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4 Ways to Make Hash

There’s a huge selection of cannabis concentrates available today, each made using different processes. Many of these, such as Shatter and Budder, are made using solvents to separate the trichomes from weed and transforming them into a highly-concentrated cannabis product. However, one of the most popular and well-known kinds of concentrates is Hash.

Also known as Hashish, Hash usually comes in the form of a solid block of concentrated trichomes. It’s often made using kief- a collection of dried, powdery trichomes that fall from marijuana buds, especially when using a grinder. There are many types of Hash and there are many ways to make Hash, even if you want to make some at home.

Hash offers high THC levels and a product that’s easy to scoop or crumble into small pieces for use in a joint, bowl, vaporizer or dab rig. You can even cook with Hash if you want a creative way to use it. Although it’s one of the easiest concentrates to find in stores and online, making Hash yourself can be even more fun, especially with all of the effective ways to make it.

You can use any strain of weed to create Hash and you can end up with a pretty impressive block of Hash to use however you want. Plus, a lot of these methods are fairly quick and straightforward. Here’s a guide on ways to make Hash you can try at home.

What is Hash?

Hash is a popular cannabis concentrate known for its solid consistency and high THC levels. While regular strains of weed usually contain around 15-25% THC, Hash often contains up to 50-60%. As such, even a gram of Hash often contains plenty of THC to use multiple times and all you need to get high is a small dab of the product.

You can find many forms of Hash with common examples including Afghani Hash, Lebanese Hash, and Mercedes Hash. These different forms are made using different processes. While some of these processes involve complex equipment, there are also methods that you can carry out at home to create some satisfying blocks of Hash.

Making Hash usually involves taking Kief and applying pressure to turn it into a solid block. Kief is the term used to refer to the dried particles of marijuana trichomes that fall off of marijuana buds. You can often find Kief at the bottom of your grinder, although there are also other ways to collect high quantities of Kief concentrate and you can even buy it.

Users who want something stronger than weed but not as strong as products like Edibles often prefer Hash. You can break it apart for smoking or vaping purposes or even use it in cooking. Plus, since it’s made from the trichomes of weed, it’s packed with cannabinoids and terpenes, making it a very potent product.

Why You Should Make Hash

Why You Should Make Hash

If you want a strong marijuana product that can be used in many ways for potent effects, making Hash is a great choice. It’s one of the easiest cannabis concentrates you can make at home and offers stronger effects from weed in lower amounts. You can get a lot of value out of your marijuana buds by turning it into hash.

Since it’s so easy to make, making Hash is a great project for any marijuana enthusiast. The simplest method of making Hash involves using nothing but some marijuana and your hands to collect resin and press it together. While other methods involve more effort, they also have more satisfying results.

Many methods of making Hash involve using Kief- a kind of cannabis concentrate that users often have lying around in their marijuana grinders. Kief comes from the trichomes of marijuana and, as such, contains strong levels of THC. Simply by pressing it together and applying some heat, you can end up with potent Hash. It’s a great way to make use of any Kief you’ve accumulated.

Once you convert trichomes into Hash, you can use it in many ways. Some people use Hash to enhance the effects of a regular joint or mix it with weed in the bowl of a Bong or Pipe. You can also vaporize or dab Hash using the right equipment or even cook with it for powerful marijuana edibles.

How to Accumulate Kief

Many methods of making Hash at home involve using Kief. If you want to make Hash, it can help to collect a good stash of Kief first. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to get Kief. You can usually find some in the bottom of your grinder, and if you’ve used it enough, you’ll likely have plenty to use.

While even a regular two-piece grinder can accumulate plenty of Kief over time, it’s best to use a grinder with a Kief chamber. For instance, four-piece grinders have a mesh and a separate chamber for Kief. These devices separate your kief from the rest of your bud, making it easy to smoke weed while also collecting plenty of kief for later use.

Other methods involve using equipment to manually Kief away from marijuana buds. For example, you can collect Kief by sifting marijuana buds with a Pollen Box or silkscreens. Sifting gently will separate the Kief from the rest of the plant material, meaning you’ll end up with a nice stash you can use to make Hash and other cannabis concentrates.

Kief can also be separate from marijuana using ice. For example, dry ice Hash is made by putting marijuana in a mesh bag with dry ice. The ice causes the trichomes to separate from weed, which can then be collected and used to make Hash.

If you don’t want to go to the effort of collecting high quantities of Kief, you can simply buy Kief online. There are also some methods of making Hash which involve unique methods of separating the trichomes from marijuana as part of the process.

