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In case you haven’t heard, since Canada legalized recreational marijuana nationwide, cannabis tourism has become all the rage in the Great White North. Buy weed from an online dispensary Québec City natives trust, and bring along those heady nugs as you check out these fun things to do in Québec City.

Getting to Know Québec City, the Gibraltar of North America

Coming in second to Montréal as the most populous city in the province of Québec, the population of Québec City rounds out to more than half a million people (531,902 in 2016 to be exact). Geographically speaking, you will find Québec City approximately 233 kilometres (145 miles) northeast of Montréal.

So appropriately named, the Algonquin word that means “where the river narrows” is Kébec, which is where the name “Québec City” was derived from. It got its name because the Saint Lawrence River narrows at the city’s promontory, Cap-Diamant (Cape Diamond), and Lévis on the other side of the river bank. Charles Dickens is the person who gave Québec City its nickname when he referred to it as the “Gibraltar of North America.”

Adding to its rich history, Québec City is also one of the oldest cities in North America. In fact, the ramparts that you will find surrounding Old Quebec (Vieux-Québec) to this day are the only fortified city walls remaining in existence in the Americas north of Mexico. UNESCO declared them a World Heritage Site in 1985 and referred to them as the “Historic District of Old Québec.”

Smoking Weed in Canada and Getting Weed in Québec City

Let’s get to the fun part of the story… getting high. Wanna get high in Québec City? Whether you are planning on hitting up a Québec City dispensary or buying weed from an online dispensary Canada wide before you travel, you need to first be aware of the logistics when it comes to Québec provincial cannabis consumption and sales laws.

If you want to buy weed that Québec City residents love to smoke, you have the option of going to a cannabis dispensary in the city, which includes a couple dozen shops that are ran by the government-owned Société Québécoise du Cannabis (SQDC), the same regulatory body that implements the laws and restrictions around tobacco and alcohol sales. Or, you can save yourself the hassle when you get your hands on some “sticky-icky” by using the online dispensary Québec City folks trust for buying weed online, Buy My Weed Online.

Just like in most parts of Canada, you are allowed to have up to 30 grams of dried cannabis flower in your possession in public places in Québec City at one time. In terms of public consumption of cannabis in the province of Québec, keep the following guidelines and restrictions, as set forth by the governing bodies of the province, in mind:

– Restrictions on recreational cannabis use set forth in the Cannabis Regulation Act also apply to the use of medical cannabis.
– There are certain open and enclosed spaces where it’s prohibited to vape or smoke cannabis, including:
   – Places where smoking tobacco is already prohibited
   – On the grounds of health and social services institutions
   – On the grounds of college-level institutions and universities
   – On bicycle paths
   – In shared transportation waiting areas
   – Indoor or enclosed spaces, including:
      – Social and health services institutions
      – Instructional institutions
      – Intermediary resources (except for those that are a private residence)
      – Childcare centres, daycare centres, private residences where family–type resource services (whether the services are offered by recognized resources or not), during the hours childcare is provided
      – Places that hold sports, judicial, cultural, artistic, or recreational activities or conferences
      – Places that hold recreational or community events intended for minors (except if the place is a private residence)
      – Places that hold activities that may be attended only by persons explicitly or implicitly invited or authorized by the host, whether or not an admission fee is charged and regardless of the purpose of the activities (except if the place is a private residence)
      – Places utilized by associations or non-profit organizations, circles, or clubs, to which only members and their guests have access (except if the place is a private residence)
      – Common areas of residential buildings with two or more dwellings, even if they condominiums or not
      – Common areas inside private seniors’ residences
      – Palliative care hospices and places where prevention, assistance and support services, including temporary lodging services, are offered to persons in distress or in need of assistance (except if the place is a private residence)
      – Buildings of outfitting operations and tourist accommodation establishments
      – Restaurants
      – Establishments operating under bar permits
      – Bingo halls, Casinos, and other gambling facilities
      – Workplaces (except if the place is a private residence)
      – Shared transportation, taxis and other vehicles used in the course of employment
      – In a vehicle, the consumption of cannabis by the driver and all the occupants, regardless of the type of use
      – Establishments used for detention
      – Other enclosed spaces open to the public
      – It’s prohibited to vape or smoke weed within a nine-metre radius from any air vent, door, or openable window of one the of places listed above
   – Outdoor spaces, including:
      – Bus stops (shelters) and other outdoor areas used to wait for shared transportation
      – Tents, under big tops, or other temporary or permanent open structures intended for public use
      – Grounds of a health or social service institution
      – Grounds of an instructional institution
      – Grounds of a childcare centre or daycare centre
      – Outdoor areas and terraces used for commercial activities and set up for relaxation, rest, and consumption of products
      – Outdoor play areas for children such as skateparks, wading pools, and splash pads
      – Playgrounds and sports fields, which includes the areas reserved for spectators
      – Grounds of vacation camps and day camps
      – Skating rinks and outdoor pools
      – Grounds of buildings used for detention
      – Lanes built for bicycle traffic

