Based out of Vancouver, BC, FeelCBD is a top-end cannabis extract supplier. Their mission is to provide cannabis enthusiasts across Canada with the benefits of small-batch, hemp-derived full spectrum CBD and plant-based essential oils. Each FeelCBD product is carefully designed to create wellness experiences that enhance their user’s quality of life.

About FeelCBD

Do you need a break? Looking to cut through all the constant noise and clutter in your head? Do you want to just focus and get down to some serious thinking and work? That’s where FeelCBD products can help.

Remember that blog article you have been planning to write, the book bought ages ago but never found the time to pick up, or your kitchen that you’ve been meaning to clean. FeelCBD can help you do all that and more.

By using a FeelCBD distillate or vape pen, you can literally inhale peace and exhale serenity. Say goodbye to all those pangs of anxiety and give your brain and focus a gentle lift.

All of FeelCBD products contain a soothing blend of CBD and essential oils – just what you need to center your mind and body, and conquer the task at hand.

FeelCBD Products

FeelCBD is a brand that believes in creating products that only contain natural ingredients. This is the reason they make all their products in small, limited batches. No corporate warehouse or production line here – each one of their products is crafted with love and care.

FeelCBD is famous for their Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil. They make sure their oil is ultra pure and potent by extracting it through an innovative process called Supercritical CO2 Extraction.

This same attention to quality continues with their entire product line. FeelCBD vape pens are designed and made with state-of-the-art, premium manufacturing hardware. These pens are rechargeable and come with ceramic cores that ensure clean and consistent pulls. Their advanced heating system ensures that the ceramic cores are heated evenly and give you a crisp and consistent vape experience with each draw. Each FeelCBD vape pen comes calibrated to a low temperature. This helps with discrete use and to optimize the activation of cannabinoid and terpene content in the vape.

FeelCBD only uses natural ingredients in all of their products. For example, only the purest full spectrum CBD, coconut oil, essential oils and the highest quality organic hemp CBD oil are used in their vape oils. In fact, all of their products are designed to be easy to use and ideal for beginners or microdosers.

FeelCBD Quality

When you buy a FeelCBD product, you can rest assured that it will be the best quality you will get. All FeelCBD vapes undergo rigorous heavy metal testing as per California Standards which just happen to be the toughest standards in the world currently. Also, each proprietary device is designed to never heat the oil above 200°F. Why? To avoid any harmful carcinogens so that you can enjoy the benefits of full spectrum CBD completely worry-free.

What’s more, all FeelCBD vape pens, pen cartridges and pen batteries come with a 15-day replacement guarantee from the date of purchase!