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Cherry Grease 5a Macro

Cherry Runtz Strain

Cherry Runtz, a hybrid strain birthed from the union of Runtz and Cherry Pie, is celebrated for its euphoric and tingly effects. The strain’s vibrant, purple buds symbolize its potency and the complex flavor profile it possesses, leading users to experience feelings of arousal, giggles, and sleepiness.

THC – 17% to 19%

The THC levels in Cherry Runtz typically range from 17% to 19%, providing a potent experience for its users.

17% – 19%



Brings a rich, grounding aroma that is reminiscent of damp soil or the forest floor, providing depth to the strain’s aromatic spectrum.


Contributes a sweet, tangy aroma that evokes the essence of ripe cherries, enhancing the strain’s overall fruitiness.


Offers a crisp, sweet aroma reminiscent of fresh apples, adding a refreshing quality to the strain’s scent profile.


Encompasses a broad range of sweet and tart fruit scents, further enriching the strain’s complex and appealing aroma.


Adds a delicate, floral fragrance that can vary from light and sweet to more intense and aromatic, lending an elegant layer to the scent.

Terpenes Profile


Carries a floral scent and is believed to have calming effects that can aid in reducing stress and anxiety.


A citrus-scented terpene known for its mood-enhancing properties, often associated with anxiety and stress relief.


Exhibits a peppery aroma and may offer anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits, possibly helping with pain and stress.









History and Genetic

Cherry Runtz is a hybrid cannabis strain that marries the qualities of Runtz and Cherry Pie, creating a blend that’s equal parts euphoric and visually stunning with its distinctive purple buds.

This strain is well-regarded for its balanced genetics (50% indica/50% sativa), yielding a potent THC content of 17-19% and a CBG level of 1%.

The creation of Cherry Runtz, attributed to the breeders at Elev8 Seeds, showcases a meticulous selection process aimed at combining the fruity and sweet characteristics of Cherry Pie with the robust potency of Runtz.

This genetic fusion not only enhances its flavor profile—marked by lavender, berry, and rose aromas—but also bolsters its appeal for both recreational and medicinal users seeking relief from anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Growing Information

Indoor Growing Tips

For those growing Cherry Runtz indoors, success hinges on replicating the plant’s natural environment.

A strong lighting setup is crucial, with a recommendation of 600 watts per square meter to ensure your plants receive ample light.

Temperature and humidity control are equally vital; maintaining a temperature range of 68-80°F and a humidity level of 40-50% will create an ideal growing environment.

For growers opting for soil, a slightly acidic pH between 6.2 and 6.8 is optimal. Alternatively, a hydroponic setup can accelerate growth by allowing direct nutrient management.

Expect the flowering phase to last about 8-9 weeks, culminating in the development of the strain’s signature purple buds.

Outdoor Growing Tips

Outdoor growing leverages natural sunlight, which can benefit Cherry Runtz’s growth and potency. This strain thrives in warm, sunny, and somewhat dry climates, though it’s adaptable to a range of outdoor conditions.

Space is a consideration; ensuring each plant has enough room will facilitate better growth and airflow, reducing disease risk.

Outdoor cultivation requires vigilance against pests and diseases, with harvesting typically slated for late September to October.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best time of day to consume Cherry Runtz?

Given its effects that include euphoria, relaxation, and potential sleepiness, Cherry Runtz may be best enjoyed during the evening or when you have no demanding tasks ahead. Its ability to relieve stress and promote relaxation makes it a good choice for unwinding after a long day.

Can Cherry Runtz increase creativity?

While Cherry Runtz is known more for its relaxing and euphoric effects, the slight sativa influence might provide a boost in creativity for some users. Its uplifting effects can potentially aid those looking to engage in creative projects by providing a happy and heady sense of bliss.

Is Cherry Runtz suitable for social gatherings?

Yes, Cherry Runtz can be suitable for social gatherings, especially if relaxation and a good mood are desired outcomes. Its effects that include making users feel giggly and aroused can enhance social interactions, making it a great strain for shared experiences among friends.

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