resin – Live Resin is the most popular example of a high-terpene full-spectrum extract. Not only does it provide strong effects, but it’s also packed with flavorful terpenes. Vaping is the best way to unleash the potency and flavor of live resin dabs, although it’s also great for dabbing or smoking.

Rosin – Rosin is known for its simple extraction process that involves compressing weed between heated plates to release potent cannabinoids and terpenes. These amber extracts can vary in texture, but they always provide potent effects and satisfying flavors.

How To Smoke Cannabis Concentrates

How To Smoke Cannabis Concentrates

There are various good ways to use cannabis concentrates. While vaping potent marijuana extracts usually helps to bring out more of their potency and flavor, smoking cannabis concentrates offers a convenient and hassle-free method of consumption. Plus, there are multiple ways to do so.

You’ll need to mix cannabis concentrates with weed for them to burn smoothly and evenly. If you want to use your favorite extracts in a joint, start by adding weed to your rolling paper before adding a few chunks of hash, a few dabs of shatter, or another type of concentrate. 

The rules apply to adding your concentrates to a bowl – add your weed before adding your chosen extracts on top. Smoking concentrates with weed offers potent and satisfying effects. What’s more, you can mix your favorite strains of weed and concentrate for a unique and interesting high.

How To Vape Cannabis Concentrates

Vaping is arguably the best way to use cannabis concentrates. Not only does it bring out their strong effects, but it also unleashes more of the flavorful terpenes inside. Plus, vaping also provides smooth hits that feel much easier on your lungs than smoking. Research suggests that vaping even produces stronger effects than smoking cannabis.

You’ll need a concentrate vaporizer or a vaporizer with a coil for concentrates. These devices are sometimes also known as dab pens and are ideal for applying high temperatures to your favorite extracts. Many also allow you to adjust the temperature and airflow to get the best high possible for your preferences.

Once you have a compatible device, it’s as simple as scooping up a dab of your chosen extract and applying it to the chamber of your vaporizer. Turn the device on and, soon enough, you’ll be inhaling smooth, flavorful vape hits. Simply take as many as you need until you’re satisfied with the effects.

How To Dab Cannabis Concentrates

While smoking and vaping cannabis concentrates can deliver sensational highs, dabbing gives you even stronger hits. While this method of consumption isn’t recommended for beginners, seasoned marijuana users who want to unleash the full power of their favorite extracts might want to try it.

You’ll need to invest in a dab rig – a bong-like device that features a Quartz, titanium, or ceramic banger to handle high temperatures. You’ll also need a few accessories, including a dab tool, a butane torch, and ideally a carp cap for covering your dab nail while you’re inhaling your dabs.

You can then heat your dab nail using the torch until it’s red hot. Allow around 30 to 60 seconds for the nail to cool before applying a dab of your chosen extract using your dab tool. Your dab will vaporize instantly, so inhale from the mouthpiece while covering the nail with your carb cap. One hit is enough for many users, but you can repeat the process if you want even stronger effects.

How To Dab Cannabis Concentrates


Whether you’re looking for a stronger high than weed or you need potent relief for pain, anxiety, insomnia, and other issues, cannabis concentrates are an excellent choice. These powerful products are packed with cannabinoids and terpenes to deliver some of the greatest highs possible.

There are many types of concentrates to choose from, including shatter, hash, wax, and live resin. You can smoke them with weed, vape them, or use them with a dab rig for hard-hitting effects. You can order cannabis concentrates online along with various other high-quality marijuana products at Buy My Weed Online.

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