Buy My Weed Online vs. PEI Cannabis

The mail order marijuana business is booming in Canada and with recreational cannabis being legalized both online dispensaries as well as customers are at benefit. The number of dispensaries has also been increasing, with new ones emerging every day to cater to the huge population of marijuana enthusiasts across the country. Today we will be reviewing two popular online dispensaries in Canada, Buy My Weed Online and PEI Cannabis

Since ordering weed online means getting it at your doorstep without any hassle, an ever-increasing number of people are choosing this convenient method of getting high. However, this insane rush in business has led to a problem.

With so many options in the market, customers are having a difficult time choosing the right dispensary to order from. Even for old hands who’ve been ordering since ages, the huge number of dispensaries out there means it can be quite confusing. For a newbie, it can be even more overwhelming!

Variety is just one of the issues, another major problem is that of trust. Not all of the new dispensaries out there are selling the quality they claim. Some are out there just to take advantage of unsuspecting customers. In a situation like this, an expert opinion is what customers new and old alike need – and that is exactly what we want to provide.

Which is why today we will be comparing Buy My weed Online and PEI Cannabis in terms of their product range, the quality of their products, their pricing and promotions, and finally their customer service. We will do all this so that you don’t have to!

So, let’s light up and get to business!

Buy My Weed Online vs. PEI Cannabis : Product Range

Both Buy My Weed Online and PEI cannabis are major cannabis dispensaries selling Sativa, Indica and hybrid cannabis strains. Along with these, both the dispensaries also offer a good stock of other products such as accessories, edibles, and concentrates. However, this is where the similarities end.

Starting with PEI Cannabis, it is important to know that it is a dispensary that is owned and operated by the Government of Prince Edward Island. However, the site has a lot to offer to its customers starting from a wide range of about 110 dried flowers to choose from. There is a good variety of indicas and sativas along with different kinds of hybrid strains available as well.

On the downside, most of these strains are obscure, less common varieties so we suggest that you gather some information about them before ordering. PEI Cannabis stocks very few among the mainstream and popular strains which are usually in high demand.

As one of the oldest and most well-established online sites for marijuana, Buy My Weed Online does not have this problem. Rather, they’ve made a name for themselves among customers for stocking only the best selection of weed available in the market. BMWO offers a variety of over 60 different premium sativas and indicas to choose from, for example Purple Kush, OG Kush , Super Lemon Haze – all graded AAAA+ for the customers pleasure.

Coming towards the concentrates section, BMWO is a winner here as well with a well stocked inventory of more than 65 different products including budders, shatters and tons of oils. Everything from CBD isolates and pure terp sauces and to imported hash and live rosins are stocked for the customers. PEI Cannabis on the other hand have only 4 concentrates available on their site.

When it comes to accessories, again Buy My Weed Online comes out on top when compared to only 19 accessories offered by PEI Cannabis. They have the most extensive variety of more than 600 products consisting of rolling papers, vapes, bath bombs, lighters and so much more.

Buy My Weed Online vs. PEI Cannabis : Product Quality – What Users Say

After comparing the product range of both the dispensaries, next we will be looking at the quality of those products. To determine which dispensary provides the best quality bud, we will be looking at customer reviews on each site. This way, we will get totally honest opinions about product quality, and will find out exactly what their customers feel.

BMWO has a 5-star rating system on their site where almost all of their products have an excellent 4/5 stars rating, indicating that their customers are very happy with their choice. Their review sections are also full of amazing comments about their products.

A review for BMWO’s Skywalker OG read: “Amazing high, amazing quality. Will definitely be back for more!”

Talking about PEI Cannabis, the dispensary unfortunately lacks any ratings or review feature on their site. This is quite a disadvantage as people usually prefer to look at the reviews before purchasing anything and a lack of review section will make customers doubt the site and prefer other places.

Considering that Buy My Weed Online is clearing showing an evidence of good quality in the form of their reviews which PEI Cannabis lacks, our personal preference would be inclined towards BMWO as well.

Buy My Weed Online vs. PEI Cannabis : Pricing

The next criteria of our comparison is a critical one and can give an upper hand to anyone of the two dispensaries. In our experience, a majority of customers prefer to buy cannabis on the basis of price rather than quality and many of them choose a dispensary solely on this base regardless of the product quality or the range.

Before we look at the prices on both sites, however, let’s take a look at how much you can order. Buy My Weed Online offers their customers the facility to buy in grams or ounces of different ranges while you cannot do the same at PEI Cannabis. Their maximum order limit is at 30g and this is quite inconvenient for smokers looking to buy in bulk.

Here are comparing the average price of flowers on both the sites to compare them:
Average Price for 1oz of Cannabis buds:
PEI Cannabis: $200 – $250
BMWO: $160-$190

As we can see, despite ranking lower in the previous two criteria, PEI Cannabis is still more expensive than Buy My Weed Online.

Buy My Weed Online vs. PEI Cannabis : Promotions

Our next criteria for comparing the two dispensaries is a customer favorite – yes, we are talking about promotions, discounts, and deals. Discounts give a huge boost to any dispensary so let’s compare BMWO and PEI Cannabis and see how they fare.

PEI Cannabis offers a discount starting from $3 up to $10 on few of their products on temporary or permanent basis. Apart from this, they have no other promotions or deals for their customers.

Unfortunately, this is no match compared to what BMWO has to offer. With a dedicated promotions section on their site, BMWO offers around 12 different promotions for their customers anytime of the week.

The highest offer you can get at BMWO is a 25% off on many of their products but that’s not all you are getting. They also have a special loyalty program where you can get different amazing offers daily. To top all of this, they have monthly prize draw where they giveaway prizes and store credit worth $3000 every month!

It is clear that Buy My Weed Online is dispensary that truly puts their customers first!

Buy My Weed Online vs. PEI Cannabis : Shipping & Customer Service

Finally, after comparing the product ranges, pricing, promotional deals and quality, the last thing left to compare is the customer service and shipping facilities offered by both Buy My Weed Online and PEI Cannabis.

Buy My Weed Online and PEI Cannabis both use Canada Post Express Delivery to ship, but PEI Cannabis also offers the option of delivering via Purolator. However PEI Cannabis only delivers in Prince Edward Island.

Buy My Weed Online on the other hand delivers all over Canada with a shipping rate of $15. Also, on orders above $99, they have another special offer of free shipping. Adding to this, they have no restriction of any minimum or maximum order limits.

Coming to customer service, Buy My Weed Online again has an upper hand over PEI Cannabis. Their website has an amazing 24 hours live-chat service available to assist customers cannabis related questions or delivery inquiry. PEI Cannabis doesn’t even have an FAQ section, let alone such a service.

Considering all of the above, it is quite evident that Buy My Weed Online is definitely the better choice of the two!