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Why Curing is So Critical for Quality Cannabis

From planting cannabis seeds to waiting for the plants to flower, growing cannabis is a lengthy process that generally takes several months. But the process of cultivating cannabis doesn’t stop once the plants have fully matured. Even after the plants have grown, drying and curing are critical to ensure you end up with quality cannabis.

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Trying to smoke plants as soon as they’ve been harvested is never a good idea. The drying process is essential to prevent mold and bacteria. On top of that, curing cannabis for several weeks or months can result in much higher-quality weed. Here’s a guide to why curing is so critical for quality cannabis.

Curing Ensures Your Weed Is Dry

The drying and curing steps of growing cannabis often go hand in hand. When cannabis plants mature and produce cannabis buds, these buds are initially still moist and not fit for smoking. Trying to ground freshly grown cannabis and rolling it into a joint will only lead to an extremely unpleasant smoking experience.

Drying cannabis helps ensure that the buds are fit for consumption. Not only are dried cannabis buds easier to smoke or vape, but they’re also healthier to consume. If cannabis is still damp, it can quickly produce mold and mildew. This can quickly degrade the flavor, potency, and quality of cannabis buds. It can also make them unsafe to ingest.

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Usually, cannabis buds are placed on a drying rack or even hung on a line in a dry room. Humidity is kept at adequate levels to prevent mold and bacteria from growing on the buds. Drying usually takes anywhere from three to ten days and cannabis buds are ready to smoke once they’re dry. However, most expert growers move on to the curing process to further enhance the quality of their cannabis buds.

It Helps Break Down Chlorophyll In Cannabis

The curing process often comes straight after drying cannabis. Once the buds are dried, they’re placed in glass containers, allowing them to mature before they’re sold or used. Curing cannabis has many important functions. One of the biggest benefits of curing cannabis is that it helps purge cannabis buds of chlorophyll.

Fresh cannabis buds often still contain unwanted components, including chlorophyll. However, the curing process allows time for the chlorophyll to decompose until the buds are fresh and potent. This enhances the smell and taste of your cannabis. It also leads to a much smoother smoking experience.

Curing also forces cannabis buds to use up excess sugars and starches. These excess nutrients should be used before cannabis is consumed to ensure the best quality possible. As such, experienced cannabis cultivators often cure their cannabis buds for a while to ensure the weed is as satisfying as possible.

Curing Cannabis Extends Its Shelf Life

Curing Cannabis Extends Its Shelf Life

Another reason why curing is so critical for quality cannabis is that it can extend its shelf life. Growers who want to smoke their weed immediately after drying it might not worry about how long it lasts. However, cultivators generally want cannabis to last for as long as possible. Curing helps with this immensely.

Moisture and bacteria can quickly degrade the quality of cannabis buds, meaning they won’t have a long shelf life. Drying and curing cannabis buds ensures that they remain fresh and potent for as long as possible. Of course, it’s also important to store cannabis in a cool, dry place after curing.

Properly cured cannabis can last for a very long time. Sometimes it can even retain its quality and potency for a year. Although the quality will slowly degrade after this point, it can still be highly satisfying to use for a long while after. As such, it’s always best to buy high-quality cannabis strains that have been dried and cured.

It Leads To Stronger Weed

Curing can even bring out the full potential of cannabis flower strains. Although cannabis can still be potent directly after drying, curing makes it even stronger. That’s because the trichomes on cannabis plants are still producing cannabinoids even after they’ve been dried.

Many cannabis growers cure their weed for as long as possible as it leads to a much richer cannabinoid profile. By the time the curing process ends, the weed will contain much higher levels of THC. It can also contain higher levels of CBD and other helpful cannabinoids than it would have without curing.

As such, curing is critical for unleashing the full potential of each weed strain. Each hit from a properly cured strain of weed will be stronger and more satisfying. On top of that, curing also allows time for terpenoids to properly develop. These contribute to the effects of each cannabis strain.

Curing Can Make Your Cannabis Taste Better

Curing Can Make Your Cannabis Taste Better

Not only does curing allow extra time for cannabinoids to develop in cannabis buds, but it also leads to an enhanced terpenoid profile. Each cannabis strain contains a unique makeup of terpenes. These naturally-occurring compounds can contribute to the effects of the strain. They’re also responsible for how each strain smells and tastes.

Since curing cannabis leads to more terpenes being produced, cannabis strains will have a stronger, fresher odor after curing. They’ll also taste better when smoked. Vaping cured cannabis can unleash even more flavor, leading to some of the most refreshing and enjoyable hits possible.

This is another key reason why curing is critical for high-quality cannabis. Commercial growers cure their weed for longer to ensure that weed is fresh and flavorful by the time it’s ready for sale. Craft cannabis growers also take curing seriously as it leads to weed with stronger flavors and better bag appeal.

Curing is critical for quality cannabis for a multitude of reasons. Not only does it help reduce moisture and remove unwanted components from cannabis buds, but it also gives extra time for the buds to produce cannabinoids and terpenes. The result is fresh and potent cannabis with tons of bag appeal.

Growing, drying, and curing cannabis can take months and a lot of effort. Some people may wish to try growing cannabis at home, but the best way to get high-quality cured cannabis is to buy it online. You can buy cannabis online in Canada along with a range of other top-notch cannabis products at Buy My Weed Online.

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