Also, take note of the following specifications regarding the restrictions on public use and consumption of cannabis in the Québec Province:

– In places that are considered living environments (i.e. seniors’ residences, establishments, etc.), closed smoking rooms may be set up. There will be specific rules for their construction and they are only to be used by residents. Likewise, if a tobacco smoking room is already established in such an environment, cannabis use must also be permitted in this space.
– Research centres, health establishments, and college-level or university-level institutions may set up rooms under specific conditions, that are used to smoke or vape cannabis for research purposes.
– It’s also possible to have pre-existing rooms designated where the vaping or smoking of cannabis is permitted in places considered living environments, such as seniors’ residences. The use of cannabis in such a space is exclusively for lodgers or residents of the establishment.

While that may be a bit long-winded, the short story is this – when smoking weed in Canada, whether that’s in Québec City or another town in the Lumberjack Country, be smart. If you’re unsure about a certain place to smoke weed, ask a local.

Even though it’s legal, there’s still a stigma around cannabis use, so grab something discreet like a chillum or dugout and that killer heady weed you bought online, and check out these ten things to do in Québec City while you’re getting stoned AF.

1. Smoke Reefer Then Visit the Montmorency Falls Park

What’s your weapon of choice when it comes to smoking weed? Do you like to roll up your best chronic into joints? How about blunts? Or, do you like smoking weed in Canada out of your favourite glass pipe? No matter which method you choose to smoke your bud, blaze up some grass and get totally blitzed before you head over to the beautiful Montmorency Falls Park.

The Montmorency Falls Park, or the Parc de la Chute-Montmorency, sits approximately 14.5 kilometres (9 miles) northeast of Old Québec along the St. Lawrence River. Nature lovers, sightseers, and stoners are all drawn to this massive waterfall that measures in at an impressive 84 metres (276 feet), which makes it one-and-a-half times taller than the infamous Niagara Falls.

While the Montmorency Falls Park is a great place to visit in the summertime, if you decide to visit Québec City during the winter months, you should still stop by to have a look at the natural beauty of the falls without all the hassle of large crowds. Furthermore, during the cold months of the year, the falls creates the most impressive ice walls you will find in the entire North American continent. Hiking companies nearby can also equip you with ice picks and show you how to climb.

In addition to taking in the amazing views, there are many other activities you will find at this park, including:

Hiking trails
Three playgrounds
Two bike paths
Double zip line

If you want more information about the park, visit the Montmorency Falls Park page on the Sépaq website.

By self – Own work, Public Domain, Link)

2. Toke on Some Bud Before You Visit the Citadel

Get high and take a trip back in time when you visit Québec City’s Citadel, or as it’s called in French, La Citadelle de Québec. It took more than 30 years to construct this British-built fortress, which is the largest in North America. Active since 1850 when it was used to house British and Canadian artillery, the military site is now occupied by the Royal 22e Régiment, the only Francophone infantry contingent of the Regular Canadian Armed Forces.

A strong cannabis buzz has a magical way of making everything seem more interesting, including Canadian military history. The on-site museum is home to numerous different military artifacts and the guided tours provide thorough history lessons and some amazing views. If you happen to be exploring things to do in Québec City between the end of June and the first week in September, stop by the Citadel around 10 a.m. to see the changing of the guard ceremony.

The Citadel is an active military base, but tourists are still welcome to visit and encouraged to participate in the soldier-guided tours. One of the recent visitors to the attraction, FLBtraveler62, left the following review about the place on TripAdvisor:

“Interesting fortress housing lots of military items. Take the fact-filled tour and enjoy the panoramic views of old Quebec City. The efforts made to remember all of the fallen Canadian soldiers is touching and impressive.”

