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El Chapo Strain

The El Chapo is a product of a three-way cross, amalgamating the powerful genes of Face Off OG, SFV OG, and OG Kush. Known for its high potency and fast-acting sedative effects, El Chapo offers users a unique experience, emphasizing both its genetic richness and its unparalleled potency.

THC – 19% to 27%

The THC content in El Chapo tends to fluctuate between different crops, but most samples consistently show a potent range between 19% to 23%. Some variations of this strain, particularly El Chapo OG, have been tested and reported to contain THC levels in the 27% range.

This puts El Chapo among the stronger strains in the cannabis market, catering to those who seek a more intense high.

19% to 27%

2 Product



A bright and tangy note, reminiscent of freshly-peeled oranges or lemons.


A grounding, organic scent that brings to mind fresh soil or a forest after rainfall.


Delicate and sweet, evoking images of blossoming flowers.


A candy-like hint that rounds out the sharper notes.


This deeper note ties everything together, offering a robust base to the strain’s scent profile.

Terpenes Profile


Often linked to the spicy, woody notes in the aroma.


Adds to the sweet and earthy aspects of the strain.


Adds to the sweet and earthy aspects of the strain.


Known for its calming effects and floral scent.








Slurred Speech

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History and Genetics

The El Chapo strain holds an intriguing history that ties it to some renowned cannabis strains. Born from a collaboration between The Plug and Sour Genetics, El Chapo emerges from the crossing of Rezdog’s Sour Diesel IBL with Karma Genetic’s Headbanger.

This combination brings forth the gassy aroma of Sour Diesel and the potent high effects from the Biker Kush found in the Headbanger lineage.

Growing Information

El Chapo, given its unique background, needs careful attention during cultivation. It’s important to consider its preference for warmth and its cold sensitivity. This strain is adaptable for both indoor and outdoor setups. Here’s a straightforward overview on growing El Chapo in various conditions:

Indoor Growing Tips

El Chapo is adaptable for indoor growth, particularly for those in regions with cooler climates like Canada.

Given its sensitivity to colder temperatures, it’s crucial to maintain a warm and consistent environment. The strain usually has a flowering time of around 8-9 weeks and can produce a yield of about 20 ounces per square meter.

Regular pruning can promote faster bud development, ensuring a more bountiful harvest.

Outdoor Growing Tips

For outdoor cultivation, El Chapo thrives best in sunny, warm, and dry climates.

When grown outside under optimal conditions, it can yield more than 600g per plant. However, due to its sensitivity to cold, Canadian growers might find more success with indoor cultivation. The strain is typically ready for harvest by early October.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can El Chapo help with pain management?

The strain’s high THC content and terpene profile make it effective for pain relief, providing both anti-inflammatory properties and relaxation.

Is El Chapo recommended for beginners or experienced users?

Due to its high potency, El Chapo is better suited for experienced users, but beginners can also try it in moderation.

How does the THC content in El Chapo influence its medical benefits?

The high THC content in El Chapo makes it effective for pain relief, managing insomnia, and reducing inflammation.

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