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High Voltage Extracts

What Are High Voltage Extracts (And How To Get Them!) 

There’s nothing like smoking a reliable vape, but when you add on a High Voltage Extracts cart, you’re in for a one-of-a-kind experience. If you’ve never enjoyed a High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract before, this is going to change how you look at sauce for the rest of your life. 

These cartridges can be shipped all throughout Canada. They’ve been making waves as the biggest and best source of THC and terpenes this side of the cannabis flower itself. In fact, the strains available contains the same flavor profiles as you’d find in those very strains. 

This is something that other cart brands just can’t offer. We got tired of the generic and chemical taste of most carts, and after we switched to High Voltage Extracts, we never looked back. 

Let’s jump into what makes High Voltage Extracts so unique, how their products are made, and just what the local cannabis cartridge community has been saying about them! 

What are High Voltage Extracts?

High Voltage Extracts are High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts. Most carts and other extracts are made by extracting high amounts of THC, but these leave much of the terpene content behind. 

Its cartridge still has the rich flavour, aroma, and full spectrum effect of your favourite strains of cannabis. For example, the Grape Diamonds cart is rich in myrcene and other terpenes. This is ideal for anyone looking to get the full medicinal benefits of a strain while still enjoying carts and a rich flavour profile.

Let’s do a little behind the scenes research into this.

What Is It Made Of? 

All cannabis extracts start with a cannabis plant. High Voltage Extracts uses high-quality strains and premier ingredients to create their HTFSE. These live extracts have similar flavor profiles to the original strain because they retain much of the original terpene profiles. 

High Voltage Extracts contain terpenes, THC, and other cannabinoids. These profiles are often similar to the strain that they were extracted.

What Are HVE Products? 

High Voltage Extracts Canada creates cannabis cartridges that still have the original terpene profile of the strain they are based on. High Voltage Extracts makes hybrid, sativa, and indica carts that are perfect for vaping for pleasure as well as for potential medicinal benefits. 

The Different Flavors of HVEs

You can find countless flavours of High Voltage Extracts carts

High Voltage Extracts makes flavours ranging from Mandarin Cookies to Nuken. In addition, high Voltage Extracts create carts for strains of cannabis that include sweet, “dessert” strains and some of the dankest types of cannabis around.

High Voltage Extract Cartridge vs Other Cartridges

It’s easy to see why High Voltage Extracts carts are better than similar products on the market. It all starts with the sauce.

The Right Ingredients  

Most of the cannabis carts you find on the market are made using cheap ingredients and cheap extraction methods. These other brands of cartridges are full of THC, but they’re missing the flavour, aroma, and entourage effect you can find with High Voltage Extracts cartridges.

With High Voltage Extracts, it’s like you’re smoking the flower itself. This has countless benefits that go way beyond what other brands are up to. 

Terpenes combine with major and minor cannabinoids in ways researchers are still working on understanding. So whether you’re looking for the smoothest high or medicinal benefits, you owe it to yourself to grab vape carts that are as close to the real deal as possible.

Quality and Extract Purity 

Quality is also a big factor that sets High Voltage Extracts apart from the competition. Purity is what defines a good sauce and it creates an outstandingly pure extract. Other brands are held back by leftover solvents and byproducts from the initial extraction process. 

What are the strains of High Voltage Extracts?

A cartridge brand is only as good as the strains that it brings to the market. Whether you’re enjoying a vape or a good dab, you want to make sure that you’ve got a wide variety of options when you’re picking strains.

Indica, sativa, or hybrid—each of these types of cannabis brings something different to the smoking experience. This is just as true for individuals looking for the right kind of high as it is for individuals who are smoking for a medicinal benefit.

This is why High Voltage Extracts is the top of the line when it comes to carts. Their carts feature a constantly expanding range of cannabis strains. Let’s take a look at a few of their best. 

High Voltage Extracts Mandarin Cookies

The High Voltage Extracts Mandarin Cookies cart is one of their best. This is a Sativa dominant strain, but it’s also widely recognized for how relaxing it gets. This gives you a unique high that is cognitive and you for it, but also deeply calming for your body.

The medical cannabis community also respects its ability to address anxiety, sleep, and depression issues.

High Voltage Extracts keep all of those vital terpenes from Mandarin Cookies. This means you can enjoy the slightly sweet citrus flavour and a classic dank cannabis aroma while smoking. This is an ideal strain for kicking back without worrying about being sucked into the couch.