Check out the Citadel of Québec City’s official website for more information.

By Musée Royal 22e Régiment – Caporal David Robert, Public Domain, Link)

3. Stroll Along with Good Ole Mary Jane in Old Québec

Vieux-Québec, as it’s called in French, is a neighbourhood in Québec City that’s positioned around the city’s harbour along the banks of the St. Lawrence River. Within this historic district and UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will find charming stone buildings and interesting winding streets.

There’s plenty of places to toke up on some of that heady weed you bought online throughout this district of the city, but mind the Québec Province regulations for the public consumption of cannabis and be discreet. Bring along a nice compact smoking piece or a vaporizer pen.

Your stoner’s heart will delight in all the options for gourmet coffee houses and quaint little artisanal boutique stores and niche shops in Old Québec. With all the cobblestone streets, friendly locals, and striking architecture, don’t be surprised if you feel like you’ve transcended to some little European town across the Atlantic Ocean.

Buy weed online and bring plenty of that “sticky icky” with you to Old Québec, as you will surely run into many interesting characters and locals who love to blaze up in this part of town that’s home to a large population of artists and creatives.

Explore Old Québec any time day or night, and pack some cash as this is an excellent place in Québec City to score some unique souvenirs to take home with you. You can learn more about this historic part of town at the Québec City Tourism website.

By The Photographer – Own workSource materials for this file are available from Commons Archive:Quebec city, Canada 07.NEFCC BY-SA 4.0Link)

4. Get High as a Freakin’ Kite and Explore Battlefields Park

What could possibly be more fun than getting stoned? Getting really, really high and hitting up a good park to pass some time. We’re talking blitzed. Blazed. Bouldered. (I think you get the idea – stoned AF).

If you’re out to achieve the ultimate cannabis buzz, you might want to reach for a quality concentrate, such as hash, budder, oil, shatter, wax, etc. Buy the absolute purest cannabis wax and budder you can find online in Canada, and take some nice dabs off a rig before heading over to Battlefields Park to enjoy an afternoon.

Parc des Champs-de-Bataille is the French name for Battlefields Park, but it’s also sometimes called the Plains of Abraham and it spans a massive 267-acre strip of land west of Old Québec. What’s so important about this park? The pivotal moment of the French and Indian War when the French were forced to cede Canada to Great Britain took place in this location and it was known as the Battle of Québec

While you’re checking out the fun things to do in Québec City, be sure to stop by this park where you can enjoy the fresh air and see historical elements such as the ornamental cannon featured in the photo above. Wander around and take a look at the different manicured gardens, including the impressive Joan of Arc Garden, and riverfront views. Visitors to the park make mention of these beautiful sceneries, such as Peter T. who left this review on TripAdvisor:

“Battlefields Park in the middle of Québec City is a huge area of greenery like Central Park in New York City or Hyde Park in London. It is just magnificent to see so much open space in the middle of a city, just like a working lung in a busy body.”

If you want to find out more information about Battlefields Park, visit its official website.

By The original uploader was Skarg at English Wikipedia. – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by Benoit Rochon., CC BY 2.5Link)

5. Smoke Weed. Get Munchies. Eat Out in Québec City.

Supplying 75 percent of the world’s maple syrup, Québec City is definitely famous for its luxuriously smooth condiment! In addition to the maple syrup, smoked meats, poutine, and pea soups that are iconic in Québec City, you will find dozens of incredibly delicious dishes with heavy French and Irish influence being served throughout the city in trendy eateries and classic food stops. In fact, according to Condé Nast Traveler readers, Québec City ranks among the 20 best food cities in the world.

Chiefing on some chronic before you eat is a great way to enhance the flavours of your food. While there are far too many amazing restaurants in Québec City to name them all, here are a few popular eateries you should visit while you’re checking out fun things to do in Québec City.

