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Agent Orange Strain

Agent Orange is a well-balanced hybrid marijuana strain known for its uplifting and motivating effects. With a distinctive aroma of fresh-cut citrus, it serves as an excellent mood enhancer, particularly effective for those feeling lethargic or depressed.

THC – 13% to 25%

The THC content in Agent Orange typically ranges from 13% to 25%, with a common average around 17%. This variability allows consumers to find batches that suit their tolerance and desired effects, whether they’re looking for a milder experience or a more potent cerebral high.

13% – 25%

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Grounding, reminiscent of rich soil or damp forest floor.


Bright and refreshing, evokes the tangy zest of fresh citrus fruits.


Sweet and tangy, closely mimics the aroma of fresh oranges.

Terpenes Profile


Earthy and herbal, myrcene is renowned for its relaxing effects.


Offers a fruity aroma and contributes to uplifting effects.


Adds an earthy, woody scent with anti-inflammatory properties.


Similar to caryophyllene, it provides spicy notes and pain-relief qualities.


Spicy and pepper-like, known for anti-inflammatory benefits.








Dry Mouth

Dry Eyes



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History and Genetic

The Agent Orange strain is a testament to innovative cannabis breeding, with a genetic lineage that includes Jack the Ripper and Orange Velvet as its parents.

This sativa-dominant hybrid owes its existence to the skilled breeders at MzJill Genetics, who have carefully combined these strains to produce a cultivar known for its energetic and uplifting effects.

Agent Orange stands out in the cannabis community for its ability to assist with chronic fatigue, depression, and PTSD, showcasing the therapeutic potential of targeted breeding practices.

Growing Information

Indoor Growing Tips

Agent Orange is a sativa-dominant hybrid that requires some expertise for optimal indoor cultivation. Due to its potential to grow tall, indoor growers should employ techniques like topping or training to manage its height effectively.

This strain thrives under strong grow lights, prefers warm temperatures around 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit, and moderate humidity levels, ideally between 60%-65% during vegetative growth, reducing to 40%-50% to prevent bud rot during flowering.

Its flowering period ranges from 55 to 65 days, with expected yields of approximately 16 ounces per square meter. For the best results, maintaining a controlled environment that mimics its natural outdoor conditions is key.

Outdoor Growing Tips

When cultivated outdoors, Agent Orange showcases its true potential, especially in warm, sunny, Mediterranean-like climates. The strain benefits from ample space to accommodate its sativa nature, allowing it to stretch up to 10 feet tall.

To ensure healthy growth and high disease resistance, it’s important to monitor environmental conditions closely. Outdoor plants are usually ready for harvest in late September to mid-October, with yields reaching up to 19 ounces per plant.

Utilizing natural sunlight, this strain produces resinous, large dense buds that not only smell fantastic, echoing hints of oranges and lemons, but also offer potent and uplifting effects.

Outdoor cultivation requires a blend of patience and attention to detail, rewarding growers with substantial yields of high-quality cannabis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Agent Orange suitable for beginners?

Agent Orange’s THC content varies from 13% to 25%, making it versatile for both beginners and experienced users. Beginners should start with lower THC batches and consume slowly to gauge their tolerance.

What are the most common negative effects of Agent Orange?

While Agent Orange offers many positive effects, some users may experience anxiety, dizziness, dry eyes, dry mouth, or nervousness. Staying hydrated and consuming in moderation can help mitigate these effects.

How does Agent Orange compare to other sativa-dominant hybrids?

Agent Orange is unique for its distinct citrus and orange aromas, coupled with its versatile effects that combine energy and euphoria with relaxation. Compared to other sativa-dominant hybrids, it may offer a more nuanced terpene profile and a broad range of THC levels to cater to different user preferences.

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