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800mg THC Watermelon Flavour Rosebud – SeC

5.00 out of 5
2 customer reviews

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    • These Rosebuds are some of the best buds you will ever have!

Before you wake up and smell the roses, you’ve been warned.

These fierce flowers come equipped with 800mg of THC and a wonderful watermelon flavour!

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About 800mg THC Watermelon Flavour Rosebud - SeC

SeC uses solvent-free THC Distillate, lab testing at no lower than 85% Delta 9 THC. The lack of impurities/residues left behind by solvents like butane, propane, CO2, & alcohol allows for a pure, clean, & effective high that comes in the convenient and great tasting form of any SeC infused gummy treat.

All of the gummies by SeC are made with organic raw cane sugar and natural ingredients, as well as hand-crafted by their talented team of cooks, making every gummy visually unique and consistently delicious.

All of their infused gummy treats should be kept in their sealed packages and stored in a cool, dry place.

Ingredients: organic raw cane sugar, glucose syrup, water, gelatin, citric acid, organic virgin coconut oil,  natural & artificial flavour, colouring.

*Please be advised that due to circumstances that are out of our control, due to the warmer weather during summer, We are not liable should product melt during transport, this does not change or decrease product potency or effect.

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  • 5 Star Review  Great product I regularly order. Good buzz, just a bit of a crap shoot as to how much you... read more

    800mg THC Watermelon Flavour Rosebud - SeC Image
    800mg THC Watermelon Flavour Rosebud - SeC
    thumbLaurie Forbes
    December 19, 2021

    5 Star Review  Good product! Slightly sugary but the taste is very mild. Gives you a good kick in the end! Took about... read more

    800mg THC Watermelon Flavour Rosebud - SeC Image
    800mg THC Watermelon Flavour Rosebud - SeC
    thumbBrett Kroeger
    August 16, 2021
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800mg THC Watermelon Flavour Rosebud - SeC