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Alien Cookies Strain

Alien Cookies is a masterpiece of modern cannabis breeding, a hybrid strain that boasts an even balance of 50% indica and 50% Sativa strain genetics. Known for its dark, trichome-laden buds, the strain emanates pungent earthy and vanilla flavors, making it a rare find but a treasure for those who manage to acquire it.ย 

THC – 21% to 25%

Alien Cookies typically has a THC level ranging from 21% to 25%, reflecting variations due to cultivation and genetics. This potency makes it ideal for both recreational and medicinal use, offering strong effects without being too overpowering.

21% – 25%



A sensation that enhances sensory perception and can deepen physical and emotional connections.


Often referred to as “the munchies,” this feeling can significantly increase appetite and interest in food.


A uplifting feeling that boosts mood, often leading to a more positive outlook and enjoyment of the present moment.


A profound sense of well-being and joy, accompanied by an increase in energy and excitement.


A calming effect that soothes both the mind and body, leading to a state of peacefulness and tranquility.

Terpenes Profile


With a deep, herbal scent, myrcene is thought to contribute to the sedative and relaxing effects of many cannabis strains.


A citrus-scented terpene believed to offer stress and anxiety relief, providing a bright, uplifting aroma.


Known for its spicy, peppery notes, this terpene is associated with pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties.











History and Genetic

The genetic odyssey of Alien Cookies began with the visionary work of Jaws Gear Genetics, combining GSC’s sweet, dessert-like appeal with Alien Dawg’s potent, earthy intensity.

This genetic synthesis has resulted in a strain celebrated for both its aesthetic qualities and its balanced, powerful effects. Alien Cookies is a direct parent to notable strains like MAC 1 and MAC, showcasing its significance in the cannabis breeding world.

Growing Information

Indoor Growing Tips

Indoors, Alien Cookies benefits from some structural support due to its tendency to stretch towards the light, resulting in a lanky growth pattern.

Effective lighting is crucial; LED or HID lights are recommended to provide the intensity needed for optimal growth.

Pruning is also essential for managing its height and encouraging a bushier plant, which in turn promotes better air circulation and light penetration, leading to a more abundant harvest.

Outdoor Growing Tips

When grown outdoors, Alien Cookies thrives in mild to warm climates with plenty of sunlight.

The soil should be well-enriched with organic matter to support its nutrient needs, and well-draining to prevent any waterlogging issues.

Like its indoor counterparts, outdoor plants may also require staking to support their tall stems, especially in regions with strong winds or as the plant matures and the buds become heavier.

This extra care ensures the plants remain healthy and productive throughout their growth cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alien Cookies suitable for beginners?

Given its THC range of 21% to 25%, Alien Cookies can be potent for beginners. New users should start with small amounts to gauge their tolerance and avoid potential negatives like paranoia or anxiety.

How does Alien Cookies compare to its parent strains?

Alien Cookies combines the best of both worlds from its parents, GSC and Alien Dawg, offering a unique blend of pungent, earthy, and sweet vanilla flavors with a balanced high. It’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is effective, with a rich terpene profile that enhances its therapeutic potential.

How does the terpene profile of Alien Cookies affect its effects and flavors?

The dominant terpenes, such as limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene, contribute to its citrus, pepper, and herbal aromas, respectively. These terpenes are believed to offer benefits like stress relief, pain relief, and relaxation, enhancing the strain’s overall therapeutic and sensory experience.

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