How to Make Finger Hash

How to Make Finger Hash

Making Hash with your hands is a traditional method in certain parts of the world such as India and Nepal. It involves rubbing marijuana buds in your hands to collect resin before pressing it together with your fingers. This kind of Hash is known as Finger Hash or Charas.

The good thing about this method is just how simple it is. Simply press your weed firmly between your hands and rub them together. You’ll notice dark resin slowly building up on your hands, which you can then scrape and press together to make a small block of Hash. You can then smoke or vape your newly made Finger Hash.

As easy as this method is, it has numerous drawbacks. Finger Hash is the worst quality of Hash you can get. When you use your hands to collect and make Hash, you’ll end up with a lot of plant debris and you’re likely to also ruin and degrade a lot of the trichomes you’re trying to collect.

What’s more, unless you have a huge stash of weed, you’re likely to only collect a small amount of low-quality Hash using this method. Although it can be fun to try out once or twice, it’s best to use other methods if you want to make better quality hash.

How to Make Hash With a Glass Jar

Another one of the easiest ways to make Hash is to apply heat and pressure to Kief using a Glass Jar. The great thing about this method is that you don’t need much to make it work- simply make sure you have a good stash of Kief, some parchment paper, and any sealable glass jar.

Start by taking a piece of parchment paper and piling your Kief up in the middle. Carefully wrap the parchment paper around the Kief to make it into a small, square package. By keeping the Kief confined in this small package, you can then apply the heat and pressure needed to make it into Hash.

Fill a sealable glass jar with hot water and reseal it. You may want to use gloves to handle the jar if it’s too hot. Start rolling the hot glass jar over your package of Kief repeatedly for around 8-10 minutes. The heat will transform the resin and cause your Kief to turn into Hash. Check the package to see if your Kief has hardened into a solid block. If it has, you have now made a piece of Hash.

Put the package in a fridge or freezer for around 30 minutes or so to soften the Hash. This will make it easier to unwrap the parchment paper and collect your block of Hash. You can now break it apart and use it for smoking and vaping purposes. Despite its simplicity, this method gives you some fairly clean and satisfying Hash.

How to Make Hash With a Pollen Press

How to Make Hash With a Pollen Press

Alternatively, you might want to try making Hash with a Pollen Press. This is another method that’s straightforward and doesn’t take much effort. All you need is a good quantity of Kief and a device known as a Pollen Press which is great for compressing Kief into Hash.

Once you have your Pollen Press, remove the top cap and remove one pin so you can fill it with your Kief. Fill it with as much as possible while still leaving some space to re-apply the pin and cap before compressing. Once you’re ready, reseal it and twist the cap to compress your Kief as much as possible.

It’s best to leave your Kief in the compressed Pollen Press for around 8 hours or more. You should also re-tighten the cap every hour or so to ensure that it’s tight enough. After you’ve given it enough time, remove the cap and the pin from both ends and push your block of Hash out.

Although the quality of the Hash you’ll get isn’t as great as some other methods, you’ll still end up with some decent Hash. The good thing about this method is just how straightforward it is. Once you have a Pollen Press, you can make small coins of Hash as often as you want simply by filling it with Kief.

How to Make Dry Ice Hash

How to Make Dry Ice Hash

As far as homemade Hash goes, Dry Ice Hash might be the best option. Using dry ice to separate trichomes from weed can result in some surprisingly high-quality cannabis concentrates. It’s also fairly simple to make Dry Ice Hash, although you will need to buy some special equipment first.

Making Dry Ice Hash involves using special mesh bags designed for Dry Ice Hash extraction. You can often find these online or in some head shops. Naturally, you’ll also need dry ice, which you can usually find at grocery stores.

Make sure you use thick gloves when handling dry ice. It can harm your skin due to how cold it is. Fill a mesh bag with small holes with weed and dry ice. Hold it over a flat surface or a container for catching the extracted Kief before holding it shut and shaking it. Kief will break away from the weed as it freezes and falls through the mesh. 

Shake for 10 seconds, pause for 5, and repeat the process until you’ve collected as much Kief as possible. You may want to repeat the process using a mesh bag with larger-sized holes to collect even more. Once you’re satisfied, you can compress the Kief using a Pollen Press or using the Glass Jar method for high-quality Hash.

Hash is a fantastic cannabis concentrate for anyone who wants strong euphoria and soothing physical effects. If you want to make Hash at home, you have various options from simply using your hands to creating high-quality Dry Ice Hash. These methods are all simple enough for anyone to carry out and usually don’t require a lot of investment.

Although it’s easy enough to make Hash at home, you may simply want to buy Hash online. You can find various strains and types of high-quality Hash at great prices. You can also find plenty of strains of weed, other concentrates, and alternatives such as tinctures and edibles, all available for delivery from

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