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Master Kush

With a genetic makeup boasting a unique tetraploid structure, inherited from its parent strains Hindu Kush and Skunk, Master Kush isn’t merely a strain—it’s a passage to a transcendent experience, making it a prized possession among cannabis connoisseurs.

Known for its soothing effects and aromatic brilliance, Master Kush is your go-to companion for a serene escape from the daily grind.

THC – 15% to 24%

Master Kush packs a potent punch with its THC content typically ranging between 15% to 24%, showcasing its ability to provide a strong and effective high.

15% to 24%

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Master Kush’s citrus aroma provides a refreshing and zesty olfactory experience.


The earthy aroma grounds the senses, reminiscent of a walk through a dense, damp forest.


The woody aroma evokes a rustic and hearty scent, like freshly cut timber.


The sweet aroma provides a gentle and pleasing contrast to its earthy and pungent notes.


The fragrant aroma enriches the overall bouquet, making Master Kush an olfactory delight.


The lemon aroma adds a tangy and invigorating zest, enhancing the citrus profile.


The pungent aroma is bold and assertive, unmistakably marking its presence.


The mellow aroma offers a subtle and soothing olfactory backdrop, perfect for relaxation.

Terpenes Profile


Imparts an earthy scent to Master Kush.


Infuses a refreshing citrus aroma.


Adds a spicy, peppery undertone.


Contributes a subtle piney aroma.







Dry eyes

Dry mouth

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History and Genetics

Master Kush, a revered strain in the cannabis community, traces its roots back to the rugged Hindu Kush region. The fusion of two landrace strains from different parts of this region by the Dutch White Label Seed Company in Amsterdam birthed this remarkable strain.

Also known by nicknames like “High Rise,” “Grandmaster Kush,” and “Purple SoCal Master Kush,” Master Kush Strain offers a quintessential blend of full-body relaxation without the mind-numbing effects common in other strains. Instead, it enhances sensory awareness, making any activity more engaging and enjoyable.

Over the years, Master Kush has bagged several accolades, including two Cannabis Cup awards, and has even found a fan in Snoop Dogg. With its earthy, citrus aroma and a flavor profile reminiscent of hard-rubbed charas hash, this strain has carved a unique space in the cannabis market.

Growing Information

Master Kush, with its robust genetics, offers a relatively uncomplicated growing experience, making it a favorite among cultivators. Its adaptability to both indoor and outdoor environments, coupled with a generous yield and a short flowering period, underscores its appeal.

Below are some tailored tips for nurturing this strain in indoor and outdoor setups, ensuring a healthy growth and abundant harvest.

Indoor Growing Tips

Master Kush is ideal for indoor cultivation due to its compact stature, not usually exceeding 30 inches, and a quick flowering time of 7 to 9 weeks. Its high calyx-to-leaf ratio makes trimming easier. This strain thrives in well-aerated, large containers and adapts well to hydroponic setups. A stable, dry climate is preferred. Yield is around 400-500g/m², with the plant responding well to moderate to heavy nutrient feeding.

Outdoor Growing Tips

Adaptable to slightly cooler evening temperatures, Master Kush is suitable for outdoor cultivation in the right conditions. Originating from a hot, humid mountain range, it prefers a similar outdoor climate, with good ventilation to prevent bud rot during late bloom. Harvesting typically occurs from late September to mid-October. In temperate climates, a sheltered or greenhouse environment is favorable to protect from excessive rain or moisture.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Master Kush’s THC content compare to other strains?

Master Kush has a potent THC content ranging between 15% to 24%, placing it on the higher side compared to many other strains. This high THC content can provide a more potent experience for users.

With Master Kush, what type of “high” or experience can a first-time user expect?

First-time users can expect a calming yet euphoric experience with Master Kush. It’s known for its ability to enhance mood and sensory awareness without causing an overwhelming cerebral high. 

What is the significance of Master Kush’s unique tetraploid structure for a user?

The unique tetraploid structure of Master Kush points to a robust genetic makeup which may contribute to its distinct effects, aromatic profile, and overall user experience, setting it apart from other strains.

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