THC Pills & Capsules in Canada

THC pills and capsules are a really easy and discreet way to make sure you’re taking the exact dosage that you want.

What are THC Pills and Capsules? 

Similar to many other medications, THC capsules appear as rounded or oval capsules or as traditional prescription pills, providing the same medicinal benefits as THC when smoked, ingested, or consumed as an extract. For some, THC pills and capsules are an ideal choice, especially for those who are unable to smoke or consume cannabis in any other way. If you are searching for THC pills Canada, knowing where to buy THC capsules online can help you to find a solution that is just right for your recreational or medicinal needs.

How Do THC Capsules Interact with Your Body?

Ingesting THC capsules will not result in immediate effects, as the oil or concentrate within the capsule requires time to absorb and process through the stomach. THC capsules and pills work nearly identically to edibles, although many edibles use a variety of concentrates and strains, which can provide different individualized results.

Typically, THC capsules require anywhere from 30 minutes to more than 2 hours (120 minutes in total) to fully absorb into the body’s bloodstream and begin to take effect. The amount of time necessary for THC capsules to activate in the body will greatly depend on the individual’s own genetic makeup, tolerance, as well as their body’s ability to process THC in capsule or pill form. 

Once THC pills begin to take effect, individuals will likely first notice enhanced cerebral effects, such as feeling happy, euphoric, giggly, or positive. Depending on the strain or formula used in the specific THC capsules that were taken, individuals may also experience a “body high”, or complete relaxation of the muscles, calmness, and they may also feel relief from insomnia, nausea, and anxiety. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using THC Pills

Before looking to buy THC capsules online, it is highly advisable to familiarize yourself not just with the effects of THC capsules, but also with the benefits and drawbacks that come with consuming cannabis using a pill or capsule method. 


Some of the most notable benefits of opting for THC pills and capsules over alternative forms of marijuana include: 


The use of THC capsules provides complete discretion, as it is not often possible to easily identify a THC pill or capsule just by glancing at it. With the ability to use discretion, carrying and consuming THC capsules is much easier, even in places where marijuana is not yet socially or widely accepted.


Without requiring a location to smoke or a place to store bulky edibles or tincture syringes, THC capsules make it easier and more convenient than ever to keep a steady supply on hand at all times.

Health Benefits

Rather than smoking or consuming sugary confections, opting for THC capsules is also a nutritionally superior method of using cannabis for medical or recreational purposes. 

No Odor or Strong Taste

In most cases, THC pills and capsules are great for individuals who have sensitive taste buds or who are opposed to the smell of marijuana altogether. With many THC capsules and pills available, there is little to no taste and no odor whatsoever, making them perfect for those who are looking for a cannabis alternative to fir their consumption preferences.


With THC capsules and pills, there are also a few drawbacks to remain aware of and keep in mind before investing in THC capsules for yourself, especially if you are new to trying cannabis. Some of the drawbacks to consider include:


With THC capsules, it is not always possible to determine how potent they actually are until consumed. For individuals who are new to cannabis, THC capsules may be more potent than they are expecting, especially if they are consuming the pills for the first time. Becoming acquainted with cannabis and understanding your own tolerance as well as the various potency levels of edibles, oils, and flower strains can help significantly when finding the right dose of THC pills that will work best for you.

Delayed Onset of Effects

If you are someone who requires immediate relief for nausea, anxiety, tremors, seizures, or other health ailments, using THC capsules and capsules may not always be the ideal choice. Unfortunately, similarly to edibles, THC pills also have a delayed onset of effects. Because THC pills must first be detected, absorbed, and processed by the stomach, this can require anywhere from 30 to 120 minutes before the capsules get to work. For immediate relief, smoking, vaping, or consuming live resin concentrates (such as RSO) may be best.


Unfortunately, finding THC pills and capsules is not always an easy or straightforward task, especially if you live in a region that is not as welcoming or has not yet welcomed cannabis. Choosing to buy THC capsules online in Canada helps to streamline the process while allowing the convenience of having the capsules delivered directly to your doorstep. 


If you are not purchasing your THC pills from a reputable source, there is not always an easy way to tell whether or not a product is legitimate, pure, and if it comes from a potent strain. Always seek verified providers and cannabis producers before choosing the THC capsules and pills that are right for you.

How Do You Take THC Pills?

Before you get started with taking THC pills, it is important to consider your needs, your experience with cannabis, as well as your own personal tolerance when it comes to consuming marijuana. If you are well seasoned when it comes to consuming cannabis, you will have less of an adjustment period when taking THC pills for the first time. However, if you are new to consuming THC capsules, keep the following in mind before taking any cannabis pill, regardless of its strength:

  • If you choose to consume cannabis on an empty stomach using THC capsules, you are likely to begin feeling the effects sooner than if you consume the capsules on a full stomach.
  • Consuming cannabis alongside fat such as chocolate may increase the effects and overall intensity of the experience.
  • It is important to remember that THC pills (and THC in any form) will affect those who consume them on an individual basis. While some may feel the THC capsules within 30 minutes, others may not begin to feel their effects for at least 1-2 hours.

How Long Do THC Pills Stay In Your System?

The amount of time that THC capsules stay in any individual’s system will depend on numerous factors, such as:

  • The individual’s overall tolerance when it comes to cannabis
  • An individual’s average intake of cannabis on a daily basis
  • How the individual typically consumes cannabis
  • The last time cannabis was consumed
  • An individual’s genetic makeup 

Testing for THC is extremely complex and does not often take these factors into account for those who test positive, especially when taking a drug test for the workplace. For some individuals who have never ingested THC, the cannabis will likely only remain in the body for a short period of time, such as 2-5 days. However, those who consume cannabis regularly will begin to add to the number of cannabis compounds that are found throughout their body, which can last for months.

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