The Best Cannabis Extracts According to Budtenders

The Best Cannabis Extracts According to Budtenders

If you’re an old-school cannabis user, you’re probably used to grinding your marijuana and rolling a joint or blunt. But in today’s world, many cannabis consumers prefer dabbing because of its quick and powerful psychoactive effects.  Dabbing involves heating a cannabis extract until it vaporizes, releasing an extremely potent vapour for you to inhale. It … Read more

A Guide to Different Types of Wax Dabs

A Guide to Different Types of Wax Dabs

Dabbing is in vogue, both as a dance move and a marijuana product. But forget about the dance moves for now. Let’s focus on the different types of wax dabs that fill vape pens and are suitable for use with tinctures, topicals, and edibles. Wax dabs are created by blasting marijuana flowers with butane oil … Read more

What Is Shatter Weed

What Is Shatter Weed?

Shatter weed is the new player taking the market by storm. Unlike cannabis flowers, shatter weed can reach a concentration of up to 80 percent. And in some cases, its concentration could reach a whopping 99 percent. This has made it a new favourite among experienced cannabis users looking for a harder-hitting high. If you’re … Read more

The Effects of Dabbing on the Brain

The Effects of Dabbing on the Brain

Cannabis users have many perks, but their ingenuity is perhaps their most notable quality. From edibles and vaping to tinctures, stoners seem to be coming up with new ways of using weed every other day. Although dabbing has been around for some time now, it has recently hit the mainstream and is gaining widespread popularity, … Read more

How to Make Budder

How to Make Budder: Expert Preparation Guide

Cannabis concentrates come in a variety of consistencies and forms based on the method of preparation. Budder is a popular type of concentrate being sold in dispensaries right now. Concentrates are products that have incredibly high concentrations of cannabinoids and almost zero plant matter.  Budder is made by adding chemical solvents to cannabis and extracting … Read more

How to Decarboxylate Kief for Cannabis Edibles

Are you enthusiastic about making cannabis-infused edibles? If so, the first step involves using kief that’s been decarboxylated. But you might not be familiar with the terms “kief” and “decarboxylation.”  In this post, we explain what kief and decarboxylation mean. Then, we give you a step-by-step process of how to decarboxylate your kief. The final … Read more


What You Need to Know About Live Resin Terp Sugar

Cannabis users are always looking for new ways to consume weed other than lighting up a joint or blunt. Concentrates are one of the hottest trends in the weed market, providing a smoke-free option to ingest cannabis. Because they have high potency, you enjoy a big bang with less consumption. Concentrates come in a wide … Read more


Choosing the Best Nail for Dabbing

Dabbing is one of the newest and fastest-growing crazes in the marijuana industry. More and more people are turning to this unique and potent method to get intense highs. Before doing your first dab, you will need to invest in some equipment. The amount of stuff needed to dab can be overwhelming to beginners, but … Read more


Live Resin Extraction Tips

There are a seemingly endless number of ways for people to ingest marijuana. Smoking and vaping remain popular marijuana consumption methods. As the industry continues to grow and evolve, though, new options come on the market.  Cannabis concentrates are an increasingly popular way for people to get their cannabis fix. Shatter, budder, oils, and even … Read more


Strongest CBD Oils to Buy in 2021

Although marijuana products are now widely available in Canada, many consumers prefer to use CBD. CBD is a non-psychoactive component in cannabis that can provide many of the same medical benefits as marijuana without getting you high. As such, many people now take CBD daily using pure CBD products, with the most popular being CBD … Read more


5 Creative Dab Tools for Your Dabbing Station

The first time using a dab rig can be a little overwhelming. You don’t usually see someone grab for a dab rig if that person is still relatively new to the world of cannabis. However, these devices are one of the most common tools for people who use cannabis concentrates. Many people are now investing … Read more


How to Pick the Right Torch for Dabbing

There are many ways to consume cannabis and cannabis products. You may know about dabbing because it does get quite a bit of attention in the cannabis industry these days. Dabbing is the most common method of consuming cannabis concentrates. Dabbing requires a dab rig. These devices fall into a similar category with bongs or … Read more


How to Dab Without a Torch

Marijuana lovers often look for ways to get the best high possible. And while smoking or vaping weed can still give you a stellar high, you can get even heavier hits by dabbing weed concentrates. Dabbing is a method of consumption that requires the use of a Dab Rig– a device that comes with a … Read more


Modern Marijuana: A Guide for the Cannabis Connoisseur

Using marijuana is no longer limited to a countercultural activity. Not only is marijuana now legal all over Canada, but it’s becoming more widely-used and accepted than ever. Everyone from young adults to senior citizens can now enjoy pot in all kinds of ways, whether they use it for its incredible medical benefits or simply … Read more


Budder Weed: What It Is And Why It’s Awesome

When Cannabis Flower isn’t quite strong enough and Edibles are too powerful, many users prefer to use Cannabis Concentrates. These are products that have been extracted from Cannabis Flower using various extraction processes to result in flavorful, high-THC extracts. And when you’re looking for a top-notch product with high THC levels, Budder Weed is one … Read more


What Is Rosin: The Ultimate Guide for Cannabis Enthusiasts

If you are looking for a concentrated form of marijuana that does not have many potentially harmful solvents or chemicals, rosin is for you. But you might be wondering what rosin is and why it is so good.  What Rosin Is Rosin is the resin or oil that is in the trichomes that cover the … Read more