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Buy Weed Online & Check Out These 10 Things to do in Kelowna

Everything’s better when you’re high. Flowers smell stronger. Food is more scrumptious. Activities and sightings are enhanced when you’re stoned. Because of these reasons, cannabis tourism, or experiencing cannabis while travelling, is gaining in popularity.

Check out these 10 things to do in Kelowna while you’re high to make the most of every moment of your trip.

A Little Background on Kelowna Marijuana Scene

Derived from the Okanagan language for the word “grizzly bear”, the name, Kelowna for a town in British Columbia, Canada is quite fitting considering the wildlife native to the area.

Speaking of “wild life”, Kelowna is the perfect area for burnouts! With an abundance of parks, peaks, ski resorts, and the popping Kelowna marijuana scene, you’re going to freak out about all the things to do in Kelowna that can be enhanced by making cannabis a part of your outing.

As always, abide by the Canadian regulations when it comes to cannabis and travel. Pack accordingly. Buy weed online Kelowna-wide to take with you on your trip.

Looking for a summer hot spot where you can smoke out and get in touch with nature? Maybe you’re craving a winter wonderland. No matter what season it is when you go, Okanagan, Kelowna is a killer spot to spend with friends or family. When it comes to cannabis, Kelowna has got it going on with options to enjoy weed lakeside or while you’re skiing one of the mountains nearby.

1. Smoke Weed and Visit Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park

Want to take in the ultimate views while you got a nice high going on? Burn a joint with your travelling companion before, either by hiking or biking, checking out one of the most epic parks in Kelowna, Myra Canyon Park.

Once inside, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy with trails throughout the canyon and more than 18 different trestle bridges with breathtaking views. Get lost and explore two of the impressive tunnels while you’re stoned out of your mind (please don’t literally try to get lost, Kelowna is named after the grizzly bear for a reason!)

It’s funny how smoking cannabis makes you appreciate even the smaller things in life, the finer details if you will. You’ll also find this true when you get blazed before attending a guided tour in which you can dig in, literally, to all the details and history of the Myra Canyon according to the Myra Canyon Restoration Society.

By The original uploader was Jinkmeister at English Wikipedia. – Own work by the original uploader, Public Domain, Link )

2. Get High with Locals at Hot Sands Beach

Slowly but surely, much of the stigma associated with cannabis use is beginning to fade.

One of the (many) beautiful things about the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada, is that people are allowed to come out of their shells. Break out of hiding, if you will, and socialize with other like-minded potheads or people than approve of or enjoy cannabis.

Hot Sands Beach is a place on Okanagan Lake in Kelowna where you have the opportunity to do just that. Don’t have any headies on hand? No worries, buy weed from a marijuana dispensary Kelowna residents use that either sells weed online that or is a brick-and-mortar store.

In addition to finding a couple groups of stoners already hanging out on the beach, there’s also plenty to do there with your choice of:

– Basketball courts
– Volleyball courts
– Water park
– Skate park
– Playground
– Wash rooms/Change rooms
– On-site rentals
– Long sandy beaches

Check out this local hot spot in the summer and jam out during a live music festival such as many of the events advertised on Parks Alive! and local buskers and vendors. In this venue, dogs are allowed but only when leashed on the pathways and boardwalks and are not permitted on the actual beach.

CC BY-SA 3.0, Link)

3. Vape Some Dabs at Sarson’s Beach

Ready to hit a K-town weed hotspot? Grab your dabs and head down to Sarson’s Beach which is also a stoner-friendly spot along Okanagan Lake.

Whether you’re wanting to spend an afternoon chilling with some friends smoking out or a date night with a little Mary Jane included, Sarson’s Beach is a great place to consume as it is more private, quiet, and less crowded than some other beach options in Kelowna.

(Image Source:

4. Let Sativa Energize You to Hike Up Kuiper’s Peak

Roll up some sativa joints and set out on a trek up Kuiper’s Peak. It’s a high hike, but if you buy a dank strain of sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis, you can get inspired and trek up the mountain for beautiful views of the lake and breathtaking panoramic photographic opportunities at the top of the peak. It’s a short trek at only five to ten minutes, so you can easily fit it into an afternoon filled with other stoner activities.

Kuiper’s Peak is an exceptional place to enjoy the outdoors in Kelowna. Altogether, the park is 11 hectares in size and offers designated spots to hike, run, and get close to nature. In 2003, the park was damaged in the large-scale Okanagan Mountain Park Fire — which makes it an inspiring place to see how an area can recover from such a catastrophic event.

(Image Source:

5. Adventurous Potheads Explore Waterfalls in Christie Falls

Do you like a challenge? A hike up mountains in Christie Falls is an accomplishment that pays off with “out-of-this-world” waterfall scenes that look they are straight out of a storybook. If you are the type of pothead or cannabis user looking for an adventure, you’ll love this hike. Take some dabs.

This eight kilometre loop takes approximately two hours to complete. You will make your way through thick brush found throughout British Columbia that is relatively easy to hike.

Ready to get higher? The elevation gain is an impressive 137 metres, and the final waterfall makes every bit of the haul worth it.

