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Gumbo Strain

Gumbo is an indica-dominant weed strain created by crossing two undisclosed strains, making its exact heritage a mystery. Renowned for its signature bubblegum flavor, Gumbo delivers relaxing and sleepy effects typical of indica strains.ย 

THC – 18% to 20%

The Gumbo strain has a THC content typically ranging from 18% to 20%, placing it on the higher end of potency for indica strains, which average around 12%. This level of THC indicates that Gumbo is quite potent, offering a strong and relaxing high that is more intense than the average strain.

18% – 20%



Fresh and forest-like, reminiscent of pine trees.


Herbaceous and slightly peppery, with a hint of earthiness.


Sharp and pungent, often associated with strong cleanliness.

Bubble Gum

Sweet and fruity, evoking classic bubblegum flavors.

Terpenes Profile


Earthy and herbal, promotes relaxation.


Pine scent, aids alertness and counters THC effects.


Spicy aroma, offers anti-inflammatory benefits.







Dry Mouth


Dry Eyes


History and Genetic

Named not after the hearty stew but for its distinctive bubblegum flavor, Gumbo is an indica-dominant hybrid that has captivated users with its unique aroma, taste, and potent effects.

Despite its popularity, the exact origins of the Gumbo strain remain unknown. It is believed to have been created by crossing two unidentified strains, resulting in a genetic makeup that leans slightly towards indica, with a typical ratio of 65:35 indica to sativa. This genetic blend has given rise to a strain renowned for its relaxing and euphoric effects, making it a favorite for evening use.

Growing Information

Indoor Growing Tips

When growing Gumbo indoors, maintaining an optimal environment is key. This involves ensuring proper ventilation and humidity control to fend off mildew, which the strain is notably susceptible to. Gumbo’s watering needs are less than many other cannabis strains, necessitating a cautious approach to irrigation to prevent root rot from overwatering.

Additionally, this strain reacts sensitively to nutrient concentrations, requiring a less-is-more approach to avoid nutrient burn. Generally, Gumbo flowers within 7-9 weeks, and cultivators can expect a yield of about 1-2 ounces per square foot, provided the plants are kept in warm and dry conditions, which they favor.

Outdoor Growing Tips

For outdoor cultivation, Gumbo thrives in warm, dry climates, making site selection critical. Plants should be placed in areas that offer plenty of sunlight and good air circulation to minimize moisture-related issues.

While Gumbo can adapt to various soil types, well-draining, nutrient-rich soil is ideal, complemented by careful watering practices that allow the soil to dry between waterings. In terms of growth, outdoor Gumbo plants can reach heights of 60-80 inches and yield between 15-20 ounces per plant under optimal conditions.

This makes space planning essential to accommodate their size and maximize exposure to sunlight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can beginners use the Gumbo strain?

Given its THC content of 18% to 20%, Gumbo is quite potent. Beginners can use it, but they should start with a very small amount to gauge their tolerance and avoid potential discomfort from its strong effects.

Is the Gumbo strain good for social gatherings?

While Gumbo is known for inducing feelings of happiness and euphoria, it also has a relaxing and sometimes sleepy effect typical of indica strains. It might be suitable for low-key social gatherings but may not be the best choice for energetic parties.

What should I do if I experience negative effects from Gumbo?

If you experience dry mouth, dry eyes, or other mild discomforts, stay hydrated, use eye drops, and take a break from consuming cannabis. If effects are more severe, such as anxiety or discomfort, it’s best to rest in a calm environment and remember that the effects will wear off with time.

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