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RS11 Strain

RS11, also known as “Rainbow Sherbert #11,” is a captivating hybrid strain developed by Deo Farms, boasting a lineage from Pink Guava and Sunset Sherbert.

Renowned for its relaxing yet mentally alert effects, RS11 offers a unique combination of calm and sedation alongside a fruity flavor profile with hints of sour citrus.

THC – 15% to 20%

The RS11 strain typically features a THC content ranging from 15% to 20%, striking a balance that provides a calming and sedative effect while keeping the user mentally alert. This range makes it suitable for both recreational and medicinal use, offering mild pain relief and a relaxing experience.

15% – 20%



A sweet, fruity aroma reminiscent of ripe peaches, adding a soft, inviting scent to the strain.


Sharp and tangy, this aroma brings a refreshing zestiness that energizes the senses.


Offers a sweet and slightly tart aroma, similar to fresh berries, enriching the strain’s complexity.


Evokes the lush, varied scents of tropical fruits, contributing to the strain’s exotic appeal.


A distinct, sweet aroma with a hint of tartness, reminiscent of ripe cherries.

Terpenes Profile


A spicy, peppery terpene known for its potential anti-inflammatory benefits.


Offers a bright, citrus aroma and may have mood-enhancing and stress-relieving properties.


Delivers a hoppy, earthy scent and is believed to have anti-inflammatory and appetite-suppressant effects.








Dry Eyes

History and Genetic

RS11, known as “RS-11” or “Rainbow Sherbert #11,” is a testament to the innovative spirit of the cannabis industry. Originating from Deo Farms in Oakland, CA, this hybrid strain was developed by crossing Pink Guava from the OZ Kush project with Sunset Sherbert. It stands out as a creation selected by Wizard Trees of LA, along with RS-54, showcasing a commitment to excellence in cannabis breeding.

The journey of RS11 began with Doja Pak, led by Ryan Bartholomew in California. This brand, which has been building its status since the legalization of cannabis for adult use, took a significant leap forward in 2016.

By focusing on genetic development and pheno-hunting, Doja Pak, in collaboration with Deep East and grown by Wizard Trees, introduced RS11 to the market. Its fame among medicinal cannabis users and rappers is due to its quality and the physically relaxing yet mentally alert high it provides, not through extensive marketing but by its inherent merits.

Growing Information

Indoor Growing Tips

For indoor cultivation of RS11, the focus should be on space management due to its significant stretch during flowering. Utilizing techniques like SCROG can help manage its height and improve light penetration.

A stable indoor climate is crucial, with optimal temperatures and humidity levels maintained throughout the growth cycle. Adequate lighting, such as LED or HPS, should be provided with an appropriate vegetative and flowering light cycle.

Nutrient needs are relatively straightforward, with an emphasis on phosphorus during the flowering stage to support bud development while avoiding over-fertilization.

Outdoor Growing Tips

Growing RS11 outdoors demands a sunny location with warm conditions, ensuring plants are protected from frost. Soil should be well-draining and rich in organic matter, with pH levels adjusted for cannabis cultivation.

Watering practices must balance soil moisture without leading to waterlogged conditions. Natural pest control and adequate spacing are recommended to enhance plant health and yield.

Outdoor RS11 plants can produce larger yields under optimal conditions, benefiting from the full spectrum of natural sunlight and environmental factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is RS11 strain suitable for beginners?

Yes, with its THC content ranging from 15% to 20%, RS11 provides a balanced effect that can be suitable for beginners. However, new users should start with small doses to gauge their tolerance due to its potent effects.

How does RS11 compare to other strains like Georgia Pie or Purple Haze?

RS11 offers a unique balance of relaxation and mental alertness, setting it apart from strains like Georgia Pie, known for its potent relaxation effects, and Purple Haze, which is more energizing and uplifting. RS11’s unique terpene profile also contributes to its distinct fruity flavor and aromatic bouquet.

What are the main aromas and flavors of RS11?

RS11 is celebrated for its extra fruity flavor profile, with prominent notes of peach, citrus, and tropical fruits. Its aroma is similarly diverse, featuring berry, cherry, earthy, sour, spicy, and sweet notes that contribute to a complex sensory experience.

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