High Voltage Extracts Romulan Sauce Cartridge

The High Voltage Extracts Romulan Sauce Cartridge is just out of this world! Romulan is one of those legendary strains known for its ability to calm, relax, and help even the most overworked person unwind and slowly melt into the couch.

When High Voltage Extracts makes their Romulan sauce, they do all of the extra work necessary to keep that delicious pine aroma intact. One hit off this cart, and you’ll be able to practically see the dense and frosty nugs of Romulan that went into the extraction process. 

However, what if Mandarin Cookies or Romulan aren’t the strains for you? Here’s a quick rundown of a few of the most popular strains available. 

  • 10th Planet R1
  • Rockstar 
  • Mimosa
  • Critique 
  • Blue City Diesel
  • Chemdawg
  • Superlemon

Purchasing HVEs in Canada

There are plenty of places to buy High Voltage Extracts in Canada. You can even get their carts shipped directly to your doorstep. That’s high quality, affordable, terpene rich carts without having to leave the comfort of your home.  

HVE Reviews

The reviews for these cartridges are always 4 star better. They stand out not only for the quality of the cannabis, but also the build of the cartridge itself. He was what people have been raving about.

It goes without saying that the flavor and high from these cartridges is outstanding. The inclusion of terpenes rounds out the experience and gives you something that you just can’t find from other vape pens.

Then you have the build quality itself. These cartridges are long-lasting and easy to pass around a room full of people. They can stand up to just about any typical smoking situation. 

Fan favorite strains include Lemon Haze and Romulan, but new products are always generating a good buzz—and we don’t just mean the high! 

Pros: The Upsides

  • Delicious terpenes 
  • Closest that vaping gets to smoking actual flower 
  • Well-rounded high
  • Medicinal benefits 
  • Delivery available from many shops

Cons: The downsides

  • Carts aren’t for everyone 
  • Will need to have the gear for using a cart 

Final Thoughts on HVEs

High Voltage Extracts makes HTFSE products containing the rich terpenes that make smoking weed enjoyable and beneficial. Their carts are made to the highest standards but offer a budget-friendly smoking experience.

Whether you’re looking for a Sativa strain that will awaken your creative side or a potent indica that will help with medical conditions and bring on the relaxation, High Voltage Extracts has you covered.

High Voltage Extracts carts have bold flavours and offer the full spectrum effect that vape fans want. Their carts are available from Canada’s best online cannabis retailers, and you can get them shipped right to your doorstep! So order your favourite product with us here at BuyMyWeedOnline.  

HVE Online Reviews

  1. High Voltage Extracts
    5 out of 5


    been taking the silver 100 or gold 200 for a few years now. one capsule a day, its had a noticeably positive effect on my mental acuity and mental sharpness. well worth the efforts,
  2. High Voltage Extracts
    5 out of 5


    Purple space cookies was all I hoped it would be! Managed my anxiety quickly & certainly improved sleeping. I would recomend this.
  3. High Voltage Extracts
    3 out of 5


    I'm dissapointed, not gonna lie. I really wanted to love it and make it my favorite but I can't. The texture is meh, the taste is okay but that after taste is violent and it overstays it's welcome. Also the buzz is kinda quick but it's boring, even if i take one and a half. Maybe i need to take a handful to have a fun high (which surprises me cause my tolerance isn't that high) , but other than feeling relax for an hour, slightly buzzed the next. it doesn't do much for me. looks like ill hate to stick to the twisted singles again for a while. also this is personal to me. maybe it's because its an hybrid, i usually take sativa. ik tons of people love this product and it's valid too! if you love hybrids, if you wanna relax and sleep well, do it. but if you expect a fun, hilarious high. either take 5 of them or buy another product
  4. High Voltage Extracts
    5 out of 5

    Cody Mckay

    Very good smoke
  5. High Voltage Extracts
    5 out of 5


    So far, this is my absolute favorite. Amazing high. GREAT taste. It's literally just candy. For me there's barely any after taste, the fact that it's sugarcoated makes it so much more better. If i didn't know there was thc in it i'd eat the whole bag so quick. Perfect for beginners, or people who havent eaten edibles in ages. If youre hesitating between jelly bombs and this pls go with the twisted singles, trust me. The high his better, you have more of it, there's no comparison I really wanna try the indica but im afraid it'll knock me TF out. Still gonna buy tho. also i wanna say bmwo is just simply amazing, sh*t ships faster than amazon on GOD. yall got yourself a faithful costumer i hate myself for not buying from them sooner and wasting money a sqdc 🤮

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