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By Clee7903 – Self-photographed, CC BY-SA 4.0Link

Surrey, Canada is a great city to blaze on some dank weed and go on adventures! Lying between the U.S. border and the Fraser River in the Metro Vancouver area, Surrey is a city in British Columbia. It’s known for being a gathering spot of beautiful birds during their migration and its infamous shorelines that are perfect for long stoned walks along the water.

Mostly suburban in layout, there is also a pleasant mix of rural scenery, and stoners will find plenty of fun things to do in Surrey, BC. Considering the fact it is the second largest city in the province of British Columbia just smaller than the popular town of Vancouver, with more than half a million residents, you will find plenty of tourist attractions, yummy restaurants, parks, and birds to keep you entertained while you visit.

Buy weed from an online dispensary Surrey residents love and trust and head out to the city to check out these ten fun things to do in Surrey, BC while you’re rolling stoned. Before you light up and blast off, let’s review the ins and outs of smoking weed in Canada and getting weed in Surrey.

Smoking and Buying Weed in Surrey, BC

If you are looking for a weed dispensary Surrey centric, you can either buy weed online before you go or visit a marijuana dispensary Surrey residents trust. When it comes to consuming cannabis in public, be sure to keep the following guidelines in mind while smoking weed in any city in British Columbia, Canada:

– Adults aged 19 and over are permitted to vape or smoke weed in public places where the smoking and vaping of tobacco is currently allowed.
– Be mindful of your second-hand smoke as it can be irritating and/or harmful to other people, especially children.
– Vaping and smoking weed in Canada while you’re in British Columbia is not permitted in the following public places or any decks or seating areas around these spaces and within six metres of air intakes, doorways, and windows attached to these places:
      – Playgrounds
      – Skate parks
      – Sports field
      – Swimming pools
      – Spray pools
      – Public buildings
      – Workplaces
      – Common areas of condos, flats, or dormitories
      – Within six metres of bus stops, ferry docks, and transit shelters

Check out the province of British Columbia’s official page that has more detailed information about cannabis laws and smoking weed in Canada. If you’re interested mainly in the ins and out of the public consumption of cannabis in Surrey, BC, check out “Public Consumption” fact sheet from the BC province.

Now that you know what to expect when it comes to buying and smoking weed in this city in Canada – be sure you check out these ten things to do in Surrey.

1. Get Baked and Set Out on a Mission to See a Peacock

It should not be hard to get a chance to see a peacock or two – or even ten – while you’re visiting Surrey, BC. While the residents often complain of the unusual property damage caused by an influx these lovely birds, as a tourist visiting, you can catch the beauty of the local peacocks in Surrey and enjoy their presence instead of relish it (but be sure you keep the windows of your car rolled up otherwise it might not be so pretty).

In recent years, these beautiful creatures have become somewhat of a pesk, especially the males! In fact, one of the residents of a particular suburb of the city claims that he had more than 40 peacocks going up his roof every night.

So the question is, where can you go to for sure catch a sighting of one of these beautiful displays of a bird? Apparently, it doesn’t take much searching. Many of the neighbourhoods, such as Sullivan Heights, are plagued with a massive increase of these types of birds. Keep your camera handy and your cannabis buzz going strong so that you can be sure to capture the perfect shot of one of these birds once the time is right.

(image purchase for the use of BMWO)

2. Dab Some Shatter and Visit the Surrey Arts Centre

Do you have a high tolerance for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)? Perhaps you consume marijuana for medical reasons and need a strong cannabis concentrate to even get stoned. Maybe you just like to get completely discombobulated. Whatever the case may be, if you want to get really, really high, there’s no better way than by grabbing some shatter and your dab rig and taking in some deep hits before you head over to the Surrey Arts Centre for an afternoon. Buy the best shatter online in Canada at Buy My Weed Online, or BMWO for short.

Home of the Surrey Art Gallery, the Surrey International Children’s Festival, and the Surrey Civic Theatres’ Main Stage and Studio Theatre, the Surrey Arts Centre offers plenty of things to entertain your stoner’s heart, such as:

Art classes

Throughout the year, you will find various events held at this venue, including many concerts which are featured on the main stage at the Arts Centre. If you’re into contemporary art, you can visit the Surrey Art Gallery exhibition which has amazing 20-foot high ceilings within the halls and there’s an infamous TechLab where computer-based art can be found on display. Pick up a souvenir to commemorate your trip by visiting the gift shop before you leave the place.

