Miss Envy

If you need premium quality medicinal cannabis products, then Miss Envy is the brand for you. Miss Envy Botanicals focuses on manufacturing completely organic cannabis products for MMAR/MMPR patients, all natural and handmade with love!

About Miss Envy

The Miss Envy journey began in 2013, as a budding idea that started to expand. Why not combine the natural ingredients the world has to offer to provide a holistic relief?

A brand that initiated in a Vancouver dispensary market, Miss Envy has spread across Canada, continuing to strive towards creating luxurious, organic body products. From topical balms to culinary products, intimate options and holistic CBD infusions, they’ve expanded their horizons beyond the West coast and there’s no telling how far they can go.

It began with the Buddha Buddah, an all-natural cream with a tantalizing aroma that provided relief to the mind, body and soul, hydrating pain relief and psychoactive effects. This went on to become a number one best-selling infused topical aid in Canada!

Then followed the Buddha Bar, another success. This growing line of Miss Envy Botanical treatments focus on simplicity to rejuvenate one’s life, inside and out.

Miss Envy Products

Miss Envy offers a line of delectable products for your different tastes, all made with love!
Edible products
Their culinary products include their all-natural and organic coconut and olive oil, all lab-tested with THC infusions. The infused oil base makes for a unique experience based on one’s own taste and dietary needs, while offering extended pain relief, whatever the ailment.
To suit your morse intimate needs, Miss Envy’s organic massage oil and lubricants are all organic and perfect for the sensual experience you’re looking for.
Everyone loves their pets and want to treat them with the best. Miss Envy’s CBD products have expanded to cater to pets, allowing you to treat them with 100% organic, gluten, grain and soy free treats!

For the picky eaters, they have introduced an alternative to the CBD treats that you can add to your pet’s meal – the Canna9 CBD pet supplements. This product won’t cause any psychoactive effects and they’re made with the best ingredients for your furry friends!

Miss Envy Quality

Well-renowned in Canada, Miss Envy uses superior CBD based products only. Everyday routines can be made better with CBD capsules, relief can come faster with the full-spectrum solvent-free CBD oils, all easier to package.

Miss Envy is a brand dedicated to creating products suited to their clients by following feedback and innovation.

These puff free products are unique in the way that they offer clean, organic infusions in a variety of concentrations that are suited to an individual’s unique needs.

They use an MCT base for bioavailability, the infusions have shown positive effects on the metabolism alongside the relief that comes with the cannabis extractions.