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Pink Kush

Pink Kush and its Variations: A Buyer’s Guide   

Pink Kush only has about a 10% Sativa strain profile and 90% Indica strain.

Thus, the Pink Kush is An Indica-dominant strain revered for its heavy body effects, Pink Kush has become one of the most uplifting and euphoric highs on most dispensary menus. A wide range knows Pink Kush of different names, including San Rafael Pink Kush, Tom Ford Pink Kush, Pink Rockstar and even Captain Pink.

It is embraced throughout the Pacific Northwest and up into British Columbia. Let’s explore below how and why Pink Kush became the go-to strain for shoppers needing a relaxing indica. Afterwards, see the different PK products we have in stock today!

Pink Kush Genetics

While Pink Kush may be one of the most popular hybrids in Canada, the strain itself is shrouded in relative mystery. The genetics of it are held close to the chest by the creators at Barney’s Farm. However, most breeders declare that Pink Kush is roughly 90% Indica and 10% Sativa.

Let’s break down the known genetics while coming to a better understanding of the strain itself.

OG Kush

Even though both parents are unknown to the general public, breeders believe that Pink Kush owes much of its strength to its OG Kush parent. OG Kush reportedly came from a union of growers in Florida who had crossed a California strain with Hindu Kush, Lemon Thai, and ChemDog

The resulting OG Kush is said to give Pink Kush its heavy body effects and cerebral mental benefits. Other notes from this genetic background include its stress-relieving properties and potent skunk and citrus aroma.

While Pink Kush may be one of the most popular indica’s in Canada, the strain itself is shrouded in relative mystery. The genetics are held close to the chest by the creators at Barney’s Farm. 

Let’s break down the known genetics of Pink Kush while coming to a better understanding of the strain itself.

Pink Kush Appearance

An aesthetically pleasing cannabis strain, Pink Kush offers a delightful array of vibrant yellows, greens, and pinks. When grown properly, Pink Kush showcases a thick layer of sticky resin that gives the plant a frosty appearance. With a primarily dark green body of bud, Pink Kush breaks up its bud structure with vibrant yellow pistils and flecks of pink and orange. Dense nuggets of cannabis break down beautifully into light and fluffy flowers. 

How Strong Is Pink Kush?

Pink Kush is considered a high potent cannabis strain ideal for Indica lovers. With a relaxing genetic profile and THC levels hovering in the 18% – 27% range, depending on who is growing it, Pink Kush is a relatively mild smoke ideal for an afternoon comedown or an end-of-the-night session.

Some cultivars will introduce Pink Kush with up to 1% of CBN, CBG, or CBD. These secondary cannabinoids add additional layers to the relaxing effects that Pink Kush is revered for.

Will Pink Kush Get Me High?

If you are looking to buy greasy Pink Kush to get high, you are on the right track. Pink Kush provides individuals with a gentle and undulating high that leans heavily on its relaxing side. Sedative in nature and heavy on the body buzz, lovers of Pink Kush recall its ability to release tension, assist in sleep, and even relax during social occasions. Every user has a different cannabinoid system so these effects may vary from one individual to the next.

While Pink Kush has an expansive cannabinoid profile, its dominant effects are relaxing in nature. In addition, THC levels should make this strain palatable to both advanced consumers and newcomers to cannabis alike. 

Aroma and Flavor

Despite its delicate name and notable citrus notes, Pink Kush actually has a pronounced base of wood and sweet berry. When consumed through a vaporizer on lower settings, Pink Kush consumers will notice hints of pine, drops of spice, and an overtone of vanilla throughout. The dominant terpenes in Pink Kush are pinene and beta-caryophyllene, both responsible for these trademark flavours and aromas. 

Buy Greasy Pink Kush For These Effects

Individuals looking for a body-heavy Indica strain are going to enjoy stumbling upon Pink Kush. It’s said to be an ideal strain for reducing stress, relieving body aches and pains, and providing sleep support. Due to the relaxing profile of this strain, the general consumption of Pink Kush is best reserved for a time of relaxation. Some users cite Pink Kush as an ideal strain for helping them to focus, meditate, and get creative.

