Buy My Weed Online vs. Aphria

With the legalization of recreational marijuana in recent years, the mail order marijuana business has gained immense popularity. More and more people today are opting for the convenience of having their weed delivered to their doorstep. Because of this boom in business, there are a lot of websites offering a variety of marijuana products for customers across Canada. Buy My Weed Online and Aphria are two such mail order dispensaries where one can buy cannabis online easily.

Although many Canadians are converting to this new and easy way of buying marijuana, they do face one major problem. You see, with so many online dispensaries, customers can get easily confused. No two dispensaries are the same and they all offer varying kinds of cannabis, have different quality rating methods, sell in different amounts and ship with different companies

All this information can be dizzying for anyone, especially newer customers unless they already know exactly what they’re looking for. Even the old hands will definitely agree that there’s just too much to choose from. The situation is fast getting out of hand and that’s where we step in. We aim to provide cannabis users across Canada with the top opinion and reliable information for the best online dispensaries out there.

Today we will compare Aphria and Buy My Weed Online on product range, product quality, special promotions, pricing and customer service – the most important criteria every customer should use when buying weed online.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Aphria : Product Range

Buy My Weed Online and Aphria are two of the many dispensaries that customers can buy weed from online in Canada. They both sell Sativa, Indica and Hybrid strains but that’s is where the similarities end. Aphria is a dispensary that has only medical marijuana available for sale, while Buy My Weed Online has an incredible variety of both medical and recreational marijuana available.

As far as product range is concerned, Aphria only offers around 30 different strains of cannabis in dried flower form. While ideal for medical purposes, these strains lack the potency a regular marijuana consumer requires. This is because these are all medicinal strains and the maximum THC content in them is limited. Aphria also stock a few concentrates and oils, but the total collection is limited to 8 different products out of which a majority are oils. If these seems like a disappointingly small product range, you’re quite correct. In fact their product range is quite limited, even when compared to other medicinal marijuana dispensaries, let alone to what Buy My Weed Online has to offer.

As one of the oldest and experienced online dispensaries in Canada, Buy My Weed Online boasts a product range of more than 60 premium sativa, indica and hybrid strains on their website. They stock everything in their collection, from Purple Kush, to rare strains like OG Kush and Indian Charas, each one carefully curated and graded AAAA+ for the smoothest high.

Buy My Weed Online also offers an incredible collection of top quality cannabis concentrates, including pure CBD isolates, Hash, Budder, Live Rosin and oils! What’s more, their extensive list of accessories and edibles includes more than 600 kinds of vapes, cartridges, a variety of mini and full sized bongs, rolling papers, lighters and more!

So, unless you’re someone looking specifically for a medical marijuana dispensary with a limited range of products, Aphria is definitely not the place for you.

Stocking only premium recreational and medical strains along with high quality concentrates and 600+ other products and accessories, Buy My Weed Online has one of the finest and most extensive product ranges we have seen.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Aphria : Product Quality – What Users Say

Our next criteria for comparison between the two dispensaries is product quality and to judge that in a completely unbiased manner, we turn to actual reviews left by customers on each website. Let’s look at what customers for Buy My Weed Online and Aphria have to say about their products.

Unfortunately, Aphria does not have any reviews section on their website and we were not able to locate any kind of customer feedback on their website. Not only does this leave us in the dark about the quality of weed they supply, but is also not fair towards potential customers.

At Buy My Weed Online on the other hand, not only can customers provide reviews for each product they ordered, they also have a star based rating system available. Amazingly even for a dispensary with their reputation, BMWO have a 5/5 stars rating for almost all their products! This shows that the customers are completely satisfied with BMWO’s products and there are a lot of positive reviews for each product! For example, some reviewed their Death Star and said: “This has a really nice smell and taste. The buzz is quite nice, it’s very potent and lives up to its name. Buy again I will!”

Considering that Buy My Weed Online has been in this business for longer than most other mail order marijuana websites, this is hardly a surprise. BMWO’s commitment towards quality is well-known in the community and this is why they have such an amazing record. Considering how happy their customers are, we can easily say that BMWO wins this round.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Aphria : Pricing

Our next criteria is pricing and we will find out how Buy My Weed Online and Aphria compare with each other in terms of their product prices. This is important because many customers judge dispensaries based on pricing first and other factors later. Just like in any business, price can be biggest deal maker or breaker here too.

While Buy My Weed Online users can buy by the gram, or ounce, as per their preference, Aphria only offers prepacks of 5gs each. Not only is this quite restrictive, it seems a major inconvenience for customers.

Below are the average prices of flowers on both Buy My Weed Online and Aphria:

Average Price for 1oz of Cannabis buds:
Aphria: $160-$190
BMWO: $160-$190

As we can see, there isn’t any difference in the prices, even though BMWO is clearly superior in terms of product quality and variety.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Aphria : Promotions

Now that we’ve looked at how different the prices are on both websites, it’s time for our next criteria. You guessed it, we will be comparing BMWO and Aphria in terms of promotions – another make or break factor when buying weed online. After all, who says no to free weed?

Let’s have a look at Aphria first. While they do offer a 10% discount on your first order, there’s little else except for the occasional product on sale. Not only is this very depressing for customers, it doesn’t say much about the dispensary itself too.

When you look elsewhere on the internet, you can find a few Aphria coupons available at third-party coupon websites. These generally offer a maximum of 20% discount on various products.

When we compare this with BMWO, we can see that it easily beats Aphria in the promotions criteria as well. As one of the only weed dispensaries to have a dedicated promotions section on their website, BMWO has a ton of different offers, coupons, and promotions that all customers can enjoy.

When we look at the value BMWO offers in it’s promotions, we see that not only do they have at least 12 different offers available, the highest discount rate is a flat 25% off! Additionally, BMWO also offers their customers a chance to win prizes and cash worth up to $1500 in store credits. The total giveaway per month is $3000!

When we compare the two, it is clear that BMWO is the winner. They really care about their customers when it comes to promotions and offers!

Buy My Weed Online vs. Aphria : Shipping & Customer Service

Our last criteria for comparing Buy My Weed Online and Aphria will be shipping and customer service. We look at the different shipping methods each dispensary offers as well as all the customer service avenues they offer.

As Aphria offers only medical marijuana, you can’t really order any without signing up as a patient on their site However, once you register, Aphria customer care service is available via email or phone. They also have registered doctors available through their site if you need prescriptions or consultancy.

While Aphria does not offer discounts or free shipping on any order, they do ship to all locations in Canada.

Comparatively, Buy My Weed Online offers products for any kind of user, whether medical or recreational. As far as shipping is concerned, they offer Canada Post’s Express shipping service for all orders. Rates are a standard $15 per order, but shipping is free for all orders above $99. Considering that the average order is above $99, this means that almost every order you place at BMWO will ship to you for absolutely free. They will also ship your marijuana to you in odorless, unlabelled, discreet packaging so that you’re completely at ease.

Buy My Weed Online holds its own against Aphria with it’s 24-hour live customer service online chat. Customers can connect to representatives at any hour for their queries. More importantly with one of the highest standards of customer service in the country, BMWO offers its customers complete security. All customer data is stored on secure, remote servers that are purged regularly.

Our comparisons above have proven Buy My Weed Online as the one-stop shop for all your recreational marijuana needs, including flower, shatter, bongs and other accessories. However, if you’re a patient who only needs a limited dosage for your medical needs then Aphria is the place for you.