Buy My Weed Online vs. Top Shelf Express

Everyday more and more online dispensaries are opening up in Canada. This is because of the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in the country. Today, more customers than ever are choosing to purchase their weed online. Buy My Weed Online and Top Shelf Express are two of the many online mail order marijuana services available.

The online market is skyrocketing, and many customers need proper guidance as to which online cannabis dispensaries are the best, and which ones they should stay away from. Marijuana enthusiasts, new and old alike, need an expert opinion, a voice they can trust.

With new mail order marijuana sites launching every now and then, customers need expert opinion regarding every aspect of potential suppliers to buy from. That’s what we aim to provide: a carefully curated comparison of all the top mail order marijuana sites available to buy from!

Today, we will be comparing Top Shelf Express and Buy My Weed Online, two popular online dispensaries in Canada. Our criteria for comparison will be product range, product quality, prices, promotions, and customer service.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s light up and get this show on the road!

Buy My Weed Online vs. Top Shelf Express : Product Range

So, first things first, let’s look at the products both websites have available for sale. Both Buy My Weed Online and Top Shelf Express are primarily focused on selling cannabis, concentrates, and edibles, so we will look at these first.

Comparing the cannabis flowers available on both sites, Top Shelf Express has the lower number of flowers and strains available of the two, with only than 50 different products. On the other hand, Buy My Weed Online has a premium collection of 65 different strains, all carefully curated and graded AAAA+ for your benefit.

This difference isn’t much of a surprise considering that Buy My Weed Online has always been a premium mail order marijuana website, where each strain is carefully curated and graded. Having been around for longer than most dispensaries, their experience in the business is almost unmatched.

Such an experience translates into a strict focus on product quality. Whether it’s their Apple Afghani Hash, or hybrids like Super Lemon Haze, BMWO will not disappoint.

Both Buy My Weed Online and Top Shelf Express also offer concentrates, and this too is where Buy My Weed Online outshines the competition. Offering 60 different types and brands of concentrates that include premium shatter, budder, organic rosin and oils, BMWO definitely has the lead. Comparatively Top Shelf Express has only 30 different kinds of concentrates available.

In terms of edibles, this is again where Top Shelf Express falls short with only 30 different products available for sale, whereas BMWO has 35 varieties in its edibles section.

Both sites also offer different accessories, and here too, Top Shelf Express has quite a limited collection. With only 23 products to offer, most of the items are different vapes and cartridges.

On the other hand, Buy My Weed Online is a complete range mail order marijuana store, with more than 600 additional products. Their website boasts up to 25 different CBD extracts (Top Shelf Express has only 4), multiple tinctures and topical creams, all kinds of smoking accessories including rolling papers, premium bongs, pipes, storage boxes, and lighters, many different premium brands of vape pens, oils, and accessories!

Comparatively, Buy My Weed Online has the most extensive range of products available online. It’s a one stop shop for all your marijuana related needs. In the off-chance that you need a strain that they do not stock, then Top Shelf Express is where you might want to go.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Top Shelf Express : Product Quality – What Users Say

Another one of our important criteria for comparing mail order marijuana websites is product quality. Because it’s important that we consider an unbiased opinion, we look at what their customers have to say. In order to find out exactly what customers for both websites thought of their products, we turned to the reviews sections on both websites.

The review section on Bud Express Now doesn’t have any ranking system for their reviews so it was a bit challenging to find out what users were saying. Looking through quite a lot of reviews, we found that while most customers were satisfied, there were quite a few who had some problems with their service. These included bud quality, delays with product delivery and so on. A sample review on their site read: “Ordered 4 times now first 3 times were good product and fast shipping but this last time smoke was good but took 11 days to get here “

On the other hand Buy My Weed Online has an amazing 5/5 stars average rating for their product quality, which implies their customers are extremely happy and satisfied. This, however, is hardly a surprise considering Buy My Weed Online’s history and pedigree. A review for BMWO’s Purple Kush read: “I received a free G of this strain, I have previously tried in concentrate form, I was not disappointed. Looks exactly like the photo, dark purple and green hues and strong earthy taste. Recommend to everyone, thanks!”

Looking at these customer reviews, we can see that Bud Express Now needs to sort out a few issues with quality and service as compared to BMWO’s premium products and outstanding reviews.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Top Shelf Express : Pricing

This is likely the most important criteria for our comparison. Most customers tend to choose between dispensaries based on product price alone. So let’s take a look at how Buy My Weed Online and Bud Express Now compare in terms of pricing.

Customers at both Buy My Weed Online and Bud Express Now can place flexible orders without worrying about upper or lower limits on how much they can buy. This is good, especially for newer users who might want smaller quantities to try out before they place a large order.

Below are average prices both dispensaries offer
Average Price for 1oz of Cannabis buds:
Bud Express Now: $180 – $200
BMWO: $190-$210

As we can see, BMWO is slightly more expensive than Bud Express Now, but if we consider the fact that they stock only the highest quality flower, the price difference isn’t really that much of a deal.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Top Shelf Express : Promotions

Now that we’ve seen how BMWO and Bud Express Now compare in pricing, let’s take a look at the promotions and deals both dispensaries offer their customers and see which one is a better buy.

Looking at BMWO first, we notice that the BMWO website has a dedicated promotions section where there are a lot of promotions and deals for their customers. These include a very lucrative sign-up and first order bonus, great deals on a wide variety of products, up to 25% off discount vouchers and a rewarding referral program.

On top of these, BMWO also offer their customers a chance to participate in a monthly prize draw with a $3000 worth of giveaways each month! Custers can win up to $1500 worth in prizes, product, or store credit!

Turning to Bud Express Now, we can see that they do not have any promotions section on their website. However looking further online, we can see that a lot of third-party coupons websites have discount coupons available for Bud Express Now. While these coupons are very dubious, they offer up to 10-15% off on select products.

Comparing the two, it is clear that BMWO leaves it’s competitor in the dust with the sheer number of promotions they have to offer!

Buy My Weed Online vs. Top Shelf Express : Shipping & Customer Service

Now that we’ve compared Buy My Weed Online and Bud Express Now in terms of product range, quality, promotions and pricing, our next criteria to compare is shipping and customer service.

In this criteria too, Buy My Weed Online holds its own against Bud Express Now. BMWO has one of the highest standards of customer service in the industry, and they ensure fast shipping (1-3 days) for all their products. While they charge a standard shipping rate of $15 on all orders, they offer free shipping offer on all orders above $99. Considering that the average online order from dispensaries is $100 and above, this means that most of your orders will be shipped free!

Another benefit Buy My Weed Online offers its customers is a 24 hour live customer service helpline that is available on their website. Customers can be assured that there are real marijuana experts available all day and night to help them make their choice.

Comparatively Bud Express Now doesn’t impress here. Their standard shipping fee is $20, much higher than BMWO and they only offer free shipping on orders over $150. This means that either customers are forced to buy more or pay extra to get their weed shipped.

As we can see, here too BMWO is the clear winner of the two.