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Apple Jack Strain

The Apple Jack strain stands out in the cannabis market, blending the best of its parents, Jack Herer and White Widow. This union has given rise to a strain that’s not only potent but also balanced, offering users a harmonious mix of uplifting and soothing effects.

THC – 19% to 21%

Apple Jack’s THC concentration is robust, typically hovering around 19 – 21%. This potency ensures that users experience significant euphoric, mood-lifting, and pain-relieving effects. However, it’s essential to approach Apple Jack with caution, especially for those new to cannabis or with lower tolerance levels.

19% – 21%



A rich, organic aroma reminiscent of damp soil or a forest floor, offering a grounding and natural scent.


A strong, sharp smell that is often associated with potent cannabis strains, indicating robust terpene profiles.


A sugary, pleasant aroma that can range from fruity to candy-like, often making the strain more appealing and enjoyable.


This aroma is evocative of fresh fruit, contributing to the strain’s refreshing and vibrant scent profile.


A classic cannabis scent that is musky and strong, indicating a high terpene content and often associated with powerful strains.

Terpenes Profile


A citrus-scented terpene that is commonly believed to provide anxiety and stress relief.


Offers a spicy, peppery aroma and is known for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relief properties.


Characterized by a floral scent, this terpene is associated with relaxation and stress relief.

Beta Caryophyllene

Similar to caryophyllene, it contributes to the strain’s spicy notes and supports anti-inflammatory benefits.

Alpha Humulene

Provides an earthy, woody aroma and is known for its anti-inflammatory and appetite-suppressant effects.










Dry Eyes

History and Genetics

The Apple Jack strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid resulting from crossing the iconic Jack Herer strains and White Widow. This genetic pairing has endowed Apple Jack with a potent THC level that can top 20%, offering a balanced blend of euphoric cerebral sensations and a calming physical buzz.

Its genetic lineage is further enriched by ancestors such as Northern Lights #5, Haze, and Shiva Skunk, contributing to its complex aroma and effects.

Ideal for treating conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, and depression, Apple Jack’s unique profile makes it a valued strain for both medical and recreational users, boasting a heritage that combines the best of sativa uplift with indica relaxation.

Growing Information

Indoor Growing Tips

Growing Apple Jack indoors requires attention to environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. Given its medium height, controlling the space’s conditions to mimic its natural growing environment will result in a large yield. The flowering time is approximately 9 weeks, and growers should anticipate a generous harvest with proper care.

Outdoor Growing Tips

When grown outdoors, Apple Jack thrives in a mild, controlled climate, typically ready for harvest in October. Outdoor cultivation allows the plant to reach its full potential, both in height and yield. Growers should ensure that the plants receive ample sunlight and are protected from extreme weather conditions to maximize the quality and quantity of the harvest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Apple Jack strain be used for daytime activities?

Yes, Apple Jack’s effects are known for providing an energetic and focused high, making it suitable for daytime use. Its uplifting effects can enhance creativity and productivity, allowing users to stay active and engaged in their tasks.

Is the Apple Jack strain good for beginners?

While Apple Jack is appreciated for its balanced effects, its potent THC levels (19% to 21%) suggest that beginners should approach it with caution. Starting with lower doses and gradually increasing is advisable to avoid potential negative effects like paranoia or anxiety.

How does Apple Jack compare to its parent strains, Jack Herer and White Widow?

Apple Jack combines the best traits of its parents, offering the uplifting and creative high of Jack Herer with the soothing and relaxing effects of White Widow. It provides a more balanced experience than either parent strain alone, making it unique in its right.

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