Growing Information

Revered for having hardy seeds and the ability to overcome harsh growing environments, cultivating Pink Kush from home has become popular among breeders and cannabis enthusiasts. It thrives in warm and dry climates where its natural ability to withstand mould, mildew, and pests can best be put to the test.

Pink Kush tends to grow on the shorter spectrum, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor growing environments. A compact and stout body also means that the  Pink Kush won’t typically droop throughout the growing process. 

Pink Kush thrives when fed adequate nutrition, so indoor growers will have to stay on top of the ball throughout the vegetative and flowering processes. Keep the pH of the plant’s water at no more than 6.5.

Indoor Growing Notes 

Pink Kush is a short and stout plant that reacts well to topping during cultivation. Despite working best in dry outdoor climates, Pink Kush can quickly adapt to indoor growing and other hydroponic methods. However, the overwhelming smell of Pink Kush means that indoor growers will likely need to invest in ventilation and an exhaust fan to reduce odour.

  • Indoor growers will see roughly 18 ounces per square meter yields while utilizing the Sea of Green method.

Outdoor Growing Notes 

Thriving in warm and dry environments, Pink Kush can still withstand the occasional bout of heavy rain or moisture. Resistant to the majority of pests as well as mould, Pink Kush is an excellent strain for hands-off growing. However, growers should cultivate their plants in the right environment, getting plenty of natural sunlight, to ensure a successful vegetative stage.

  • When appropriately grown outdoors, Pink Kush can yield up to 25 ounces per plant. 

Common Strain Name Variations

Many breeders continue to work on improving the classic Pink Kush strain. Depending on where you are in Canada, you may find that some Pink Kush strains exist under a different name and label because of the cross-breeding. Some of the most popular variations and cross-breed for Pink Kush include:

Strains Similar to Pink Kush

Pink Kush has plenty in common with Indica strains that feature myrcene as a top terpene. Other top Indica strains similar to Pink Kush include:

  • Ghost OG
  • Pineapple Chunk
  • Monster Cookies
  • Pink Bubba
  • OG Kush

Pink Kush Online Reviews

  1. Pink Kush
    5 out of 5


    excellent ! pour un AA, j'adore ! un petit effet qui reveille, qui rend joyeux et aide la douleur. Un excellent mix de tout. et n'endort pas ! a recommander
  2. Pink Kush
    5 out of 5


    Belle cocotte et très bon produit. Les effets sont bon, le prix est raisonnable pour la qualité du produit. Ce n'était pas la première fois que j'en commandais, mais ce n'est pas la dernière non plus !
  3. Pink Kush
    4 out of 5


    I never get disappointed with pink kush. Even in 2A it does wonders and taste great in my opinion. I like it in pipes or bongs, but personally I enjoy pink kush in joints better than any other forms. Buds are dens and have a very nice kush aroma.
  4. Pink Kush
    5 out of 5


    This strain is amazing very smooth in a bong or even in a joint taste sweet and fruity everything so far I have had from the pink family really good for pain insomnia and treating your eating disorder will buy again
  5. Pink Kush
    4 out of 5


    Funny as I browse the reviews I see I ordered this in 2017 - one of my first orders placed. Gave it a 3 back then and will bump it up to 4. I think I’ve come to appreciate the distinct pink taste. Great value.

Final Thoughts on Pink Kush

Individuals looking for a highly effective and balanced Indica strain will enjoy the properties that Pink Kush showcases. A delicate balance of vanilla and citrus provides individuals with a palatable smoke that both delights the taste buds and calms the nerves.

A slow-burning strain, individuals are advised to pace themselves during consumption before they find themselves stuck on the couch. Furthermore, high levels of terpene Myrcene provide pain-relieving and relaxing properties along the way.

Thus, Pink Kush is a great beginner’s strain for growers looking to test their mettle both indoors and outdoors. Moderate THC percentages and terpene-rich genetics make for a strain that even the most ardent Indica connoisseur would enjoy.