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Gelonade Strain

The Gelonade strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid, boasting a 70% sativa Strain and 30% indica Strain ratio, that has taken the cannabis market by storm. This enticing strain results from a cross between Gelato #41 and Lemon Tree, expertly bred by Connected Cannabis Co. It’s celebrated for its unique combination of sweet, berry, fruity flavors with a sour tangy citrus lemon twist.ย 

THC – 22% to 26%

The THC levels in Gelonade are quite potent, ranging between 22% to 26%. This high THC content is a significant contributor to the strain’s powerful effects, making it a popular choice for those seeking a strong, euphoric high.

22% – 26%



A sweet and fruity aroma reminiscent of fresh berries, adding a juicy layer to the strain’s scent profile.


A sharp and tangy aroma that evokes the fresh scent of citrus fruits, contributing to the strain’s refreshing quality.


A rich, grounding aroma that brings a sense of natural depth and complexity to the strain’s overall scent.


A sharp, acidic aroma that adds a lively and invigorating twist to the strain’s fragrance, enhancing its energetic qualities.


A sugary, pleasant aroma that softens the strain’s profile with a comforting and enticing sweetness.

Terpenes Profile


A peppery terpene known for its potential in reducing inflammation and providing pain relief.


A floral-scented terpene associated with calming effects and may help to alleviate stress and anxiety.


A citrus-scented terpene that is commonly believed to provide anxiety and stress relief.









History and Genetics

The Gelonade strain, a sativa-dominant hybrid, is the result of expert breeding by Connected Cannabis Co., combining the genetics of Lemon Tree and Gelato #41. This blend has produced a strain known for its sweet, berry, and citrus flavors, coupled with uplifting and tingly effects.

Gelonade’s lineage from the renowned Gelato #41 contributes its creamy, fruity characteristics and potent THC levels, while Lemon Tree adds a sharp, citrus aroma and energizing impact. Gaining popularity particularly in California, Gelonade has become favored for both recreational and medicinal use, showcasing the successful genetic pairing of two distinct cannabis strains to create a new favorite in the community.

Growing Information

Indoor Growing Tips

When cultivating Gelonade indoors, it’s crucial to create a cozy, warm environment right from the start. Employing balanced nutrients early on and shifting to phosphorus-rich options during the blooming phase can significantly impact the plant’s growth and potency. Organic fertilizers are recommended to enhance the strain’s aromatic profile. Maintaining a proper airflow and employing neem oil can help keep pests and diseases at bay, ensuring a healthy growth cycle.

Outdoor Growing Tips

For outdoor cultivation, Gelonade thrives in warm, sunny climates and can yield impressive results. Harvest time is typically around late September, with potential yields of 15-20 oz/plant. It’s important to protect the plants from extreme weather conditions and pests, optimizing their growth potential and ensuring a bountiful harvest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gelonade suitable for beginner smokers due to its high THC content?

Gelonade, with its THC levels ranging from 22% to 26%, is quite potent. Beginners may try it, but should start with a very small amount to gauge tolerance, as its strong effects could be overwhelming for those not accustomed to high THC strains.

What is the best time of day to consume Gelonade?

Given its sativa dominance, which tends to produce energetic and uplifting effects, Gelonade is ideal for daytime use. It can help stimulate creativity, enhance mood, and increase energy, making it perfect for morning or early afternoon consumption.

How does Gelonade compare to other sativa-dominant hybrids?

Gelonade stands out due to its unique genetic heritage, combining Lemon Tree’s sharp citrus notes with Gelato #41’s sweet, creamy flavors. This genetic blend, along with its high THC content and specific terpene profile, offers a distinct set of uplifting and euphoric effects compared to other sativa-dominant hybrids.

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