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Craft Cannabis

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FAQs about Craft Cannabis

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What is Craft Cannabis?

Craft cannabis is the result of dedicated cultivation focused on producing smaller batches, aimed at achieving optimal quality and unique characteristics. Unlike mass-produced varieties, craft cannabis benefits you by offering enhanced flavors, distinct aromas, and a more nuanced effect profile, ensuring a truly personalized experience. Each product is a testament to the grower’s personal style and passion, ensuring that you enjoy a unique experience tailored to your tastes.

How does your Quality Assurance team enhance the BMWO Craft Cannabis experience?

Our in-house Quality Assurance team ensures that every Craft Cannabis product meets rigorous standards. By intensively testing for purity, potency, and consistency, we provide you with not just high-quality cannabis but the assurance of a safe, superb experience every time.


What unique benefits does Craft Cannabis offer compared to conventional cannabis products?

Craft Cannabis offers the discerning consumer a more refined experience, including complex flavor profiles and enhanced effects. It’s ideal for those who seek a deeper appreciation of their cannabis’s subtleties and value a higher standard of cultivation and production.

Can you describe the cultivation process for Craft Cannabis in more detail?

The cultivation process of our Craft Cannabis is a blend of artistry and science, starting with the careful selection of genetics to ensure robust and unique strains. Our skilled cultivators take a hands-on approach during the growth phase, meticulously monitoring each plant’s development to optimize the health and quality of our cannabis.

Cultivation involves several crucial steps, each impacting the final product that you enjoy:

Soil Composition and Nutrient Management: We use premium soil blends rich in organic matter, providing an optimal growing environment. Careful management of nutrients ensures each plant has precisely what it needs throughout its lifecycle for maximum health and potency.

Environmental Control: Controlled indoor environments or selective outdoor locales offer ideal conditions, including temperature and humidity control, to foster robust growth.

Pest and Disease Management: Employing natural and non-invasive methods, we prevent pests and diseases without relying on harsh chemicals, thus keeping our Craft Cannabis clean and pure.

Flushing: Prior to harvesting, plants undergo a flushing process, where they are watered without added nutrients. This purges any residual nutrients from the soil and plant tissues, ensuring that the final product burns cleanly and delivers a smooth experience.

Harvesting: We harvest our plants when their cannabinoids and terpenes have reached peak levels. Timing the harvest is critical to capturing the desired effects and flavor profiles.

Curing: Once harvested, our cannabis is slow-cured, a process that is extended over several weeks. This method allows for the gradual breakdown of chlorophyll and ensures that the rich and nuanced flavors and aromas of the cannabis come to the forefront.

Trimming: We meticulously trim our buds by hand. This preserves the delicate trichomes and ensures a clean aesthetic without compromising potency.

All these steps culminate in Craft Cannabis that offers you unparalleled quality. The attention to detail ensures every hit is flavorful and effective, and our commitment to these rigorous growing practices provides you with the assurance that the products you’re enjoying are as pure as they are potent.

What exclusive varieties of Craft Cannabis can I find at BMWO?

Our collection boasts a plethora of strains, from timeless favorites to exotic rarities, all curated with the guidance of our QA team. This means that you have access to the most sought-after and quality-assured cannabis strains on the market.

How frequently does BMWO update the Craft Cannabis collection?

We refresh our collection regularly to keep it dynamic and exciting. You’ll frequently find new and seasonal strains, all curated with the insights and approval of our Quality Assurance team, to ensure exceptional choices for your discerning palate.

Why choose BMWO for Craft Cannabis?

Choosing BMWO for your Craft Cannabis means enjoying a seamlessly tailored experience that combines a dedication to environmental sustainability with unmatched quality — all delicately overseen by a Quality Assurance team dedicated to your peace of mind and pleasure.

How does Craft Cannabis differ from the grade levels like AA-AAAA?

While grade levels primarily indicate the quality and attributes of the cannabis, craft cannabis emphasizes the artisanal methods of cultivation and processing that contribute to superior flavor, potency, and overall experience.

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