– iX Pour Bistro: if you’re looking for an interesting, festive, simple but well-executed dining experience, look no further than this top-rated restaurant in Québec City, iX Pour Bistro. French onion soup (often referred to as the best in the world). Scallops. Duck Confit. Chuck beef brisket. Citrus pie. Chocolate lava cake. Key lime pie. From succulent appetizers to fusion dinner platters to decadent desserts, this restaurant has it all, and guests rave about all these dishes and more. Be sure that you call ahead to make a reservation if you want to check out this dining experience in Québec City.
– Laurie Raphaël: this is a more refined and upscale restaurant that offers a wide range of creative French-Québécois dishes in a glamourous setting. The selection of wines complements the food on the menu perfectly. You are welcomed into the restaurant from a sliding glass door and greeted by the kitchen staff. Some of the popular dishes include the Sous-Vide halibut, seared tuna, roasted quail, and foil gras. This restaurant is famous for its multiple course dinners that allow you to sample a variety of seafood and exotic game.
– Bachir: ready for a Middle Eastern restaurant that’s low-priced and gets your taste buds singing? Look no further than Bachir. Shawarma sandwiches at this venue are to-die-for and the price will leave you with plenty of pocket change to continue exploring the city. Besides the obvious Shawarma hits, other popular dishes at this venue include the Baklava, falafel, and the shish taouk plate. Another amazing perk about eating at Bachir is that they have an impressive selection of vegetarian and vegan plates.
– Phil Smoked Meat: get your buzz on and head down to this classic restaurant where you will find authentic Canadian food piled high on your plate for a moderate price. Did anyone say poutine? If you are a foodie and have yet to experience this wondrous mountain of crispy French fries smothered in gooey cheese, gravy, and different options including smoked meats or vegetarian toppings that’s known as poutine – you owe it to yourself to head over to Phil’s see what all the rage is about.

(Image Source:

6. Pack a Bowl and Toke Before Seeing the Aquarium of Québec

As you might have already realized, French is the predominant language spoken in Québec, so it’s worthwhile to mention that this venue is often referred to as the “Aquarium du Québec” by many of the locals. Buy hash online and top your cannabis with this sticky concentrate to enhance your buzz before you visit this magical aquatic wonderland.

Incredibly massive in size, this facility sits on a 16-hectare (40-acre) property and is home to more than 10,000 animals from more than 300 different species. Inside the Aquarium, you can explore the ecosystems of the Canadian waters and St. Lawrence River while you learn more about northern plant and animal life. You’re going to find all kinds of animals here, including:

– Reptiles
– Fresh- and salt-water fish
– Pacific walruses
– Seals
– Polar bears
– Arctic foxes

The following is a very detailed review of the Aquarium left by the user named Normally on TripAdvisor:

“The Quebec City Aquarium is not just for aquatic animals. It has several buildings and displays on the property. 60% of the aquarium is indoors and 40% is outdoors. Due to a local zoo closing, it acquired some animals that are in some outdoor displays. There is a polar bear, arctic foxes and two types of owls to name a few.

“The aquarium has some really cool aquatic displays, some which you walk around on a spiraling path and another where you walk through a glass tunnel and the fish are swimming all around you. One unexpected display was the Stingray Pool, where you can actually pet a variety of stingrays add they swim by you. The person working for the aquarium in this area was very informative and fun to talk to.”

If you want to learn more about the visiting hours and other operating information for the Aquarium, visit their page on the official Sépaq website.

By Boréal – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0Link)

7. Dab Live Resin Before Visiting the Notre Dame Basilica

If you’re looking for the ultimate high, look no further than the world of cannabis concentrates. Buy live resin online Canada wide, and dab some insanely potent terp sauce before you go to the Notre-Dame-de-Québec Basilica (French pronunciation).

If you’re checking out things to do in Québec City, your experience truly will not be complete until you visit the famous Notre Dame Basilica. The historic building has manned its position right in the heart of Old Québec ever since 1647, which makes it one of the oldest cathedrals in North America.

Don’t let the humble exterior fool you. Once you go inside of this historic building, the real magic begins. The interior of the building is simply breathtaking and gilded in shimmering gold leaf and packed full of religious paintings and treasures that date back to the period of French-colonial days. Want to get a little spooky during your visit to the Basilica? Check out the crypt which is the resting place of more than 900 people, including cardinals, governors, and archbishops.

Visitors who toured the Basilica recently often recommended going during Mass, which is pictured above. Be sure you take up the opportunity to go on one of the guided tours so that you don’t miss any of the interesting aspects of the building and the guides are full of information. You can learn more about the venue by visiting the cathedral’s website.

