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Live Resin

Rosin hash is a highly concentrated product produced by exposing hash to high heat and pressure to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes contained in the original plant. As a result, the product has a high concentration of THC, far more than any ordinary cannabis flower product.

Rosin hash has become extremely popular among the cannabis community and continues to gain new followers daily. 

What is Rosin?

Rosin hash is a sticky substance produced by applying low heat and high pressure to certain types of plants, mainly from the cannabis family. DIY-ers use a hair straightener to turn a cannabis plant into rosin suitable for dabbing. 

The heat and pressure squeeze the plant’s terpenes and cannabinoids from the trichome glands. Therefore, the amount of pressure and heat determine most of the properties of the rosin hash, such as consistency, colouring, and visual appeal. 

Full spectrum hash rosin maintains the entire profile of the original cannabis plant. This means keeping all the original terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, sterols, phenols, and proteins. Rosin production didn’t come into the picture until 2015. However, it quickly gained traction, and its production became widespread.

What is live resin

This particular concentrate is called ‘Live’ Resin because it is prepared from fresh, live marijuana plants instead of dried or cured leaves and flowers.

Fresh flower buds and leaves are flash-frozen to help retain most of the cannabinoids as well as the terpenes and flavour of the original plant. As a result, live Resin is much more flavourful and aromatic than other concentrates.

The flash-freezing process locks in terpenes, the essential oils that give each cannabis strain its specific smell, and changes the experience for each user. Live resin is found in various forms and colours. Still, its most distinctive characteristic will always be its fresh, strong, pungent smell resulting from all those terpenes that have been effectively extracted from the live plant.

Resin vs Rosin

While most people (and even some dispensaries!) may use the terms Rosin and Resin interchangeably, we believe we have to educate our customers as one of the top dispensaries in Canada. Resin and Rosin are two very distinct types of concentrate, each extracted using a particular method and for a specific purpose.

Live Resin is extracted using a flash-freezing method to help lock in terpenes along with cannabinoids to deliver an intense, flavourful and aromatic experience to the user. On the other hand, Rosin is extracted using high temperatures and pressure to create powerful concentrate products that resemble shatter in colour and consistency.

It is a solvent-less process often seen as a replacement for shatter production. While both Live Resin and Rosin are incredibly potent and powerful, now you know that the two are quite different in colour, composition, and extraction method and how they affect the user.

Hash Rosin Takes the Market

Since 2015, improvements have permitted the production of many types of rosin, some of which do not involve hash. In addition, commercial producers now use rosin presses capable of generating all kinds of different rosin products, and the yields make it highly profitable.

A rosin press has two huge metal surfaces that press down on the plant material and squeeze out all the valuable rosin, which can then be processed into marketable products. The end product of this process routinely contains 69% THC. Some rosins have as much as 90% THC! A good cannabis flower might contain a high end of 30% THC.

This contributes significantly to the overwhelming popularity of hash rosin and all the other rosin types generated by the process. Furthermore, a finished rosin product is free of all solvents and can be consumed immediately. On top of that, producing rosin is legal in any state where cannabis is legal, which means it is accessible to anyone willing to invest in a few simple materials to experiment.

Hash Rosin Against Other Products

It can be challenging to judge the quality of any hash rosin by appearances alone because it’s usually necessary to know what production methods were used to create it. However, consistency is one of the more useful indicators of good quality in a rosin product.

The various types of consistencies are achieved by using warm or cold curing methods, the balance of terpenes to cannabinoids, moisture content, and extraction temperature. These factors will produce consistencies ranging from creamy looking to glassy or greasy.

High-quality rosin can have several different consistencies, so you should also consider dosing, packaging, aesthetics, and ease of use when looking for great rosins.

Simply consuming just a little bit of rosin will always go a long way, so it’s unnecessary to use much to achieve the desired effect. It can be smoked in a glass bowl, either with flower or without, and it can be vaped using a concentrate pen. However, the most popular method of

Types of Rosin

Some of the many types of rosin on the market today include flower rosin, live rosin, and hash rosin. Flower rosin is extracted from dried cannabis flowers using a heating process between 215 and 230 degrees Fahrenheit. The flowers are broken down into manageable buds and packed into bags before extraction. 

After pressing, several oils, lipids, terpenes, cannabinoids, and fats are released, with the terpenes and cannabinoids being further processed into marketable products.

