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MAC 1, known both as “The MAC” and “Miracle Alien Cookies”, is an extraordinary strain gaining traction amongst cannabis connoisseurs. With a unique blend of iconic strains, it offers an equilibrium of invigorating and soothing effects.

THC – 22% to 35%

MAC 1 offers a THC level ranging from 22% to 35%, which is slightly above the average for hybrid strains. Such potency amplifies its effects, making it a favorite for those seeking a powerful kick.

22% to 35%


Sour Diesel

MAC 1 emanates a robust fuel-like aroma reminiscent of Sour Diesel.


Refreshing notes of lemon and orange.


A noticeable undertone of fresh herbs.

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Terpenes Profile


Present at 1.5mg/g, this terpene contributes to the strain’s herbal notes.


Dominating at 8.4mg/g, it gives MAC 1 a citrusy undertone.


At 2.5mg/g, it lends a touch of spiciness to the mix.

Additional Terpenes

Additional terpenes, such as ฮฒ-pinene, ฮฑ-Pinene, and Linalool, further enrich the strain’s aroma and flavor.






Dry Mouth



Mac 10 Macro

History and Genetics

Some sources suggest MAC 1 is a backcross of her original parent, while others opine that MAC, popularly referred to as “Miracle Alien Cookies,” came into existence by crossing Starfighter and a unique Colombian landrace. These varying claims have stirred intrigue amongst cannabis enthusiasts. However, the more pressing narrative is the unparalleled effects the strain boasts.

MAC 1’s inception is credited to the renowned breeder, Capulator. With THC levels consistently hovering around 23%, and some reports even suggesting values reaching the 30% mark, the potency and quality of MAC 1 are evident. A part of the MAC 1 lineage suggests its close ties to the legendary MAC strain, drawing the best of its characteristics and enhancing them. Thus, MAC 1 stands as a testament to the legacy of Capulator’s genius in cannabis genetics.

Growing Information

Cultivating MAC 1 is an endeavor that comes with its set of challenges. Notably, the strain is renowned for its exclusivity. Capulator, the mastermind behind MAC 1, has carefully chosen growers to maintain the strain’s top-tier quality. As such, accessing MAC 1 seeds becomes an intricate task for aspiring growers.

Indoor Growing Tips

Mac 1 thrives in nutrient-rich, well-draining soil. To maximize its yield and quality, provide ample light, maintain low humidity, and ensure good ventilation. Training techniques, like pruning, can further optimize its growth.

Outdoor Growing Tips

If you’re taking Mac 1 under the sun, ensure it has space to stretch and access to nutrient-rich soil. Regular monitoring to guard against pests and inclement weather is crucial to nurture this star strain.

This strain, with its radiant green buds drenched in trichomes and a unique aroma blend of sour diesel and spicy herbs, is a testament to the wonders of cannabis cultivation.

In the market today, it’s nearly impossible to find genuine MAC 1 seeds available for purchase. Those with a keen interest in its cultivation are often advised to reach out to informed budtenders for any leads on seed acquisition.

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Who would benefit the most from the Mac 1 strain?

The Mac 1 strain is ideal for both new and seasoned cannabis consumers, especially those seeking a well-balanced hybrid experience. With its evenly distributed effects between 50% Indica and 50% Sativa, it offers a blend of cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation.

How can one describe the flavor profile of Mac 1?

Mac 1 boasts a unique and memorable flavor palette. Its primary aroma hints at sour diesel, accentuated by spicy herbal undertones. Upon consumption, many users report a delightful blend of sweet and gassy flavors, with occasional citrusy notes reminiscent of lemon or orange.

What’s the optimal method to use Mac 1 for the most pronounced effects?

To truly appreciate the nuanced effects of Mac 1, it’s recommended to vaporize or combust the flower. Vaporizing, in particular, can highlight its terpene-rich profile, enhancing both the flavor and the overall experience.

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