Buy My Weed Online vs. Pot Cargo

Ever since recreational marijuana has been legalized, the online mail order industry has been booming in Canada. More and more people are purchasing cannabis from online dispensaries every day. As a result of this increased demand, there has been an even bigger increase in supply, making it extremely easy for anyone to buy their weed online.

However, due to this boom, the market has seen a lot of new online dispensaries opening up. While this means that even more Canadians today are able to get their favorite strains and accessories delivered to them on their doorsteps, there is a problem. As more and more suppliers are coming into the market, they are all bringing in newer varieties as well. This increase in supply has resulted in one major problem: too much choice. Customers and marijuana enthusiasts today do not know which way to turn, which online store to order from, and what to order.

While these questions surely are tough to answer, luckily they all do have an answer. And that is where we come in. Our mission is simple. We aim to provide cannabis users all over Canada with relevant advice by comparing the many online weed dispensaries that have opened up.

Today, we will be doing a detailed comparison of two leading online cannabis stores: Buy MY Weed Online which is arguably one of the oldest dispensaries in business, with Pot Cargo, a much newer dispensary. We will be looking at many features, including their product range, quality, prices, and customer service options, and providing you with enough information about both to let you know exactly what to expect from each one.

Can the newbie hold up to the old-hand? Let’s find out!

Buy My Weed Online vs. Pot Cargo : Product Range

Both Buy MY Weed Online and Pot Cargo are essentially online dispensaries that sell recreational cannabis and related products. This means that visitors to their sites will find that they both stock numerous varieties of cannabis flower, concentrates, and edibles. But this is where the similarities between online weed dispensaries usually comes to an end. All such stores tend to have their own unique varieties and selections. In order to figure out which store is better, we need to take a closer look at their products.

Looking first at Pot Cargo, we see that their selection is based on numerous varieties of Flowers, Dried buds, concentrates and Edibles. For the ease of their customers, they have included a filter system with five different categories so that people can directly jump to what they want. These categories include Savita’s, Tropicals, and Indica’s. As a whole, the entire flower range at Pot Cargo consists of 50 different strains, but quite a few seemed to be out of stock.

On the other hand at Buy My Weed Online, we can see they stock an amazing selection of more than 80 premium strains of cannabis flower. Not only this, all their weed is graded AAAA+ to ensure complete satisfaction. This is not surprising at all, considering BMWO is one of the oldest and most quality centric dispensaries operating in Canada today. Some of BMWO’s bestselling AAAAA products include Ghost Bubba, Gold Kush, and Blueberry Pie.

Something else that both sites stock are concentrates. Here too, we feel that BMWO has the upper hand as their website stocks more than 60 brands of hash, tinctures, budder and shatter. At Pot Cargo disappointingly, there are only 3 different hash varieties available.

Moving on to edibles, we once again see that Pot Cargo’s collection of 30 different brands of gummies, edible oils and chocolates is much smaller than that of BMWO’s.

BMWO has more than 40 different brands available in its edibles section, along with a completely different section for edible oils.

Lastly, we simply love BMWO because their site also stocks numerous accessories which nearly every marijuana user needs. These include 100+ brands, designs and variants of numerous pipes, bongs, lighters and rolling papers. Unfortunately, despite being a weed dispensary, Pot Cargo does not store any of these items.

As a result in terms of product selection, we find that Buy My Weed Online is a superior Cannabis dispensary than Pot Cargo

Buy My Weed Online vs. Pot Cargo : Product Quality – What Users Say

An integral part of our comparison has always been to listen to and figure out what actual customers think and what their experiences were like. This lets us know about what the actual quality of the products is, and ensures that our comparison remains as unbiased as possible.

Looking first at Pot Cargo, we were extremely surprised. Because, despite an intensive overview of their entire site, we were unable to find any such mechanism for their customers to deliver their feedback at all. None of their products had a rating system, not could their customers give reviews after they had made a purchase. This, in our expert opinion, is a shame, as well as a questionable business tactic.