By U.S. Navy photo by Senior Chief Musician Aaron Porter – This Image was released by the United States Navy with the ID 090830-N-5843P-043 (next).This tag does not indicate the copyright status of the attached work. A normal copyright tag is still required. See Commons:Licensing.বাংলা | Deutsch | English | español | euskara | فارسی | français | italiano | 日本語 | 한국어 | македонски | മലയാളം | Plattdüütsch | Nederlands | polski | پښتو | português | svenska | Türkçe | українська | 中文 | 中文(简体)‎ | +/−, Public Domain, Link)

8. Eat Cannabis Edibles and Shop at Quartier Petit-Champlain

If you’re one of the thousands of cannabis users that swear by the intense and long-lasting effects of cannabis edibles, buy edibles online and eat them before you shop at the Quartier Petit-Champlain district. If you’re not familiar with the incredible highs that only edibles can provide, you should definitely check them out!

You will find the Quartier Petit-Champlain shopping district along the southeast edge of Old Québec. Here’s an interesting fact: the Quartier Petit-Champlain is actually the oldest shopping district in North America.

It’s truly a great place to pick up souvenirs while you’re checking out fun things to do in Québec City. Numerous boutique shops and cozy cafes that are developed out of old restored houses line the streets of this district. If you want to avoid the crowds, hit up this part of town either in the early morning or late in the evening. The following is a review of this shopping district from Audrey S. left on TripAdvisor:

“If you like unique boutiques and people watching then this is the place for you. Feels like Europe. Make sure you have something to eat and pick up a bottle of wine to take home with you.”

If you would like more information about this section of Old Québec, check out this area’s website.

By Christophe.Finot – Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5Link)

9. Dose THC or CBD Oil and Go on a Whale-Watching Excursion

Want to enjoy a strong cannabis buzz while you’re on a whale-watching excursion? The best way to stay high while in a place that might not allow you to vape or smoke weed is to dose up on cannabidiol (CBD), Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), or both with high-quality cannabis oil extracts. Buy cannabis oil online and bring it with you for a full-day or half-day whale-watching trip from Québec City.

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy an exciting adventure on the water, you owe it to yourself to check out the whale-watching excursion, which offers pickup from one of 25 different accommodations in Québec City.

A deluxe motor coach will drive you along the St. Lawrence River to the town of Baie-Sainte-Catherine, which is considered the most beautiful whale-watching site in the entire world by many enthusiasts.

While most travelers will opt for the full-day excursion upon the tri-level AML Grand Fleuve, you can also opt for the speedy three-hour whale watching tour on the Zodiac. The AML Grand Fleuve is known for being the best observation boat in all of Canada with glassed-in panoramic decks, terraces, and an observation platform, all perfect for capturing the ultimate views of the animals. The upper deck is covered for enjoyment in any weather condition, and you will also find a bistro and a gift shop aboard this boat.

The Zodiac is a smaller, speedier vessel and it does provide a much closer experience with the belugas, seals, and whales. Once your excursion comes to a close, you will take the bus back to Québec City for drop-off. Check out the Croisières AML official website for more information about their whale-watching tours.

By Hans Bernhard (Schnobby) – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0Link)

10. Dab Shatter as You Enjoy the Québec Pub Crawl

Shatter is an incredible cannabis concentrate that allows you to achieve a super strong high that lasts for hours from just one or two hits off a vaporizer or dab rig. While it can be loaded into your vaporizer and vaped, it’s a bit cumbersome and most users prefer dabbing shatter. Buy shatter online Canada wide, bring along your most compact tools, and be sure you dab or vape in the approved zones while you check out Québec City’s nightlife on the popular Pub Crawl.

Québec City has a raging nightlife scene, but it can be difficult to navigate for yourself the best spots to hit up while you’re out on the town. For this reason, we recommend checking out the pub crawl to enjoy an epic night out. This tour is available every Friday and Saturday night year-round, and it takes you to at least three or four bars and one of the most famous nightclubs in the city. All of the destinations are within a 10-minute walk of each other, and include but are not limited to the following venues:

– Patrizio
– Jack Saloon
– Pub Nelligan’s
– Rideau Rouge
– La Piazz
– La Faucheuse
– Le Sacrilège

Be sure that you wear comfortable shoes and pace yourself so that you can make it through the entire pub crawl that lasts until 3 a.m. Check the Pub Crawl’s official website for more information about this late-night adventure in Québec City.

(Image Source:

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