Live rosin is all the rage in the cannabis community because it consistently has the purest form of extract available. That’s because a sifting process occurs during production, concentrating the result into smaller, high-quality yields. So naturally, this is also the most expensive form of rosin on the market.

Hash rosin is the one form of rosin that is most popular worldwide today, partly because of its ease of production, consistent quality, and solvent-free nature. These qualities appeal to a broad audience of consumers, which accounts for its continuing popularity.

DIY Solventless Rosin

Many consumers are somewhat averse to using hash rosins and other rosins produced using solvents like butane or propane and prefer products generated without solvents. There are many ways to make such products, and here are some of the most popular methods used today:


This is a popular production method because it can be accomplished by anyone in their home, using just a few simple tools and implements such as a hair dryer, a flat press, and a few other utensils.

The manual process involves flattening the hash plant with your hands and putting it into a rosin bag. Set the press or hair dryer temperature to the desired setting and place the hash between layers of parchment paper. 

Press it until you begin to hear sizzling, and then check to see if oil is being issued. Then use a dabber to collect the rosin produced, store it for future use, or consume it on the spot.


The press can generate pressures up to 20,000 lbs. per square inch, which is a considerable amount of stress. However, it uses a hydraulic cylinder, and since it has two huge surfaces, you can produce more rosin.

Surprisingly, the hydraulic press is highly cost-effective, so it is well worth using the hydraulic method if you have a large-scale operation. On top of that, the press doesn’t cost much to install and set up.


The pneumatic press uses pressurized air to produce rosin, although it’s not nearly as powerful as its big brother, the hydraulic press. By comparison, the pneumatic press can only generate a maximum of 2,000 lbs. of pressure per square inch. However, this is still totally adequate for producing high-quality rosin on demand.

One of the significant benefits of using a pneumatic press is that it produces smaller batches, and quality control is much easier to implement. In addition, because more of the production variables can be controlled to a greater extent, the resulting quality of the product tends to be higher.

Setting up a pneumatic press can be expensive, but once you have it in place, you can count on consistently high-quality rosin yields.


These are the newest entries into the rosin production market, rapidly gaining traction among producers. One of the biggest reasons for their surging popularity is their simplicity of usage – all you need is an electrical outlet and the press to begin production. 

They are also quiet, compact, and portable, essential qualities in a rosin production press. They can also be run for up to eight or ten hours at a time with total confidence, and that’s another feature that endears them to producers.

What Does the Color Mean?

Three primary factors can heavily influence hash rosin’s colour: the temperature pressing, the material quality, and the plant material’s freshness. Good quality rosin will typically have a golden yellow appearance, with noticeable brightness and fairly good transparency. 

Of the affecting factors, the most important is the quality of the material being used. When we say quality, we mean the material density, the terpene profile, trichome density, and the level of cannabinoid content. Given the importance of material quality, it might be said that input quality will be roughly equivalent to output quality.

Rosin colour will also be heavily impacted by the freshness of the cannabis material used to produce the rosin. Regardless of the type of cannabis used, it will degrade over time, altering the cannabinoid profile. This means the best time to start producing rosin is immediately after the cannabis has been dried and cured. 

That leaves little time for oxidation, and the cannabinoid profile will be completely intact. Terpenes will also be preserved in a high-quality state, appearing in the final product. There are cases, however, where some older cannabis plant material can be used and then cured extensively to produce a high-quality rosin product.

That leaves only the temperature as a factor impacting rosin colour. However, when rosin is subjected to high temperature for too long, it can seriously darken the colour of the resulting product and will cause a reduction of terpene content. 

The overall yield may be higher, but you will have suffered a loss of quality that could have been avoided with better temperature control. For hash rosin production, temperatures should be maintained between 165 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Anything above that threshold will begin to cause deterioration of the terpene content, with consequent loss of quality.

What to Watch Out for When Buying Rosin Hash?

Not all resin and rosin are created equal. It’s best to remember that there are things to consider before making the purchase. It’s necessary to take precautionary measures to avoid falling victim to subpar products.

Know the quality of hash rosins and buy from a trusted and reliable dispensary. Know what you need and what you want. Figure out what you need and what you want. 

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The Rundown

Hash rosin has quickly become extremely popular in the cannabis community for several reasons. First, it is produced rapidly, making it accessible to home and commercial producers. It generates a THC-rich product far more potent than any cannabis flower you might buy. It’s also free of all solvents, so it’s one of the healthiest choices you can make when purchasing cannabis products.

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Runtz Product Reviews

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  2. Live Resin
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