However, at BMWO, we see a rating and review system in place for each product. This means that purchasers can come back to give each item between one to five stars and also let other people know exactly what they thought about it. Scrolling through their products we see many with 5/5 ratings and glowing reviews which lets us know that the team behind BMWO is highly dedicated towards providing their customers with the best quality products.

One review of their classic Alpha OG Kush read
“I was extremely satisfied with ALPHA OG! It’s a heavy hitter, though! Excellent product and excellent customer service! This site is highly recommended!”

Buy My Weed Online vs. Pot Cargo : Pricing

For a majority of marijuana users, the number of strains or the experiences of previous consumers do not matter a lot when the deciding factor tends to be the prices. Similarly, it is equally important for these online dispensaries to keep their prices competitive. So let us look at both BMWO and Pot Cargo’s prices.

Perhaps the first thing that we see at Pot Cargo is that they have a minimum order limit of $99. This, in our opinion, is not a good thing since many people are still unsure about ordering weed online and only want to place smaller orders to test this out. At BMWO however, there is no such minimum order limit, which is great for both newcomers and experienced marijuana users.

Comparing both store’s per oz prices we see that Pot Cargo tends to be slightly cheaper than BMWO. Their average prices are
Pot Cargo: $165 – $180
BMWO: $180 – $200

However, you would do well to remember one does not have any assurance about quality if they purchase from Pot Cargo, and hence our recommendation once again, is BMWO.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Pot Cargo : Promotions

One additional way of getting more people to your website is by offering promotions and deals. This is applicable to online weed dispensaries as well. Thus, we will now be comparing the types of deals which you can find at BMWO and Pot Cargo.

Beginning with Pot Cargo, we see that a lot of thir are on sale, where people can save between $60 and $5 on various products. This appears suspiciously as an attempt to make their high prices appear more reasonable. Additionally, they also have a few ounce deals where they offer bulk discounts to people who purchase in such quantities.

However, looking at BMWO, we were surprised. They have a whole section on their site dedicated solely to promotions, where their latest and most lucrative deals are displayed. We see that BMWO just love giving away discounts and freebies on nearly every order. From an attractive 10% off at your first order, to freebies between 3 and 7 grams of product, and up to 25% off on larger purchases. In addition, they also have flash sales, free gifts and a full fledged loyalty program in which people can earn redeemable points with every dollar spent. On top of all this, they also have an incredible monthly prize draw where they give away $3000 worth of gifts, products and store credit!

After comparing both sites, we have to say that customers can avail more benefits and discounts if they choose to purchase from Buy My Weed Online.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Pot Cargo : Shipping & Customer Service

Coming to the last part of our comparison, we will look at the customer service and shipping options both dispensaries offer. Having an efficient delivery mechanism, and effective communication with your customers is extremely important for all online marijuana dispensaries.

Looking first at the customer support features, we see that both websites have an extensive FAQ section, which deals with most of the questions that people may have. However, this is where the similarity ends. In case of further queries, customers at Pot Cargo are given an email address where they can register their complaints and comments with the team. However, at BMWO, users can find one such email address, a 24/7 live chat feature, a link to their twitter (which is extremely responsive) and even a comment box. This shows that BMWO truly care about their client’s satisfaction.

Lastly, we look at the shipping options used by both sites. Primarily, both stores make use of Canada Post’s Express post options to deliver all over the country. However, we see that Pot Cargo do not deliver to certain parts of Northern Quebec, while BMWO proudly caters to customers in all parts of the country. On top of this, they also offer free delivery on all orders above $99!

At the end of the day, if you’re looking to buy weed online in Canada, it’s best to choose BMWO. Not only do they have the most premium quality marijuana at the amazing prices, they offer countless promotions and are extremely customer-friendly! So what are you waiting for? Order today and enjoy an amazing high!