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Bubble Hash vs Dry Sift vs Charas: How Do These Three Differ?

When it comes to exploring cannabis concentrates, you might be curious about bubble hash, dry sift, and charas. Maybe you’ve heard these terms from friends or seen them at dispensaries but aren’t sure what they mean.

Whether you’re a cannabis enthusiast wanting to try something new or just looking to understand your options better, this guide will help you learn the unique characteristics and benefits of these three types of hash.

Let’s break down what makes each one special and how to choose the right concentrate for your needs.

Bubble Hash, Dry Sift, and Charas Overview

Before proceeding, let’s first understand what bubble hash, dry sift, and charas are with quick overviews.

What is Bubble Hash?

Bubble Hash is a cannabis concentrate derived from separating trichomes—the resinous glands containing the majority of the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes—from the plant matter using ice and water.

The process involves submerging the cannabis in ice water, agitating it to break off the trichomes, and then filtering the mixture through mesh bags known as “bubble bags.”

This method is valued for its ability to produce a clean, potent product devoid of most plant materials. The quality of bubble hash can vary based on the micron size of the bags used, with smaller microns often capturing higher quality trichomes.

This concentrate is known for bubbling when heated, hence the name.

What is Dry Sift?

Dry Sift, also known as kief, is another form of cannabis concentrate.

It is made by mechanically sifting dried cannabis flowers over a series of fine screens to separate the trichomes from the rest of the plant material. The result is a granular substance that varies in color from golden to light green, depending on the plant and the purity of the sift; the lighter the color, the purer the product.

Dry sift is appreciated for its simplicity and versatility in use—it can be smoked on its own, sprinkled over flower in a joint or bowl, or used as a base for creating other types of cannabis concentrates, like hash or rosin.

Its ease of production and the ability to be integrated into various consumption methods make dry sift a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts.

What is Charas?

Charas is a traditional form of hashish handmade in India, Pakistan, and Nepal.

It is produced by rubbing the live cannabis flowers between the hands until the resin sticks to the skin, gradually forming a thick, sticky, and dark resin. This method is unique because it uses fresh, live plants rather than dried plant material, capturing the plant’s natural oils and aromas at their peak.

The end product, charas, is typically smoked in a chillum and is highly revered in the regions where it is produced. Charas plays a significant cultural role in the areas of its origin and is known for its strong effects and distinctive, earthy flavor.

What are the Differences Between Dry Sift, Charas, and Bubble Hash

Now that we understand what these three are, let’s discuss where they differ so we can assess which one is best suited for your needs.


The primary distinction between bubble hash, dry sift, and charas lies in their production methods, which significantly affect the texture, purity, and flavor of each concentrate.

Bubble Hash is made using a cold-water extraction process. Cannabis is mixed with ice and water, which causes the trichomes to become brittle and break off easily. The mixture is then filtered through several layers of micron bags, catching the trichomes and leaving behind plant matter. This process is noted for its ability to produce a clean and potent product, as the water and ice help to minimize the inclusion of plant material.

Dry Sift involves a dry mechanical process. Dried cannabis flowers are agitated over a series of fine mesh screens. As the flowers are rubbed and shaken, the trichomes sift through the screens and are collected as kief. This method is less labor-intensive compared to making charas and does not require water, making it simpler and more accessible for many users. However, it can result in a product that contains a higher amount of plant material compared to bubble hash, affecting its purity.

Charas is produced by manually rubbing fresh cannabis flowers between the hands or fingers to extract the resin directly. This traditional method, primarily practiced in India and Nepal, is highly labor-intensive and uses fresh, live cannabis plants rather than dried. This results in a uniquely aromatic and potent product but typically contains more plant impurities due to the direct and less-filtered nature of the hand-rubbing process.

Texture and Purity

Bubble Hash generally has a sticky, malleable texture due to the way trichomes are compacted during the sifting process in cold conditions. It’s often considered purer than charas or dry sift because of the selective nature of the micron bags used in its production, which can filter out finer plant particles.

Dry Sift has a powdery texture that is softer and less cohesive than bubble hash. It can vary in purity; finer screens result in a lighter color and purer product, while coarser screens may allow more plant material through, resulting in a darker color.

Charas, given its traditional hand-made process, often has a very sticky and dense texture. It contains more plant matter and impurities than bubble hash but is prized for its strong flavor and aroma, which are considered to embody the essence of the live plant it is made from.

Flavor and Potency

The flavor and potency of these concentrates also differ based on their production techniques.

Bubble Hash typically offers a clean, refined taste and high potency due to its production process, which preserves terpenes and cannabinoids effectively. The water filtration helps maintain the integrity of the trichomes, leading to a purer and more potent product.

