Buy My Weed Online vs. Kush Station

Ever since marijuana has been legalized, more and more Canadians have started purchasing it online. Looking at this boom in the market, a lot of online mail order marijuana websites are being set up everyday. Buy My Weed Online and Kush Station are two examples of high quality online marijuana providers in the country.

As the number of people looking to buy recreational marijuana online has increased, more stores have opened up and the market has started to get saturated. This presents a major question for the consumers; who is the best amongst all these providers?
New and experienced users of weed alike are find the sheer amount of choice confusing and frustrating. Some questions that come to mind include which online store to trust and which place will provide the highest quality.
Luckily, all of these questions have an answer, and you will find them here. We are here to help you, by providing expert advice to cannabis enthusiasts all over the country by comparing the leading online weed stores in Canada. Once you’re through this article, we hope to have made your decision making, purchasing journey and your joints as smooth as possible.
Below, you’ll find a comparison between Kush Station and Buy My Weed Online. We will be looking at a few features of both websites to do our comparison, such as their product range, quality, prices, promotions, and their customer service options. Let’s light up and dive in!

Buy My Weed Online vs. Kush Station : Product Range

To begin with, we will look at the range of products being sold on Buy My Weed Online and Kush Station. Both businesses essentially sell all kinds of weed and related products, and hence, they mostly focus on the categories of cannabis, concentrates, edibles as well as other accessories. But the differences come in with the variety and other features on certain items on offer from both platforms.

Looking first at Kush Station, we see that they have around 200 strains of cannabis flower available on their site. The website also has the option of sorting the strains on the basis of popularity, average rating, freshness and price. However, the big problem is that quite a lot of these are out of stock and a majority are lesser known varieties. The BMWO website on the other hand, stocks more than 80 premium strains of weed, all graded AAAA+ for the ultimate experience. The website also has the option of sorting and browsing through the selection based on their rating, price and AAAA grade.

Moving on to concentrates, edibles and vape pens, both sites appear to have a decent selection, but BMWO has higher quality, better brands and upper scale varieties, which can easily be identified by seasoned consumers.

Where BMWO truly stands out, however, is in the accessories section where BMWO has more than 600 different kinds of accessories available such as mini-bongs, lighters, silicone pipes, lighters and other tools and attachments for even the craziest of all weed lovers. Not only this, they even have all kinds of cannabis infused self and pet-care products such as bathbombs, creams and tinctures!
Sadly, Kush Station does not provide any accessories which puts it miles behind BMWO in terms of product variety.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Kush Station : Product Quality – What Users Say

Another very important part of our comparison is to look at what actual customers of the site think and feel about the products that they have purchased. This helps us get a neutral, critical analysis of the type and quality of products which you can expect at both dispensaries.

Deciding to look at BMWO first this time, we received a very nice surprise. We were able to see that the site included a rating and review system for each of their products. Using these, we were very pleased to see that they had mostly full 5/5 stars ratings which indicate many satisfied customers and also tell us about BMWO’s commitment towards quality.

This is hardly a surprise considering that BMWO has literally been around forever. They’re one or the oldest dispensaries in Canada being one of the first dispensaries to open in the country.

Even though Kush station also has a fully developed review system in place, it doesn’t seem like it can be trusted. This is because despite having loads of negative, 1 or 2 star reviews that we can observe manually, the average rating of nearly all the products remained high and above 4 stars. This hardly seems like a glitch and seems more like a deliberate attempt to overstate their product quality.

However, what we can definitely say is that this is shady and questionable, and hence, it is better to purchase from BMWO.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Kush Station : Pricing

Now coming to the most important variable when choosing which option to go for, pricing. An extremely imperative factor for any marijuana consumer, pricing is the ultimate decision maker for most consumers.

Looking at their price points per ounce, we were able to see that Kush Station’s prices were fairly more expensive than that of BMWO’s.

The prices at both dispensaries are:

Kush Station: $200 – $240
BMWO: $180 – 210

We were quite surprised to see that nearly every product is overpriced at Kush Station. Whereas at BMWO, we see that a majority of the products are more reasonably priced.

Additionally, another important thing to highlight that Kush station does not stock any of the lower priced variants. Even if you try to purchase a lower quantity, the site frequently directs you to ran-out-of-stock page, and instead offers to sell you a higher quantity pack of the same item. This in our opinion is an extremely questionable business tactic.

As a result, the better choice is clearly BMWO.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Kush Station : Promotions

While pricing truly is the main decision maker in marijuana purchases, additional promotions and offers truly attract anyone and everyone since they always make the products more economical and both BMWO and Kush Station have their respective promotions.

Kush Station has very basic level promotions such as a $10 discount on certain items, which are seemingly those with average to low ratings or those items which aren’t exactly sold that much due to their relatively inferior quality. They also have their Save Big deal where for certain items, if 2 ounces are ordered, then the customer would receive a 20% discount.

BMWO on the other hand takes the game away with one of the widest variety of promotions we have ever seen. These include the welcome bonus deal where for a first order, by using a certain promo code, customers are given a 10% discount, a free 3.5 grams free and free shipping for an order $99 or more.

They also have a mix and match offer where by ordering more quantities, you can get between 10 – 25% off as well as gifts for the customer.

Most amazingly, all of these promotions are visible and available to anyone who clicks on the special promotions section on their site! if this wasn’t enough, they also offer a monthly prize draw where each month a lucky winner takes away $1500 worth of products, gifts and store credit!

If you love promotions (who doesn’t?), then Buy My Weed Online is clearly the choice for you!

Buy My Weed Online vs. Kush Station : Shipping & Customer Service

Finally, we will be comparing the shipping and customer service offered by both dispensaries as it is crucial to see how well these distributors treat their customers.

Talking about deliveries first, both dispensaries use Canada Post’s Xpresspost to deliver all over the country and charge a flat $15 shipping fee unless the order is over $99.

Both platforms have a well-defined FAQs section with many necessary queries being answered, and both of them have a customized message option to ask regarding any query or concern. However, BMWO again takes the lead here with their innovative and extremely customer friendly 24/7 live chat feature that customers can use to talk to the experts about all their problems and concerns.

BMWO also offers the additional facility of helping the customer if the shipment hasn’t arrived by first staying in contact with Canada Post and if the item(s) is considered irrecoverable then BMWO compensates them by sending a replacement package of up to worth $500 of the value of the order without any charges.

At the end of the day, after weighing in all factors and making the final decision, BMWO seems to have blown us away considering their wide variety of high quality products along with the unlimited stock of accessories, cheaper rates and availability of low priced products, countless promotions and offers and incredible customer service.

All in all, if you’re looking for a one-stop solution for all your mail order marijuana needs, Buy My Weed Online is the place for you!