A visitor from TripAdvisor, 778GaryK, left the following review about the Arts Centre:

“We have been attending the Arts theatre for many years. The quality of the shows are first class. The costs are reasonable. Would far rather pay for these artists than be gouged by sky-high prices in Vancouver. In the 15-20years been so long, we have only winced at two shows.”

(Image Source:

3. Smoke a Blunt then Visit the Port Mann Bridge Blazed

Ready for a wild ride? Open for traffic since 2012, the Port Mann Bridge is a crazy 10-lane cable-stayed bridge that owns the bragging rights for being the second longest bridge of its kind in North America. It also held the title for being the widest bridge in the world until the Bay Bridge in California opened up.

Grab some of that kind bud you bought online and roll up a nice blunt to get you and your crew super fried before you take a trip to see this construction masterpiece. Be sure you have a designated driver and you abide by the provincial laws when it comes to smoking weed in Canada to ensure a safe and problem-free adventure.

Even with the tolls, the locals love this commuter bridge as it’s a huge time saver that spans the Fraser River and connects Surrey to Coquitlam in British Columbia near Vancouver. While you’re there, be sure you take your time to enjoy the views of the Fraser River and take some impressive pictures of the cable stays that support the bridge to show off to your friends.

By Reg Natarajan – FlickrThe New Port Mann BridgeCC BY 2.0Link

4. Smoke Weed and Veg Out at Crescent Beach

While this attraction is most popular during the hotter months of the year, you can still make a trip to Crescent Beach any time year-round to enjoy a relaxing stroll along the oceanfront walkway where you will find ice cream parlors and a Greek restaurant, as well. You will find this outdoor oasis nestled along the coast of Boundary Bay in Surrey, BC.

Because of its size, you are sure to find some remote locations close to the beach where it’s completely legal to smoke weed you bought online. While recreational marijuana is now decriminalized throughout the entire country of Canada, there is still a lot of stigma around the public consumption of cannabis. Therefore, you should grab a dugout, one-hitter, chillum, or other small pipe and stay low-key while you burn down. If you’re looking for the ultimate relaxation during your visit, you might want to consider buying an indica-dominant strain of cannabis, which are known to produce a strong body buzz and melt-your-face-off effects.

Don’t be fooled into thinking Crescent Beach is a new trendy hangout. For centuries, people have been visiting this beach and it was once home to a summer camp for the aboriginals local to the area. If you’re into bird-watching, then you want to check out the northern end of the beach. Today this location is popular for enjoying water activities, such as:

– Swimming
– Kayaking
– Boating
– Fishing
– Sailing
– Water-Polo

Ready to get squirrely? If you enjoy taking off all your clothes and baking out in the sun in the buck nude, you’re in luck. At the southern end of the beach at the bottom of the Crescent Rock boulder, there is a designated nudist beach. Hey, even if you’ve never visited a nudist beach before, there is a first time for everything, right? Besides, what’s more interesting and can earn you such awesome bragging rights than spending an afternoon smoking weed at a nude beach in Canada? You only live once, right?

Linda C., a reviewer on TripAdvisor, had the following to say about visiting Crescent Beach:

“We love to go to Crescent Beach to enjoy the fresh beach air as we walk the wide gravelled path from Blackie’s Spit to its eastern end. Sometimes we stop for lunch at the restaurant facing out on the ocean, before we head back to the parking lot back at Blackie’s Spit. Sometimes we bring a lunch and use the park at Blackie’s Spit. It is always wise to bring chairs or a blanket to sit on since there are only a few picnic tables, which are often in use. It is much less busy during the week than on the weekends. Parking is free.”

By Canuckle – Own work, CC0Link

5. Toke Up. Get Munchies. Dine Out in Surrey.

Because of its prime location along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, the themes when it comes to food in Surrey combine an interesting mix of land, sea, culture, and creativity! You will find that throughout the British Columbia province in Canada, there’s a big focus on healthy lifestyles, chef-innovations, global fusions, and fresh ingredients.

You’re literally going to find everything when it comes to cuisine in Surrey from hippie-commune to yuppie-condo; coastal to mountain; multicultural to aboriginal. Some of the most popular dishes of the region include but are not limited to, BC-style sushi, Japadog, steamed crab, salt-spring island lamb, and butter-chicken pizza. Seriously, it’s all over the place when it comes to fusions and combinations in Surrey restaurants.

Because there are far too many to name them all, here are a few choice restaurants in Surrey, BC we recommend to satisfy even the most intense case of the munchies!

