Buy My Weed Online vs. BC Cannabis

Ever since legalization, more and more Canadians are looking to purchase recreational marijuana online. This surge in demand has led to a boom in the industry, encouraging more and more suppliers to set up online weed dispensary websites every day. Buy My Weed Online and BC Cannabis Stores are two leading websites which are offering mail order delivery of Marijuana Online.

And while this growth in the industry surely brings many benefits to buyers new and experienced alike, it is not without its disadvantages. And the biggest of them is simple: there is just too much choice in the market.

With the number of available strains, products, and suppliers growing every day, it is becoming extremely confusing for both experienced and new marijuana consumers. In times like these, we feel that the best thing that can help these customers is an expert opinion guiding them to make the correct decision.

That expert opinion is exactly what we aim to provide. Our goal is to critically compare and analyze all of the leading online cannabis dispensaries in Canada so that you don’t have to!
Today, we will be comparing BC Cannabis Stores which is run by the Government of British Columbia, with Buy My Weed Online, one of the oldest dispensaries in business. We will be looking at their product ranges, product quality, pricing, promotions, as well as customer service options to help you make the right choice! Let’s light up and dive in!

Buy My Weed Online vs. BC Cannabis : Product Range

Both BC Cannabis Stores and and Buy My Weed Online are well known names when it comes to mail order marijuana. Since both are essentially dispensaries for recreational cannabis, both stock different varieties of cannabis flowers, concentrates, and edibles. However, this is where the similarities between online dispensaries usually ends, as each store has its own unique selection. In order to figure out which store is superior, we will be comparing the product ranges on both the websites.

Beginning with BC Cannabis Stores, we see that they offer various kinds of flower including hybrids, Indicas and Sativas. Additionally, they have a built-in filter system for the more experienced consumer to help them find exactly what they need. Further in we see that they have a large selection of over 120 different types of strains and buds. However, to our disappointment, we see that a majority of these turn out to be obscure and vague strains that most people would not usually go for. We did not see any of the premium strains that the competition is known for.

At Buy My Weed Online however, the selection includes 65 different varieties of top-quality flower and buds. The best part? All of these are highly demanded, premium quality marijuana strains that are preferred by users across Canada. Additionally, we can see that every product available at Buy My Weed Online has a rating system in place, where real customers come back to review their experiences.

This is hardly a surprise considering that Buy My Weed Online is one of the oldest and most experienced cannabis dispensaries in the country. They stock everything you need, from the classic OG Kush, to more unique and modern strains such as SkyWalker OG and Blue Haze, each of them graded AAAA+ for the perfect high.

When it comes to concentrates, we can see that the BMWO collection is far greater than that of BC Cannabis. While BC Cannabis only stock around 30 different types of oils, and only 3 brands of hash, BMWO proudly stocks over 65 different types of budder, rosins, shatters, hash, and organic oils.

Both websites also sell various marijuana-based edibles. Here too, we have to say that BMWO has a larger variety of different tinctures, beverages, and sweets. Additionally, when comparing both sites accessory section, we see that BMWO’s 600+ collection of various bongs, rolling papers, lighters, oils and bath bombs leaves the competition in the dust!

Considering all of these factors, we can come to a clear conclusion that Buy My Weed Online is a better supplier than BC Cannabis Stores. However, if you are looking for newer, and more different types of strains and buds, feel free to visit BC Cannabis.

Buy My Weed Online vs. BC Cannabis : Product Quality – What Users Say

Now that we know the different types of products being sold, it is extremely important to analyze the quality of weed provided by both sites. Since we aim to be as neutral as possible, our analysis will solely depend on what actual customers have to say about the weed being sold at BMWO and BC Cannabis. To do so, we now look at the kind of reviews both sites and their products have received.

Starting with BC Cannabis Stores, we were quite disappointed to see that there was no comment section, no reviews or rating methods, or any way at all in which they could take feedback from their consumers. This is something to look out for, especially for newer customers as you have no way of knowing whether or not the weed you ordered was actually good.

In contrast, at Buy My Weed Online, we not only see a star-based rating system, but also an option to review each product. Again, considering their heritage, it is hardly a surprise to see that almost all of their products have 5 start ratings and happy reviews. A review for their BlackBerry Kush read:
“Wonderful buzz and excellent pain relief. Lasted well past 2 hrs with only 2 bong hits. I have a high tolerance too. Best damn pot I have had in ages!”

Buy My Weed Online vs. BC Cannabis : Pricing

Perhaps the most important factor when it comes to purchasing weed, in our experience pricing can be the make or break factor for a large majority of customers. This is why it is extremely important to compare the prices of Buy My Weed Online to BC Cannabis, in order to figure out which dispensary you should choose.

While both websites do not have a maximum order limit, BC Cannabis does include a minimum order limit of $8, which is a bummer for someone who’s trying them for the first time.
Below, we have be listing the average prices you can find at both dispensaries for 1oz of marijuana buds:
BC Cannabis Stores: $190 – $220
BMWO: $180-$200

As we can see, despite their products being obscure and with no reviews on their site, BC Cannabis will cost you more than BMWO does. This is not a shocker, though, because as we mentioned BC Cannabis is a government run dispensary and their prices tend to be higher regardless of poor product quality.

Buy My Weed Online vs. BC Cannabis : Promotions

Prices are not the only thing that matter, especially if the store is giving away great promotions. There are not that many people out there who would give you some great deals. After all, what is better than a great discount on your favorite strain?

Which is why we will now we will be comparing the kind of promotions you can expect when you buy from BMWO or BC Cannabis.

Starting with Buy My Weed Online, just on their homepage we can see that they have a entirely separate section dedicated only to promotions, where they display their latest and most appealing deals and discounts. Not a lot of online dispensaries do this, nor do many of them have a fully-fledged, point-based reward system. In addition to this, they also have first order bonuses, vouchers for up to 25% off, and numerous free giveaways with every purchase. To top it all, they even have a monthly prize draw with giveaways of upto $3000 worth of product each month!

When we turned to BC Cannabis stores, we were quite disappointed. Even after an extensive review of their website, we were unable to find any promotions or deals, and did not find any discounts or freebies.

As a result, it was obvious that Buy My Weed online was clearly the better choice of the two when it came to deals and promotions.

Buy My Weed Online vs. BC Cannabis : Shipping & Customer Service

The last factors we will be comparing are the Shipping and Customer Service options available at both websites.

For shipping options, both companies offer their services through Canada Post’s Express Shipping. However, BC Cannabis Stores only limits their operations to the areas in and around British Columbia, while BMWO caters to the entire country.
Secondly, we can see that BC Cannabis Stores charges standard delivery of $6 plus taxes, while at Buy My Weed Online, the standard rate is $15. However, at BMWO, you can expect free shipping for all orders above $99, and as the average order from online dispensaries is usually above $100, your delivery charges will almost always be waived off. However, we see that this kind of promotion is not offered at BC Cannabis.

Lastly, when we look at customer service options, we see that once again Buy My Weed Online has the upper hand. Their 24/7 customer service, along with an extensive FAQ section beats BC Cannabis’s 12-hour help line and FAQ section. Lastly, with no review, rating, or comment system in place, BC Cannabis fares poorly when it comes to collecting feedback, while at BMWO, customers have many options to interact with the dispensary and let them know what they think.

In conclusion, we can see that BMWO is the obvious choice for marijuana enthusiasts across the country, however if you live in British Columbia and don’t mind paying a premium for weed of an unknown quality, you are free to choose BC Cannabis Stores! Happy toking!