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Water Bubbler Attachment for Herbva X


  • Water Bubbler Vaporizer for herbva X

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Airistech Water Bubbler for Herbva X Vaporizer.

The Airistech Herbva X water bubbler attachment is a really cool add-on for your vape pen. It attaches directly over the standard mouthpiece. At the very bottom of the standard mouthpiece there is a rubber grommet where it connects to the vape body; this little piece of rubber is what holds the water bubbler firmly in place over the mouthpiece.

One great thing about using the water bubbler attachment is that it will help cool down the vapor. Because the vapor is cooler when you inhale, it will taste smoother and be easier on your throat.

How to use the Airistech Water Bubbler

  1. You need to fill the bubbler with water. Purified water is recommended so that you do not get any of the nasty flavors from tap water contaminating your vapor.  Make sure you fill the chamber with water just past the submerge point. DO NOT over fill the bubbler. If you over fill it then there is a good chance that you will get water in your mouth when you vape with it.
  2. You need to turn on the Herbva X vaporizer. To do this push down on the “On” switch five times in a row. When it is on you can select your heat setting by pushing the “On” switch once.  To heat up the chamber all you need to do is hold down that same switch.


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