Buy My Weed Online vs. SQDC

Purchasing marijuana in Canada has never been easier. Ever since it has been legalized, people all over the country have been able to get their hands on their favorite plant from the comfort of their homes. As a result of the legalization, the demand for weed has gone up nearly everywhere in the country, and to cater to this increased demand, more and more suppliers are setting up online dispensaries.

This increase in online dispensaries of marijuana has resulted in both the number of suppliers and variety of products available. While it does mean that there is more weed for everyone, this has also created an aura of confusion and uncertainty.

With there being an ever-increasing variety of strains, buds, edibles etc. to choose from, it has become extremely confusing for people to make a choice what to purchase. Additionally, as more and more online dispensaries are opening, people do not know which way to turn. And these problems are being faced by both new and experienced weed enthusiasts.

In times like these, perhaps the only thing that can help consumers is a clear, unbiased comparison of the numerous online stores and the quality of the products they sell. Luckily, you do not have to look any further. Our primary mission is to help cannabis lovers all over Canada understand what they can expect from online weed stores and how to make a purchase they do not regret.

In this article, you will find an in-depth comparison and analysis of two well known online dispensaries, SQDC and Buy My Weed Online. While both companies have been in the business for quite some time and have wide ranges of products which we will be comparing, they have a few distinct differences. The most important of this is that while BMWO is one of the oldest running dispensaries in Canada with a ton of heritage, SQDC is an online dispensary owned and operated by the government of Quebec. This one difference will have a big influence on features that we will be looking at. These include product quality, promotions, prices, and customer service options. So let’s begin.

Buy My Weed Online vs. SQDC : Product Range

We will begin the comparison with the most important factor, product range. Both Buy My Weed Online and SQDC are first and foremost online cannabis dispensaries. Thus, their product ranges include various types of buds, flowers, and edibles along with other accessories. But from our experience, this is mostly where the similarity between online cannabis stores usually ends. As each store tends to stock a unique selection of different plants and flavors and has different popular products. As a result, it becomes even more necessary to critically assess a website before making a purchase.

Beginning with SQDC, we find that the store stocks numerous varieties of Dried Buds, Edibles, Savitas, and Edibles, with a separate section for accessories such as bongs, rolling papers, and lighters. Their stocks show more than 160 different types of dried buds, over 50 extracts and numerous options in pre-rolled and beverages sections. Additionally, the site also includes a filtering and sorting option. While this does sound great, a closer look at many of the different flowers that they do offer are either little known strains that no one has heard of, or less popular strains that have been rebranded with new, governmental names.

At Buy My Weed Online, while there are only 65 varieties of flowers and buds all of them are of premium quality and highly demanded. From classic Gold Kush and Blueberry Pie, to more modern buds such as SkyWalker OG and Blue Haze, BMWO has them all. Additionally, another reason why more and more people prefer a heritage dispensary like BMWO over other sites is because they have put in a rating system for all their products. This means that visitors to their website will find that all their products are AAAA+ , as well as reviews highlighting what users thought for nearly every product they have. This reduces the chance that you might end up buying sub quality weed or a variant that doesn’t quite suit your needs.

After dried flowers, statistics have shown that cannabis-based concentrates are the most selling products among Canadians all over the country. When we look for them on BMWO’s website, we see that they proudly stock over 60 different variants of Hash, Resin, Budders and Organic oils. In this category too, BMWO comes out on top as we see that SQDC does not sell any types of concentrates at all.

Lastly, we see that both dispensaries also store different types of accessories including bongs and rolling papers. Unfortunately, SQDC’s collection fails to impress, as they only offer 7 different sorts of rolling papers and 2 grinders. Compared to this, at BMWO, people can find over 600 different and customizable accessories including bongs, lighters, grinders, as well as numerous brands of rolling papers, vapes and pipes. What’s more, they also offer a nice selection of cannabis related health, beauty and even pet products!

After considering all these factors, we conclude that Buy My Weed Online is a superior supplier of cannabis and related products in Canada when compared to SQDC. However, if you are looking for some of the newer variants to experiment on, you should visit SQDC.