Don’t forget to check out the cave during your trip. It’s near the waterfall and other hikers call the park kid-friendly. Pack your favourite munchies and bring some edibles along as you’re going to want to spend an entire day at this park. Dab out on some killer cannabis shatter that can inspire you and help you take some artistic photos to cherish!

(Image Source:

6. Stoners Love Big White Ski Resort

Times they are a changing. In 2019, there is nothing more Canadian than smoking weed and hitting a ski resort.

While in Kelowna cannabis-indulging and sightseeing, be sure to spend some time at the Big White Ski Resort. Hit the Power Glades and Enchanted Forest runs that are fun to conquer when baked, (almost like video games, if you will).

You can do practically everything at this inclusive ski resort in Kelowna, including:

– Tubing
– Ice-skating
– Skiing
– Ice-climbing walls
– Dog-sled tours
– Heli-skiing (you get exclusive use of a helicopter)
– Snowshoeing
– Snowmobile tours
– Snowboarding
– Horse-drawn sleigh rides
– Night skiing
– Fat biking

If all that isn’t enough, this VIP stoner’s dream resort includes a spa that can help you unwind after a long day. Spa treatments go nice with some relaxing and pain-easing indica cannabis flowers.

Indica cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) have benefits medical marijuana Kelowna citizens’ rely on for relief of:

– Chronic pain
– Inflammation
– Seizures
– Other medical conditions

By The original uploader was Hamedog at English Wikipedia. – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by Herzi Pinki using CommonsHelper., CC BY-SA 3.0, Link)

7. Enhance the Flavours of Wine-Tasting with Cannabis

It’s no secret that cannabis makes everything taste better by like a thousand times! This is also true when it comes to wine. While you are enjoying time in what’s known as the “Napa of the North”, you can attend a wine-tasting tour.

Many tours are available throughout Kelowna, including the family-owned Quails’ Gate Winery, which offers guided tours that explore their vineyards and wine tasting in their own private library.

Got the munchies? It’s also worth a mention that their on-site restaurant is crazy-popular among the locals and travellers alike, and it’s rated among the top 100 restaurants in Canada.

Another popular establishment that offers wine-tasting tours is the Summerhill Pyramid Winery. There you can tour the vineyards and you can get blazed and indulge in award-winning wines. Hungry? They have a bistro with mouth-watering sandwiches, perfect for high food, and both wineries have guest houses where you can stay overnight.

By KellyFlickr: Mission Hill, CC BY 2.0, Link)

8. Blaze Out and Check Out Kelowna Nightlife

Whether it’s catching a live outdoor concert at a local pub or hitting a popular upscale night club, there’s plenty to do in Kelowna. Not only is there a big downtown drinking and clubbing scene, the K-town weed vibe is strong throughout the various bars and nightclubs in the city as well. A few hot spots include:

Doc Willoughby’s Pub: this laid-back pub is a stoner’s dream hangout with a full line-up of live bands that regularly perform. Doc Willoughby’s is humbly placed in the heart of the city.
Sapphire NightClub: do you love to get stoned and check out the happening nightclubs? If you want racy art, sexy clubbers and tantalizing drinks, then you might want to visit the Sapphire Night Club in Kelowna.
Tonic’s Pub: high quality and amazing prices, Tonic’s Pub has been a favourite among the locals for years. It’s an ideal spot to experience downtown Kelowna with great food on casual or formal nights out. This is a good spot if you like to mix your cannabis buzz with some high-quality tequila, premium wines, and import or craft beers.

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9. Kelowna Marijuana Folk Love Visiting the Parks

Does getting high and warming up with a cup of hot cocoa on a mountain top sound good to you? Would you like hitting some dabs and enjoying the sunny beach and cooling off in the Okanagan Lake? With the variety of parks available all over Kelowna, you can choose your pastime and spend the day getting high and enjoying nature.

You might want to smoke some chronic and explore the following notable parks in Kelowna, although there are more:

Bear Creek Provincial Park: this is a popular park that has a nice beach and camping area. Don’t be a stoner and forget to plan in advance! A reservation is required for the camping area. Hiking is enjoyable there and you will find a beautiful waterfall.
Knox Mountain Park: proud to be known as the largest park in Kelowna, this is a big park that has a ton of hiking area for guests who like to get stoned and walk around outdoors! All your favourite outdoor sports are available here such as pickleball, swimming, and disc golf.
Waterfront Park: known for its extensive boardwalk and trendy art scene, this is a great park where you can get ripped and appreciate art and culture in picturesque scenery.

By Hamedog at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link)

10. Silver Star Ski Mountain Resort

Love the rush of winter mountain sports? Skiing and snowboarding and so much more are even more fun when you’re fried. SilverStar Mountain Resort is a great place where you can enjoy more than 3,282 skiable acres and ski-in ski-out access to the slopes with a unique lift ticket system.

The Champagne Powder side of the mountain offers a varied terrain. The slopes there are great for beginners with more than 132 runs. Experienced skiers are going to love the 1,900 acres on the uncrowded paradise on the backside of the mountain with black and double black diamond runs.

(Image Source:

Ready to Hit Up Some of These Things to do in Kelowna?

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