Dry Sift retains a robust cannabis flavor and is quite potent, though it may not be as concentrated as bubble hash. The dry sifting process can also affect the terpene profile, leading to variations in flavor based on how much plant material is included in the final product.

Charas has a distinctly rich, earthy flavor that many purists appreciate. It is highly potent, often more so than dry sift, because it is made from fresh cannabis plants, which may preserve a broader spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes.

How to Choose Between Charas, Bubble Hash, and Dry Sift

Use these factors in mind as you choose between dry sift, charas, and bubble hash to make an informed decision:

Choose Charas If:

You Value Traditional Methods

Charas is made using ancient techniques, primarily in India and Nepal. If you appreciate traditional, artisanal methods and the cultural heritage associated with cannabis, charas is a unique choice that reflects these values.

You Prefer Fresh Plant Flavors

Since charas is made from fresh cannabis plants, it retains a rich, earthy flavor that is more pronounced than in products made from dried plant material. Choose charas if you seek a deep, authentic taste and a strong aromatic presence.

You Want Something Handcrafted

Charas is labor-intensive and crafted by hand, which can add a personal touch not found in more mechanically processed forms of hash. This might appeal to those who appreciate craftsmanship in their cannabis products.

Choose Bubble Hash If:

You Seek Purity and Potency

Bubble hash is known for its cleanliness and high potency due to the water and ice filtration process that removes most plant materials. If you prioritize a strong effect and a clean taste, bubble hash is an excellent choice.

You Prefer a Versatile, Meltable Concentrate

Bubble hash is versatile in its use; it can be smoked, vaporized, or even dabbed if it’s full melt. Its texture allows it to be easily added to joints or bowls, or enjoyed on its own.

You Appreciate a Smooth Flavor Profile

The production method of bubble hash preserves terpenes well, resulting in a flavorful experience that maintains the true essence of the cannabis plant.

Choose Dry Sift If:

You Value Ease of Production and Flexibility

Dry sift can be produced at home with relatively simple equipment. It’s a good choice if you want a DIY option that doesn’t require complex setups or rare materials.

You Enjoy Customizing Potency

Dry sift varies in potency based on how finely it’s sifted, offering flexibility in strength. You can choose how pure you want your product by using different screen sizes.

You Prefer a Powdery Consistency

Dry sift’s powdery texture makes it easy to handle and versatile for use. It can be sprinkled over flowers to enhance potency or used as a base for other concentrates.


How long does it take to make each type of hash?

The time required to produce each type of hash varies significantly. Charas is the most time-consuming due to its manual extraction method, often taking several hours to produce a small quantity. Bubble hash can take a few hours, including setup, agitation, and drying times. Dry sift is the quickest, particularly if you have the dried material ready; it can be done in as little as an hour.

Can you mix these types of hash in a single product?

Yes, it’s possible to mix different types of hash, like dry sift and bubble hash, to combine their qualities and create a unique blend. This can alter the texture, potency, and flavor profile of the final product. Mixing should be done thoughtfully to ensure the characteristics of each type complement each other.

What equipment do you need to make each type of hash?

For bubble hash, you need bubble bags, a bucket, ice, and water. Dry sift requires dry sift screens or a box and a collection surface. Charas requires no special equipment besides the cannabis plant itself, although gloves can help keep your hands clean and collect the resin more effectively.

How do you store hash to preserve its quality?

Proper storage is crucial to maintaining the potency, flavor, and texture of hash. It should be stored in a cool, dark place in an airtight container. Exposure to heat, light, or air can degrade the quality over time. For long-term storage, refrigeration or freezing can help preserve its qualities.

What are the best strains of cannabis to use for each type of hash?

The choice of strain can significantly affect the quality of hash. Generally, strains high in resin and terpenes are best for making hash. For bubble hash and dry sift, strains like Sour Diesel and OG Kush are popular. For charas, traditional strains like Malana Cream and other indicas from the Himalayan region are often used.

Here at BMWO, we make sure that you’re well-equipped with the right knowledge when choosing between bubble hash, dry sift, and charas.

To learn more about similar topics, head over to our blog section where we’ve discussed subjects like ‘What’s Better Between Indica and Sativa,’ ‘How to Consume Sativa,’ and more.

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In conclusion, while all three are popular forms of cannabis concentrates, the choice between bubble hash, dry sift, and charas often comes down to personal preference regarding texture, purity, potency, and the traditional versus modern methods of production. Each has its unique characteristics and uses within the cannabis culture.

We hope that we’ve helped you with what you needed today, and we’re looking forward to seeing you in our next article. Take care!

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