Buy My Weed Online vs. Weed Smart

Ordering marijuana only is fast becoming a favorite service in Canada. Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in the country, the number of dispensaries offering this service has immensely increased in number. Among many of these mail order marijuana dispensaries, Buy My Weed Online and Weed Smart are two websites where customers can order medical and recreational cannabis online.

The boom of the mail order marijuana market in Canada since its legalization also comes with an exponential increase in the number of customers. While some of these customers are already aware of the pros and cons of this wide industry, most customers are new. The vast number of websites, each with their own confusing product range, grading criteria, and pricing can be nerve-wrecking for a new customer.

Choosing what to buy and where to buy it from can be a hassle. Customers new and old also need proper guidance to help them avoid any sort of unfortunate incident when ordering weed online. To help all new and old members of the community, we are here to provide a careful analysis and comparison of the best sites to order weed from online.

Today, we will be comparing Weed Smart and Buy My Weed Online, and our criteria for comparison will be their product range, quality of product offered, prices, promos and deals and customer service. So let’s get started!

Buy My Weed Online vs. Weed Smart : Product Range

Let’s start with looking at the types of products both the dispensaries are offering. When it comes to product range, both the websites aren’t lagging behind. Each offers a wide range of products including cannabis, concentrates and edibles, but both Buy My Weed Online and Weed Smart have their own specialties.

Weed Smart, offers a variety of 160 different types of flower for the customer to choose from but most of their products lack an AAAAA grading system. This means that you have no idea what quality flower you’re buying. This large range also comes with the problem of easily confusing new customers who’re not exactly sure what they want.

If you are a newbie who wants to try a new strain for any purpose or even if are an experienced person who knows exactly what they want, Buy My Weed Online can serve your purpose in the best way. With around more than 65 different strains including unique Sativa, Indica, and hybrids, you can get anything you desire. Buy My Weed Online stocks the most premium strains – from Super Lemon Haze to Purple OG – with all the products carefully rated in the AAAAA grading system. This is no surprise considering that Buy My Weed Online is a much older and established dispensary.

Both Buy My Weed Online and Weed Smart have a variety of cannabis concentrates to offer ranging from budder, shatter, live rosin, hash and oils. Weed Smart does have an upper hand when it comes to edibles with stocking a larger variety of different products as compared to By My Weed Online. However when it comes to stocking all sorts of cannabis accessories, Buy My Weed Online is clearly a winner here. Having over 600 products (Weed Smart has only 41) BMWO offers quite a large list of accessories which includes almost everything from vapes, oils, rolling papers and lighters to personal care and pet health products such as CBD and THC infused lip balms, , bath bombs and topical creams.

Overall, we do suggest Buy My Weed Online as the best place for both new as well as experienced buyers if they are looking for a variety with premium quality. However, if you are after a strain that isn’t stocked at their site, Weed Smart is the place to look up.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Weed Smart : Product Quality – What Users Say

Our second criteria for comparing is the quality of the product offered by both the dispensaries. The best way to check is to check the reviews of the customers regarding their products. To provide you with the best suggestion, we logged in on both the sites and checked the customer review section.

Weed Smart has an average of 3.5/5 stars on their customers reviews for each product with a few products ranked much lower. This means that they do provide most of their products in good quality but on the other hand, a review from a customer was stated as “Great for the price. Gave me a great buzz but not too much to continue on with my day.”

Buy My Weed Online seems to have a 5/5 rating for almost all of their products. This isn’t a surprise considering that they’ve been around for much longer than others and the dispensary’s prime focus is on the quality of their product since the beginning. A review on their website goes like “Exactly as described and looks exactly like the photo, great medicinal qualities. Can’t say enough, thanks once again”

So it looks like Buy My Weed Online is clearly the first choice due to their perfect reviews and availability of premium products as compared to Weed Smart.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Weed Smart : Pricing

The next criteria for comparing is going to be the price range offered by the two dispensaries as a lot of customers out their still prefer to look at the price over the quality of the product when it comes to buying marijuana online.

Both Buy My Weed Online and Weed Smart are enforce no upper or lower limit on their orders that the customers can place. This is an advantage in both the cases for the new customers as they can try out new things by ordering a little of everything from the store.

Below we are listing the average price range offered by both the dispensaries.

Average Price for 1oz of Cannabis buds:
Buy My Weed Online: $180-$200
Weed Smart: $180.00 – $190

Looking at these, Buy My Weed Online has almost the same prices as Weed Smart. But if we consider their 5/5 premium quality product reputation, we will have to admit that the price is quite convenient.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Weed Smart : Promotions

We’ve seen how Weed Smart and BMWO compare in terms of pricing, let’s now take a look at how both dispensaries do when it comes to different promotions and deals they have to offer.

Beginning with Weed Smart, we can see that they don’t really offer any deals or promotions on their site. They do have the occasional sale, or discount on certain products but no specific promotions.

Looking further online, we can find that there are a lot of third-party coupons websites that have a few different coupons for Weed Smart listed on their site. The average discount these coupons offer are 20-25% off on select products.

Taking a look at BMWO, we can be sure that they’re miles ahead in this competition. Not only do they have a specific promotions section on their website, they offer up to 12 different promos and deals to their customers!

These promos include sign-up bonuses, exciting offers and store-wide discounts, as well as a very attractive referral program. BMWO offer discount vouchers for up to 25% on all their stock. But this is not all. BMWO customers can win up to a whopping $1500 worth of prizes or store credit on their monthly prize draw, where they give away $3000 every month!

Taking all of this into consideration, we can see that BMWO is definitely the smart choice when shopping for weed online in Canada!

Buy My Weed Online vs. Weed Smart : Shipping & Customer Service

Our final criteria for comparing will be the shipping and customer service of both the dispensaries. Both have an excellent customers service that is 24 hours available, along with live chat help which can help their customers with all sort of problems. The FAQ section on both the sites offer complete explanations for most inquires too.

Weed Smart offers a shipping fee of around $20 for all orders under $149. Comparatively Buy My Weed Online which offers a much cheaper shipping rate of around $15 for all orders under $99. So clearly you are going to be saving a lot when it comes to Buy My Weed Online as the shipping rates are far more convenient. As far as the issue of personal information, both dispensaries ensure that your purchases are kept low-profile and shipped discreetly.

When considering all the above criteria, Buy My Weed Online is a clearly the overall winner for the most premium cannabis available in Canada.