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Buy My Weed Online Vs. GetKush

With the legalization of marijuana in Canada, the number of online mail order marijuana websites is skyrocketing. Buy My Weed Online and GetKush are two from the growing online cannabis dispensaries customers can order from. With the rising trend of ordering marijuana online, added with the benefits such services offer, the online mail order marijuana industry is booming.

Of course, when the market is booming, it means that even more customers are coming in every day. While some of these customers might be old hands and will know exactly what they should expect from a reputable and high quality online weed dispensary, newer customers usually need expert help.

With so many websites, and an even larger number of products to choose from, the process can get overwhelming very fast for a newbie. This is exactly why we’re here to help out! We aim to compare all of the top mail order marijuana sites in Canada so that customers know exactly what to expect from each.

Today, we will be looking at GetKush and Buy My Weed Online, with our criteria for comparison being product range, product quality, prices, promotions and deals, and customer service.
So, without further ado, here we go, guys!

Buy My Weed Online vs. GetKush : Product Range

While Buy My Weed Online and GetKush mainly sell premium quality cannabis, concentrates and edibles, both have their own specialties, and we’re going to look into those.

For an experienced user who knows exactly what flowers they want to get, or for a newbie who wants to try out new strains Buy My Weed Online is probably the better option. They have been around the longest when compared to most of the online dispensaries, and they are recognized for their attention towards product quality. Buy My Weed Online has a premium collection of more than 60 unique sativa, indica and hybrid strains. They offer almost everything, from OG Kush, to SkyWalker OG and Tuna Kush, all curated and graded AAAA+ for the perfect smoke.

GetKush on the other hand has a slightly larger flower range with 80 different strains available.
For someone looking for hard to find strains, GetKush is the place to go. A wide variety has a disadvantage to it however, it can get confusing and overwhelming for somebody new.

Buy My Weed Online and GetKush both sell top quality cannabis concentrates, with Buy My Weed Online having a slightly upper hand in this area. Even though both sites have almost the same number of concentrate products available, Buy My Weed Online has the more premium stock to offer, from CBD productsMoroccan and Lebanese Hash, and Strawberry Cough Kief to premium Terp Sauces, Budder, Live Rosin and oils!

Both GetKush and Buy My Weed Online have almost the same range of edibles available, but this is where it gets interesting again. Both stores stock a complete range of all marijuana associated products, from accessories to personal and CBD oil for dogs products. However, the GetKush product range is very limited compared to Buy My Weed Online’s 600 product large list of vapes, oils, bongs, rolling papers, lighters, bath bombs and more.

We would suggest Buy My Weed Online for both experienced and inexperienced users, because they have a better curated and much larger product range. However if you really need that one strain that they don’t have and don’t mind compromising on quality, GetKush might be the place to go.

Buy My Weed Online vs. GetKush : Product Quality – What Users Say

One of our four important criteria for comparing mail order marijuana companies is product quality. And to get an unbiased opinion, this is where we turn to users. To compare what customers are saying about BMWO and GetKush product quality, we turned to the customer reviews section on both sites.

GetKush ranks an average 3.9/5 stars for product quality, on their reviews page. This implies that GetKush is a dispensary that provides a little higher than average quality product. A review for GetKush’s AAAA Twisted Velvet on their site goes like this: “The buds of my batch are very dark in color, lots of deep purple hues dominate the bud. Looks can be deceiving tho, as it is not as strong as I was hoping for.”

Buy My Weed Online on the other hand has a beautiful 5/5 stars rating for their product quality, showing that their customers are super happy. This is not at all surprising for a dispensary with Buy My Weed Online’s history and pedigree. A review for BMWO’s Skywalker OG read: “First time buyer on here, shipping was fast and herb is decent. I’m 100% satisfied with the grain. Will definitely be back for more!”

Looking at these customer reviews, we can see that GetKush needs a little improving on their product quality as compared to BMWO’s premium products and outstanding reviews.

Buy My Weed Online vs. GetKush : Pricing

This is the main deciding factor between any two dispensaries. Most customers will choose based on the price of the product rather than the quality. So let’s see how Buy My Weed Online and GetKush compare in terms of pricing.

Both Buy My Weed Online and GetKush offer flexible orders where there’s no upper or lower limit to how much their customers can buy. This is great, especially for newer users who might want to order a little of everything to try it out.

Below are the average prices that Buy My Weed Online and GetKush offer to their customers.
Average Price for 1oz of Cannabis buds:
GetKush: $180 – $200
BMWO: $190-$210

As we can see, BMWO has a slightly higher average price for flower than GetKush, but considering their reputation for stocking only the most premium quality flower, we will have to say it’s not really much of a difference.

Buy My Weed Online vs. GetKush : Promotions

We just saw how BMWO and GetKush compare in pricing, let’s head over to promotions and deals and see which dispensary is a better buy!

Let’s look at BMWO first. The first thing we notice is that the BMWO website has a dedicated promotions section that contains a LOT of offers and deals for their customers. These include a very lucrative sign-up and first order bonus, great deals on a wide variety of products, up to 25% off discount vouchers and a rewarding referral program.

Including all of this, BMWO also offer their customers a chance to participate in a monthly prize draw with a $3000 worth of giveaways each month! Customers can win up to $1500 worth in prizes, product, or store credit!

Turning to GetKush, we see that they too have a promotions section on their website. But compared to BMWO’s 12 different offers and promotions, they’ve only got 5-6 different deals.

While these are all pretty standard, and offer up to 20% off on select products, GetKush also has a reward points option available for their customers. They also have the option of getting a free gift on every order. These gifts are usually a small amount of product or pre-rolls.

Comparing the two, we see that while GetKush has a few offers for their customers, it simply cannot match BMWO with their multitude of promotions and the lucky draw!

Buy My Weed Online vs. GetKush : Shipping & Customer Service

We’ve compared the product range, quality and pricing for both Buy My Weed Online and GetKush and we know they stock some of the most premium cannabis and accessories available in Canada. The next important criteria to compare now is shipping and customer service.

Buy My Weed Online holds its own against GetKush in this criteria, having one of the highest standards in the industry, ensuring the fastest delivery in 1-3 business days — right at your doorstep. BMWO charges a standard shipping rate of $15 on all orders, but they offer free shipping offer on all orders above $149. Which means that pretty much all your orders will be shipped for absolutely no charge. They also make sure your identity is secure and make sure to ship everything quite discreetly.

Another benefit Buy My Weed Online offers its customers is a 24 hour, live chat helpline service, where their customer service is available all the time to help customers make the right choice!
Comparatively GetKush fails to impress in this regard. Their standard shipping fee is $20, and they only offer free shipping on orders over $150. This means that either customers are forced to buy more or pay extra to get their weed shipped.
In this criteria as well, Buy My Weed Online is the clear winner.

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