Buy My Weed Online vs. SQDC : Product Quality – What Users Say

Once we have established what kinds of products users can find on both webstores, we must now focus on the reviews and ratings they have received. This is perhaps the most crucial part of our analysis. As only real customers of both stores can provide true and unbiased insights on what the quality of both sites is like. As a result, we look to customer reviews and comments on BMWO as well as SQDC.

Looking first at SQDC, we were extremely disappointed. While you do need to sign up and create an account with them to make a purchase, that is where their interaction with you probably stops. There is no other mechanism in place for people to leave comments or even review the products they bought. This seems like an extremely questionable decision by SQDC, as we have no way of knowing what people liked or disliked about their products.

However, when we look at BMWO, not only do we see a general comments and reviews section, but also see a star-based rating system for individual products. This option to review and rate their products not only validates the quality of the products that BMWO is selling, but also provides us with a realistic estimate on how many people purchase here. Nearly all of their products have been reviewed many times, and from these reviews we can see that BMWO is committed to providing only the highest quality products. One review of their King Kush Flower read: As always came in a few business days! Nice discreet packaging, smell proof bag and then of course the goods!!

The buds looked exactly like the picture! While burning it smelt sweet and AMAZING, it tasted sweet and a little sour at the same time just as stated.

Buy My Weed Online vs. SQDC : Pricing

It’s not all about the quality of the strains or how many variants are being offered. In the end, it is always the prices that matter the most. As a result, it is simply impossible for us to make a comparison of the two stores without looking at their average prices first. So now we turn to the type of prices you can expect at both Buy My Weed Online and SQDC.

The first thing that we must point out in both stores is their minimum order limit. While BMWO does not have any such minimum order limit, the same cannot be said for SQDC. Instead, they have a 3.5 gram minimum order. While this really isn’t a bad limit, it certainly can be a bummer if you sample one of their newer strains and don’t like it.

The average prices per oz that you can find on both these stores are
SQDC: $160 – $180
BMWO: $170-$180

As you can see there isn’t that much of a difference between the average prices on both these stores. Thus, our suggestion is to purchase from BMWO since this way at least you can sit back and relax, knowing you have ordered a premium product from a reliable dispensary!

Buy My Weed Online vs. SQDC : Promotions

While a good price can certainly close a deal, so can a great promotion or a great deal. Additionally, when it comes to online cannabis dispensaries, not every store offers promotions. However, the ones that do offer such deals can easily win the competition.

Looking first at BMWO, we were pleasantly surprised. Their website has a whole segment devoted only to promotions, where you can find their latest deals and discounts. BMWO requires all their purchasers to register with them by creating an account. Then, they reward their loyal customers by offering them points on each purchase, which can be redeemed for exciting prizes. Additionally, there are numerous surprise giveaways on random purchases, as well as numerous discounts and vouchers for newcomers or if you refer them to a friend. The icing on the cake, however, is their monthly prize draw which gives away upto $3000 worth of products every month.

Unfortunately, while SQDC also requires you to register an account, nothing of this sort was found on their dispensary. There were no discounts, deals, vouchers or any other type of incentives present on their website. As a result, BMWO took the win again with their promotions and great deals.

Buy My Weed Online vs. SQDC : Shipping & Customer Service

The last factors which we will be looking at are customer service and shipping. While both dispensaries ship the majority of their products through Canada Post’s Express shipping, the quality of their deliveries matters. Buy My Weed Online offers free shipping on all orders above $99- and one-day delivery all over the country. Additionally, they put in a lot of efforts to make sure that their product is packaged safely and securely in plain and smell proof packaging.

While SQDC also uses Canada Post, they only offer express shipping to customers based in Montreal and some other areas in Quebec. This means that people who do not live in these areas will not be able to benefit from this service. Additionally, they do not offer free shipping, or have provided any information on how their products will be packaged.

As a result, the better choice for all your marijuana needs is clearly Buy My Weed Online.