– New York Greek Restaurant: craving authentic Greek cuisine? Enjoy a combination of intense flavour and value when you check out this wildly popular restaurant in Surrey. Going above and beyond the traditional Greek dining offerings, this place also serves up steaks, pastas, seafood, and more in their New York-styled eatery. Some of the most popular dishes at this place include the mousaka, roast lamb, calamari, and the Greek salad. Finish off your meal their famous chocolate almond and call it a night!
– Tasty Indian Bistro: get high as a kite and indulge in the amazing ambiance and decadent flavours at the Tasty Indian Bistro. Guests who visit the restaurant frequently rave about the attentive staff and inviting atmosphere at this eatery. Some of their most mouth-watering dishes include the butter chicken, lamb chops, kebabs, chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, and their paneer platters. Or, you can go with any of their delicious curries and pair it with their famous pineapple mule to drink.
– Phở Tâm Vietnamese Restaurant: want to try the best Vietnamese food you can find in British Columbia coupled with some of the most affordable restaurant prices in Surrey? If so, do not miss out on the tasty dishes at this popular Asian restaurant, including their spring rolls, pho noodle soups, and vermicelli bowls.
– Sal y Limon: if you’re into Mexican cuisine, then do not miss out on this popular spot in Surrey, BC. It offers a fun and inspiring casual dining experience with an uplifting atmosphere. Recent guests rave about the cochinita (pork), carne asada (beef), ceviche, and lengua (beef tongue). Their dishes pair nicely with their frozen cocktails from the menu.

(Image Source:

6. Smoke Hash and Win Big at the Fraser Downs Racetrack and Casino

Smoking hash is great because you can toke on just a little bit of this cannabis concentrate and get super freaking stoned. Whether you want to bring a one-hitter to smoke your hash or simply roll up a piece of hash and place it on the end of a cigarette, you’re sure to find an approved smoking area for cannabis where you can get blazed while you’re at the Fraser Downs Racetrack and Casino.

Even if you’re not into the horse races, all the excitement of the various slots and table games at the casino is sure to keep you zoning out and having fun at this establishment. Not to mention, there is an impressive buffet that guests to the venue rave about. Buy hash online at BMWO, and head down to the Cloverdale Fairgrounds in Surrey to spend a day at Fraser Downs.

Auntie K. is a user who left the following review about Fraser Downs Racetrack and Casino on Tripadvisor:

“It’s always an exciting and fun-filled day cheering on your favourite horse as they come flying down the track. The Grandstand has a fabulous buffet dinner. The Casino is full of life and has an assortment of games from Slots to Table Games … Go on down and try your luck! The people are friendly and helpful!”

By Leoboudv – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0Link

7. Eat Edibles and Get in Touch with Nature at Darts Hill Garden Park

In case you’re not already hip, eating cannabis edibles is a flipping fantastic way to get high. Not only do you get even higher from the ingestion of cannabis rather than smoking it, but the buzz is also known to last for hours longer.

Buy edibles online Canada-wide from the online dispensary Surrey residents trust, then eat ‘em up before heading over to Darts Hill Garden where you will embrace your inner flower child. Plus, when you buy edibles at Buy My Weed Online, you get to choose from the dankest THC-laced treats on the market, including rice crispy squares, chocolate chip cookies, sour gummies, and more!

Three hectares of land. Thousands of plants. The Darts Hill Garden is a literal oasis for anyone with even a minute appreciation for plants. This horticulture paradise was given to the city by Edwin and Francisca Darts and has been in the making for more than 70 years. If you want to visit this award-winning orchard while you’re checking out things to do in Surrey, BC, be sure you do so on a Saturday during the months of April, May, June, and September, otherwise it won’t be open!

Be sure you pack along some extra cannabis edibles for the day trip so that you can keep your buzz going strong as you stroll along the winding paths and wander through the open meadows. Bring your camera and capture breathtaking scenes, as you are sure not to find anything like this in the rest of Surrey. Every year, people from around the world visit the venue, including professional horticulturists and amateur gardeners.

(Image Source:

8. Dose THC Oil and Sample Wine at Vinoscenti Vineyards

If you’re all about a no-bullshit way to get your cannabis buzz going strong, you might want to check out cannabidiol (CBD) and THC oils at Buy My Weed Online. These cannabis concentrates allow you to dose up with the right amount of THC or CBD you want. Get your head right when you drop your desired amount of cannabis oil under your tongue before you visit the Vinoscenti Vineyards.

Located on 13 acres of pastoral farmland, these vineyards were formerly known as the River’s Bend Winery. They were named so because they line the winding banks of the Serpentine River on the edge of White Rock, British Columbia. The original owners were Court and Annette Faessler, and they began planting the vineyards in 1995. Many different owners took part in the history of these vineyards in the past couple of decades and the venue became a ghost town for many years before the current owners revived the place in 2016 when the Vinoscenti Vineyards were established.

