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Super Boof Strain

Super Boof is a captivating hybrid weed strain born from the union of Black Cherry Punch and Tropicana Cookies. This strain boasts chunky, deep green buds adorned with silver calyxes, giving them a glistening appearance.ย 

THC – 28% to 32%

The THC levels in Super Boof can range impressively from 28% to 32%, indicating a potent strain capable of delivering strong effects.

28% – 32%



This aroma suggests a sweet and tart fragrance reminiscent of fresh berries, contributing to the strain’s appealing and fruity scent profile.


Indicates a sweet, tangy aroma that adds a depth of fruitiness, enhancing the strain’s overall allure with its distinctly pleasant scent.


Offers a zesty and refreshing aroma, infusing the strain with a lively and energizing olfactory experience.


Conveys a rich, grounding aroma, reminiscent of damp soil or forest floors, adding a sense of natural depth to the strain’s scent.


Introduces a subtle, comforting aroma, reminiscent of roasted nuts, which adds complexity and warmth to the strain’s fragrance.

Terpenes Profile


Adds spicy and woody undertones, known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.


Offers earthy and musky notes, akin to cloves, and is known for its relaxing and sedative effects.


Contributes to the citrus aroma, providing a fresh, uplifting, and stress-relieving sensation.


Responsible for the sharp, piney aroma, it can aid in alertness and memory retention.


Provides earthy, woody, and spicy notes, known for its anti-inflammatory and appetite-suppressant effects.








Dry Eyes

History and Genetic

Super Boof is a balanced hybrid strain born from the cross of Black Cherry Punch and Tropicana Cookies, offering an even mix of indica and sativa effects.

Its creation is credited to California’s Blockhead, initially named “Blockberry,” until it was renamed Superboof by Grower Mobile Jay. Despite its unconventional name, Super Boof has gained popularity for its unique aroma, flavor, and effectiveness in treating conditions like stress, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain.

Its dense buds, rich in color and covered with amber trichomes, highlight its premium genetic lineage and make it a standout choice for both recreational and medical users.

Growing Information

Indoor Growing Tips

  • Monitor humidity and temperature closely to mimic the strain’s natural environment.
  • Prune lower foliage to enhance air circulation and light penetration, promoting healthier bud development.

Outdoor Growing Tips

  • Choose a sunny, mild climate for optimal growth.
  • Employ training techniques like topping and LST (Low Stress Training) to control plant height and encourage bushier growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best practices for consuming Super Boof for the first time?

Given its high THC content (28% to 32%), new users should start with a small dose to gauge tolerance. Its potent effects can be intensely relaxing and euphoric, so it’s best consumed in a comfortable setting.

How does Super Boof compare to other strains like Gelato 41 or Wedding Pie?

While each strain has unique qualities, Super Boof is known for its balanced hybrid effects, high THC content, and distinctive flavor profile. It offers a versatile experience that can cater to both recreational enjoyment and medical relief, setting it apart from strains with different balances of effects and flavors.

Are there any negative effects associated with Super Boof?

Like many cannabis strains, Super Boof may cause paranoia, dizziness, or dry eyes in some users, particularly at high doses. It’s important to consume responsibly and stay hydrated.

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