High Voltage Extracts

High voltage Extracts is another small business that aims to provide its customers with the best quality of medicinal marijuana extracts. Like all great businesses, they are fully involved in the step-by-step processes of developing the best cannabis extracts for their customers and patients alike.

About High Voltage Extracts

At High Voltage, all their premium quality concentrates are extracted from flowers grown on Vancouver Island. A dedicated team is responsible for personally extracting, packaging, and distributing the final products. This means that High Voltage is a hundred percent involved every step of the way. As a customer or a patient, you can rest easy knowing you will get unique and high-grade live resins, sauces, cartridges, and edibles; all prepared from the freshest cannabis flower.

Cannabis plants have been known to contain over two hundred different types of terpenes, each with its own unique characteristics based on medical use, therapeutic use, and psychological effects. This means every extract that differs from the other and has different terpenes will offer a different effect, based on what the user prefers.

This way, you can buy any strain of High Voltage sauce or live resin, choose any product based on what you need, and experience a completely different effect in all. This helps customers fulfill different requirements, medicinal or recreational.

High Voltage Extracts Products

What High Voltage Extracts are probably infamous for is their Live Resin Extract. It’s considered a premium quality product and among the highest standard concentrates developed by some of the best local producers in British Columbia. High Voltage Extracts’ highly qualified team of producers have become infamous for their recent breakthroughs in concentrate production and have several awards under their belt; including multiple 1st place awards at Karma Cup 2019!

By implementing their expertise, High Voltage Extracts is able to create the highly praised concentrate that retains most of its terpenes, cannabinoids, and the essence of the specific flower the extract is obtained from. Their standard grade Live Resin delivers a euphoric, long-lasting high with a stimulating psychoactive effect.

High Voltage Extracts also provide a range of other products you can choose from which include:

  • Live Resin & Sauce
  • Baller Jars (Bulk Sauce)
  • Vape Carts
  • The Budibles
  • Elix Drink Mixes

High Voltage Quality

With High Voltage Extract, you’ll find exactly the kind of product you’re looking for; just the right intensity of ingredients to satisfy your preferences.

Every cannabis plant is distinct for the scent it has and the kind of flavor it’ll give. The deciding factor for that is the terpene content. The highest-quality extract will have a high terpene content and a variety of them.

High Voltage Extracts is diligent in using the freshest quality of flowers and plant material in all the extractions, applying careful techniques to retain as much of that much-loved terpene content as possible. It’s what makes the extract uniquely flavorful.