Inside of the winery, you will find an elegant tasting room adorned with Italian-styled paintings, statues, and drawings. There is a private room and also a fully-equipped business room on site. Recent guests of this venue have left shining reviews about the Vinoscenti Vineyards on Google, including this one from the user, Cindy Coffelt:

“I can’t rave about this place enough! My fiance, bestie, and I participated in the group wine tour and tasting. What we received was a super fun education on how to taste the wine properly and other useful tips. The genuine friendliness of Dr. Lee and Nancy made us feel so welcome. Dr. Lee is extremely educated in wine and has a list of credentials a mile long, but he was excellent at teaching on a level where even an occasional wine-drinker like myself could easily understand and remember. The wine is “outstanding” and the charcuterie platter was yummy. I look forward to visiting again in the future and I would highly recommend this winery to anyone looking for delicious wines, beautiful landscape, friendly faces, and maybe even learn something new.”

(Image Source:

9. Dab Some Terp Sauce and Visit the Redwood Park

Dab rigs and the art of dabbing cannabis concentrates have truly transformed the world of THC consumption forever! If you haven’t had the opportunity, buy live resin/rosin or terp sauce online from BMWO, and get yourself a dab rig from your local head shop and give it a try. Take yourself just one to three hits from a dab rig loaded with terp sauce and get ready for a cannabis ride you’ll never forget.

Once you’ve got your head right, go over to the Redwood Park for a relaxing afternoon zoning out in nature. Known as one of British Columbia’s most spectacular nature destinations, the Redwood Park is truly a must-see venue on your list of fun things to do in Surrey, BC.

This large forest is home to:

    – Several types of exotic trees
    – More than five kilometres of scenic nature trails
    – Rustic picnic shelters
    – Wheelchair-accessible playgrounds

If you visit the park in the winter time, you will find awesome hills for sledding.

Walk to the far west end of the park to experience a peaceful forest filled with many tall trees that you won’t find anywhere else in Surrey. It’s there that you will stumble upon the pride and joy of the Redwood Park, and that’s the grove full of mature Sierra Redwoods, which is the tallest species of trees in the world. If you want to learn more about the trees, check out the self-guided tours offered on-site.

There’s a very unique history behind the foundation of the Redwood Park. Two brothers, Peter and David Brown, were twins born to one of the first pioneering families in Surrey. Their father gifted them this large plot of land that was already logged and ripe for farming in 1893. Instead of using it for farming fruits or vegetables, they decided to fill the vast space with all their favourite trees from around the world. Committed to living their lives in the forest sanctuary, they built a treehouse and lived in solitude in the park until they died in 1949 and 1958. Now, there is a replica of their treehouse in the centre of the park.

(Image Source:

10. Smoke Budder Dabs and Crawl the Pubs in Surrey, BC

Ready to get stoned out of your freaking mind and venture into the streets of Surrey to check out the nightlife? Similar to resin or terp sauce, cannabis budder and wax can be smoked or vaped in a dab rig, and provide a long-lasting high that will stick with you for hours to come.

Dabbing a cannabis concentrate before heading out for a night on the town is the perfect way to get a strong buzz going that will last a long time while you’re out bar-hopping in Surrey, BC. Buy cannabis budder or wax online at BMWO, and take on the nightlife in Surrey. While you’re out, be sure to check out the following popular pubs/nightclubs in this British Columbia town.

– Dublin Crossing Irish Pub: if you love live music and special events, you don’t want to miss out on the Dublin Crossing Irish Pub in Surrey, BC. Guests that frequent the establishment rave that this is the best pub in the local area. Not only do they have a bumping night scene on the weekend, but there are also amazing dishes and drinks you can get there too. The staff is friendly and welcoming, and you’re sure to enjoy yourself at this venue.
– Townhall Public House South Surrey: largely revered by locals for having the best nightlife scene in Surrey, the Townhall Public House South Surrey is a restaurant by day and a happening pub by night. Karaoke is offered on certain nights of the week and there’s live entertainment scheduled most weekends.
– Shakerz Show Lounge: are you into some adult entertainment while you’re high AF? If so, you might enjoy the scene you’ll find at Shakerz Show Lounge. Recent guests of the establishment compliment the girls that perform on stage. If you’re looking for some playboys, every Thursday is Ladies’ Night at this popular adult night club.

(Image Source:

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