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Purple Haze AAA Close-up

purple haze strain

Purple Haze is a celebrated sativa strain known for its vibrant lavender hues and its lineage from Purple Thai and Haze strains. It gained popularity in the 1960s, partly due to Jimi Hendrix’s song, and remains a favorite for its uplifting and creative effects.

THC – 14% to 20%

The THC content in Purple Haze ranges between 14% to 20%, making it a moderately potent strain suitable for both beginners and experienced users seeking a balance of euphoria and creativity.

14% – 20%

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Offers a floral and slightly sweet aroma, enhancing the strain’s soothing qualities.


Contributes a sweet and fruity aroma reminiscent of vine-ripened grapes.


Adds a burst of sweet and tangy berry aromas, rounding out the strain’s fruity profile.


Grounds the strain’s aroma with a rich, soil-like scent, adding depth.


Brings a specific fruity sweetness, reminiscent of fresh blueberries.

Terpenes Profile


This terpene offers a peppery scent and is known for its potential anti-inflammatory properties.


The most common terpene in cannabis, myrcene is known for its herbal and earthy aroma.


Characterized by its citrus scent, limonene is often associated with mood elevation and stress relief.


Adds a hop-like aroma to the strain and may help in suppressing appetite.








Dry Mouth

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History and Genetic

The Purple Haze strain, iconic and sativa-dominant, owes its lineage to Purple Thai and Haze strains, blending sweet, earthy flavors with berry and spice notes. It gained fame in the 1960s, partly through Jimi Hendrix’s song, enhancing its legacy as a strain that evokes creativity and euphoria.

This genetic combination results in vibrant lavender buds, symbolizing its name, and is known for its uplifting and cerebral effects, making it a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts for its blend of physical and mental stimulation.

Growing Information

Indoor Growing Tips

For indoor cultivation, Purple Haze prefers a stable environment with controlled temperature and humidity. Hydroponic systems can maximize yields, but soil growing is also effective. Expect a flowering time of 7-9 weeks, with potential yields of 350-450g/mยฒ. Regular maintenance and monitoring are key to success.

Outdoor Growing Tips

Outdoors, Purple Haze thrives in warm, sunny climates, mirroring Mediterranean conditions. It requires high-quality soil and benefits from direct sunlight. Aim to harvest in early October, with yields around 400-500g/plant. Adaptable to different climates, it may need protection in cooler regions.

Purple Haze AAA

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Purple Haze good for beginners?

Yes, with its moderate THC levels ranging from 14% to 20%, Purple Haze is suitable for beginners seeking a balanced experience of euphoria and creativity.

How does Purple Haze affect creativity?

Purple Haze is known to stimulate high energy cerebral activity, awakening creativity and promoting a state of blissful contentment, making it popular among artists and creative professionals.

What makes Purple Haze’s aroma unique?

Its unique aroma profile combines lavender, grape, and berry scents with earthy undertones, attributed to its terpenes like myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene.

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