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Stoner Patch

Stoner patch gummies are a spinoff of everyone’s childhood favourite candy, gummy bears. The big difference is that stoner patch gummies have been infused with a potent dose of THC to appeal to your sweet tooth and get you high. 

However, various edibles available in the market today give you the same potency, effects, and equally great experience as stoner patches give.

It will take a little longer to feel the effects of consuming an edible like this, but you’ll get a deep and long-lasting high from these sweet little treats. They can be consumed discreetly if need be, and they are excellent for parties and get-togethers, ensuring that all your guests have a great time. 

Purchase your stoner patch gummies in Canada at Buy My Weed Online to ensure receiving the best quality product.

What are Stoner Patch Dummies?

 If you haven’t heard of stoner patch dummies, they are a modern take-off of an old treat you’ll remember from childhood, the delicious and chewy gummy bears. These treats, however, are each infused with between 150 mg and 500 mg of THC, which will induce a mellow high in the consumer, and deliver hours of satisfying euphoria.

Because they are not absorbed directly into the bloodstream like smoking cannabis, they tend to take a little longer before the effects are felt, but once you start feeling them, the pleasant high will be unmistakable. For people who don’t like smoking, it can be the ideal way to consume THC, and you can expect the high to linger for quite some time.

Because everyone has a different tolerance level for THC, there’s no way to predict how long it will take before you start feeling the effects. However, there’s no question that you will be pleasantly overwhelmed. Each little treat tastes like gummy bears, except they’re generally coated with a sweet and sour coating. If you taste sour, you’re stoned.

History of Stoner Patch

Stoner patch dummies came into existence only recently, along with a flood of other edibles, and have quickly gained widespread popularity throughout Canada. Edibles got a big boost when marijuana was legalized, and there was an immediate rush to develop new products to satisfy the suddenly booming market.

 Although they have only been around a relatively brief time, they have become a fan favourite all across the country and are in great demand everywhere.

Most stoner patch dummies are square-shaped and smell sweet if you sniff them. They also have a sour component, which you’ll become aware of when you bite them. But they also have that sweet element, which might make you think they’re candy. That mistaken notion will be banished within a half hour when the THC component kicks in.

Stoner Patch Dosage

It’s best to avoid caution when consuming stoner patch dummies, especially if you’re new to edibles. Instead, read the product’s label because the level of THC will be listed there. For instance, if you’re eating stoner patch dummies infused with 500 mg of THC, you can count on a whopping high to follow.

It is possible to overdose on stoner patch dummies, although even if you do, there won’t be much in the way of adverse impacts – it will just knock you out for a while. When you’re trying stoner patch dummies for the first time, it’s best to consume one or two until you find out how your body will react to them. 

Once you’ve tried them a time or two, you’ll have a better idea of what your body can tolerate and know what’s safe for you.

In terms of how long it will take for the stoner patch dummies to take effect, that will depend on your tolerance level to THC. For some people, the effects might be felt in 15 minutes, and for others, it can take up to an hour. But, it is because edibles must pass through the digestive system, which will always take longer to impact you than smoking cannabis.

What are the effects of consuming a stoner patch?

The positive effects of consuming stoner patch dummies are considerable, as any veteran consumer will be glad to tell you. First, consuming edibles is a cleaner and safer way to consume cannabis than smoking, and you can expect the effects to last longer. Smoking impacts the body much faster, but its effects also dissipate quickly. Consuming edibles takes longer for the THC to kick in, but you’ll certainly feel it once it does.

Some adverse side effects can be associated with consuming stoner patch dummies, primarily if you’re inexperienced with consuming edibles and taking too many. 

Some people have experienced hallucinations when overdosing, which might be good or bad, usually depending on your mood before consumption. Any negative impacts on your body will be a function of your tolerance for THC; if you have low tolerance, the negative effects are likely to be stronger.

Medical Benefits

Surprisingly, some medical benefits are associated with consuming stoner patch dummies, just as medical benefits to smoking cannabis. Although no scientific research has been conducted to confirm this, many consumers have reported that their chronic pain and inflammation have subsided after taking several stoner patch dummies. 

Anyone troubled by stress or high anxiety can also expect a profound relief from those issues because the dummies will induce a very calm state of relaxation, with all your cares evaporating. In addition, many people troubled by insomnia have also experienced significant relief after consuming stoner patch dummies because they can induce a night of deep, relaxing sleep.

Why Purchase Edibles at Buy My Weed Online

You’re always on safe ground when making edible purchases at Buy My Weed Online, including when you buy stoner patches online. Our online store only sells the highest quality products. 

A Variety of Products

We offer several edibles in addition to stoner patches in Canadian dummies, so you’ll have a wide variety to choose from. Many of our customers have favourite edibles they repeatedly order because they know they can trust our outstanding quality and fantastic customer service.

Promotions and Discounts

We also have several promotions and discounts at any time so that you can get more for your money. We are happy to offer these money-saving promotions to our loyal customers because we want you to remain lifelong customers who consider us your go-to vendor for all cannabis products. 

Fast Shipping

Another reason you should choose us is that we routinely provide the fastest shipping in Canada. Within 2-3 days of placing your order, you can expect to see a discreet Xpress envelope with your bubble-wrapped product inside.

The Best Edibles Online

Stoner patch dummies are one of the newer edible crazes on the market today, and they have soared into popularity very quickly. They have a very pleasing sweet and sour taste and can be very potent, depending on the actual THC content. While they may take a while to kick in, you’ll certainly experience an enjoyable high when they do.

Buy your edibles such as THC dummies from Buy My Weed Online, the premier online store in Canada for all cannabis product purchases. We have a full line of products, including edibles, flowers, hashish, concentrates, vapes, and all the Weed Accessories you need to enjoy your cannabis products. 


What does a stoner patch do?

Stoner patch will deliver a very calm state of relaxation to the consumer, often accompanied by a heightened sense of well-being, giggles, and a complete absence of stress or anxiety. Its precise effects on a person will largely depend on their tolerance to the active ingredient, THC.

Can it get you high?

Absolutely. That is the main reason it is consumed in the first place. Depending on how much THC was infused into the edible and your tolerance to THC, you could have a very profound high or a lighter one.

How long does it take for Stoner Patch to work?

It will always take longer than smoking cannabis because edibles must work through the digestive system before being absorbed into the bloodstream. Smoking cannabis, however, allows the THC to go directly into the bloodstream, so you get an immediate high.

How much is a stoner patch?

You can expect to pay somewhere in the neighbourhood of $25 for a package of stoner patch dummies, with each box containing 10 to 15 pieces. They are available in various flavours, including all the typical fruit flavours, e.g., watermelon, grape, apple, strawberry, cherry, and peach.

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