Buy My Weed Online vs. Cannabis NL

Ever since the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada, more and more Canadians have taken to having their favorite strains being delivered to their doorsteps. This boom in the industry is resulting in more and more online dispensaries opening up everyday. Buy My Weed Online and Cannabis NL are two such mail order marijuana dispensaries in the country.

The reason behind this surge in new online dispensaries is simple – an increase in the demand to buy cannabis online. However, for people looking to purchase, this presents a major problem. There are too many dispensaries with too many different strains and varieties to choose from.
Both new and experienced consumers of marijuana alike find this influx of choices confusing and bewildering. Some of the questions that come to mind include which online dispensary to trust and which place will provide the best quality weed.

Luckily, you do not have to worry about those questions anymore since we’ll be answering them here. We have a simple mission – to provide expert advice to cannabis users across the country by comparing the leading online weed shops in Canada. Once you are through this article, we hope that you will enjoy as smooth a decision making and purchasing journey as possible.

Below, you will find a comparison between Cannabis NL and Buy My Weed Online. We will be basing our review on a few metrics including product range, product quality, pricing, promotions, and customer service. So, without further ado, lets dive right into it.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Cannabis NL : Product Range

To begin, we will look at the range of products being sold on Buy My Weed Online and Cannabis NL. Both websites essentially are cannabis dispensaries, and hence, the majority of their products fall within the categories of cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles and numerous other accessories. However, the product range on both websites is highly different, and thus, we will be critically examining both of them to decide which one is the best.

Beginning with Cannabis NL, we can see that they have categorized their cannabis collection into two major categories: dried flower and seeds. Further we can see that the flower category has also been divided into the ground, pre-rolled and whole flower categories for the ease of the occasional consumer of weed.

At Buy My Weed Online however, there are a total of 8 categories for you to choose from, both in terms of type and quality. This not only helps the consumer find what they need, but also develop an understanding on the type of quality they are purchasing. With an expertly developed grading system, and over 65 premium strains to choose from Buy My Weed Online can satisfy their consumers needs and concerns, as it provides only the best. Some of its highly graded, AAAAA products include Gold Kush, Ghost Bubba and Blueberry Pie.

This hardly comes as a surprise considering that while Cannabis NL is a government run dispensary, BMWO is one of the oldest companies out there and have been an integral part of the cannabis community within the country.

When it comes to concentrates, once again Cannabis NL fails to impress. The website only lists Hash, Resin and Tinctures, whereas all they have in stock is a few varieties of hash. The BMWO website on the other hand, proudly stocks and showcases over 60 different types of shatters, budder, oils and organic rosins.

Both websites also sell different sort of edibles, but here too Cannabis NL falls short of expectations. Their entire edibles collection only contains 18 varieties, while BMWO’s variety includes almost 40 unique and different types of edibles such as oils, candies and tinctures.

Next, we compare accessories for smoking and vaping. It was extremely disappointing to see that as a marijuana dispensary, Cannabis NL was not selling any accessories such as lighters, rolling papers or grinders. On the other hand, BMWO proudly stocks a wide and well-equipped selection of nearly every type of smoking and vaping accessory out there. Their inventory of over 600 products includes premium, branded rolling papers, bongs, pipes, vacuum boxes, lighters, oils, vape pens, and many personal and pet healthcare products.

In the end, we can safely conclude that Buy My Weed Online offers a wider, and more detailed selection of weed, edibles and accessories when compared to Cannabis NL.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Cannabis NL : Product Quality – What Users Say

Now that we know the different types of products being sold, it is extremely important to analyze the quality of weed provided by both sites. Since we aim to be as neutral as possible, our analysis will solely depend on what actual customers have to say about the weed being sold at BMWO and BC Cannabis. To do so, we now look at the kind of reviews both sites and their products have received.

Starting with BC Cannabis Stores, we were quite disappointed to see that there was no comment section, no reviews or rating methods, or any way at all in which they could take feedback from their consumers. This is something to look out for, especially for newer customers as you have no way of knowing whether or not the weed you ordered was actually good.

In contrast, at Buy My Weed Online, we not only see a star-based rating system, but also an option to review each product. Again, considering their heritage, it is hardly a surprise to see that almost all of their products have 5 start ratings and happy reviews. A review for their BlackBerry Kush read:
“Wonderful buzz and excellent pain relief. Lasted well past 2 hrs with only 2 bong hits. I have a high tolerance too. Best damn pot I have had in ages!”

Buy My Weed Online vs. Cannabis NL : Pricing

Since price tends to be the deciding factor for most consumers, comparing the two becomes more difficult. And since everyone looks at prices before buying, it is important for marijuana dispensaries to ensure that they remain affordable and competitive. Let’s see how Buy My Weed Online and Cannabis NL fare.

At BMWO, consumers are not faced with any maximum or minimum order limits, while at Cannabis NL, consumers can only order upto 30 grams. This is not only an inconvenience but rather can be quite frustrating for anyone wanting to purchase in larger quantities.

When it comes to pricing, it may seem like Shop Canabis NL is less expensive than BMWO. Below are the average prices for flower that they offer:

For 1oz of Cannabis Buds
Cannabis NL: $140.00 – $160.00
BMWO: $180.00 – $200.00

However, it is important to remember that there is no proper grading or reviewing system in place at Cannabis NL. So yes, while their product may seem cheaper, you do not really have much to rely on for quality.

However, when you look at BMWO’s products, you will find many reviews and ratings by many consumers, ensuring that you’ll receive a premium quality product.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Cannabis NL : Promotions

As hard as it is to give up on a chance of cheaper weed, it is even harder to walk away from a great deal. For this reason, we turn to see the promotions that the two online dispensaries are offering.
Starting with Cannabis NL, we see that they do not have any promotion strategies to talk of at all. Our extensive review of their website showed that they did not have any bonuses, freebies, or points system in place to encourage more and more people to purchase from there.

On the other hand, BMWO customers can simply not get enough of promotions. Not only do they offer up to 25% off in discounts on referrals and repeat purchases, but they also have a fully developed points system ready to track and reward your every purchase. And they round all of this up with a prize draw every single month where they give away up to $3000 worth of merchandise each month!

If that wasn’t enough, details of these deals and promos are all available under the promotions tab on the BMWO website. The last time we reviewed them, they had 12 exciting promotions available for their customers.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Cannabis NL : Shipping & Customer Service

Our final comparison criteria for Buy My Weed Online and Cannabis NL will be based on shipping and customer service. We will be comparing the shipping options and costs that both websites offer, along with the type of customer service options they have.

In order to reach customers all over Canada, both dispensaries ship through Express Delivery via Canada Post. Additionally, both dispensaries offer free shipping on orders above $99. This means that in terms of shipping, both websites have pretty much the same to offer.

When it comes to customer service however, we see that Cannabis NL has an FAQ section in place, as well as a 12-hour helpline. On the other hand, Buy My Weed Online not only have an extensive and detailed FAQ section, but their websites boasts a live 24/7 helpline to help you make the right choice at any hour of the day!

Additionally, BMWO strives to ensure the confidentiality of their clients by storing all customer details on offshore, secure servers that are purged regularly to protect client identities.

Considering all of the factors we discussed above, we can safely say that Buy My Weed Online leaves Cannabis NL in the dust. Choosing BMWO is definitely a better choice to make when ordering marijuana online.