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Cement Shoes

Cement Shoes is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid, skillfully crafted by Cult Classic Seeds through the strategic genetic amalgamation of the renowned Animal Cookies, OG Kush Breath (OGKB), and Wet Dream strains.

The resultant genetic profile leans 60% towards indica and 40% sativa, encapsulating a balanced blend of cerebral and physical effects.

THC – 15% to 23-28%

While generally the strain boasts a THC concentration hovering between 15% and 23%, certain instances and optimal growing conditions have unveiled peaks soaring up to 28%.

15% to 23-28%

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Bright and tangy, the citrus aroma provides a refreshing and revitalizing scent, echoing notes of lemons and oranges.


A sweet and slightly tart scent, reminiscent of fresh, ripe berries, offering a pleasant and uplifting aroma.


A robust and natural aroma, the earthy scent calls to mind the calming and grounding essence of fresh soil.

Terpenes Profile


Noted for its spicy, peppery, and sometimes cinnamon-like aroma, and it’s potentially anti-inflammatory benefits.


Recognized for its citrusy, lemon-like scent, and potential anxiety-reducing properties


Known for its earthy, musky, and fruity notes, and may contribute to the sedative effects of certain strains.







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Dry Mouth

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History and Genetics

Cement Shoes traces its roots to Cult Classic Seeds, emerging as a slightly indica-dominant hybrid crafted from the genetic fibers of Animal Cookies, OG Kush Breath (OGKB), and Wet Dream strains.

With a 60/40 indica to sativa ratio, this strain integrates the robust and diverse genetic characteristics of its parent strains, offering a composite profile of effects, aromas, and flavors.

Animal Cookies brings a sweet, somewhat minty nuance, OGKB introduces a potent, robust kick, and Wet Dream contributes a lively, spirited essence.

The resulting strain, Cement Shoes, not only encapsulates but also beautifully melds the physical and cerebral attributes of its lineage, showcasing a harmony of uplifting mental clarity and profound bodily relaxation while offering a flavorful bouquet of sweet nuts, vibrant citrus, and a subtle mint exhale.

Growing Information

It’s always crucial to remember that individual growing experiences can vary, and these guidelines should be adapted to specific growing conditions and scenarios.

Indoor Growing Tips

Cement Shoes is an agreeable strain for indoor cultivation, showcasing its cooperative nature with a relatively short flowering time of 8-10 weeks.

Its bushy demeanor and compact stature, which typically does not surpass 5 feet, necessitate adequate space for optimal growth.

Expect an indoor yield of approximately 14-16 ounces per square meter. The plants are sturdy, usually able to support their heavy buds without additional aid, making them relatively easy to manage for cultivators.

Cannabis 4a High Octane Macro

Outdoor Growing Tips

For outdoor cultivators, Cement Shoes proves to be a resilient choice, naturally resistant to common pests and molds, and capable of thriving without requiring meticulous attention.

It can be harvested anytime during the year in sub-tropical climates, while growers in northern hemispheres should aim to harvest before mid-October to avoid potential frost damage.

Anticipate an outdoor yield of around 19-21 ounces per plant. The strain’s foliage exhibits a dark green hue, forming a small fir tree-like shape and can become sugary with trichomes as it flowers into deep purple formations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Cement Shoes strain suitable for?

Cement Shoes may appeal to experienced users due to its notable THC content, which can reach up to 28%. 

When is the best time to use the Cement Shoes strain?

Considering its sedative and relaxing effects, Cement Shoes is often recommended for evening or nighttime use. It may help users unwind and prepare for a peaceful nightโ€™s sleep.

Is the Cement Shoes strain beginner-friendly?

Cement Shoes can be potent and, as such, may be more suitable for experienced users. Beginners might consider starting with a small amount to gauge its effects and avoid potential discomfort.

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