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CBD oil is one of the most popular cannabinoids out there. CBD is found in hemp and cannabis. It’s also been linked to some promising medical research into pain relief, anxiety management, and other potential health benefits.. BMWO is the best way to have weed, edibles, and even shrooms sent right to your door in Canada. Buy My Weed Online also has a fresh selection of CBD products that is always being updated with new finds. If you’re a fan of THC, then the benefits of CBD oil are going to be exactly what you’re looking for.

How is CBD Oil Different From Hemp Oil?

The big difference between CBD oil and hemp oil is that hemp oil contains virtually no CBD. Hemp oil is a culinary product that is made by cold pressing hemp seeds to extract the oil they contain. CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from hemp plants and refining that into an oil that can be used in edibles and other CBD products.

CBD Oil Overview

CBD oil is a great way to explore the potential benefits of CBD. You can use CBD oil as a topical, edible, or even smoke CBD using a vape.

CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from the hemp plant. CBD oil can be pure CBD which is known as CBD isolate. It can also be broad-spectrum CBD which means it contains other cannabinoids and terpenes. Full-spectrum CBD contains all of those other cannabinoids, terpenes, and less than 0.3% THC.

CBD is also not psychoactive, meaning that CBD cannot get you high no matter how much you take. It is ideal for people looking for medicinal benefits without having to get high along the way. 

Researchers are still putting together all the potential benefits of CBD. But here are a few of the areas that scientists have found.

  • Pain Relief
  • Heart Health
  • Neuroprotective Properties
  • Reducing Anxiety 
  • Mental Health Benefits 
  • Could Relieve Symptoms of Some Cancers
  • Potential Sleep Aid
  • Anti-inflammatory 


New research is showing a wide range of CBD oil benefits. The uses of CBD oil are always expanding as medical researchers pick up on new ways to test and use CBD oil. 

Here’s just a few of the potential health uses of CBD oil and what the science has to say about CBD. 

Pain and Inflammation

One of the oldest benefits of cannabis and CBD oil is pain relief. 

Research shows that people are warming up to the idea of using CBD to help treat pain and other conditions. Studies suggest that CBD can help with different types of pain, but the biggest benefits are seen when it’s combined with THC.

Studies in mice show that CBD could have a benefit in treating arthritis, but studies using humans have yet to conduct. 


Anxiety is one of the biggest mental health issues faced by people today. Luck enough, one of the benefits of CBD oil is anxiety relief.

CBD oil has been shown to be effective in helping people with different types of anxiety- including social anxiety, PTSD, and other types of anxiety.

CBD can also help better manage some of the symptoms of anxiety. One study showed that CBD can help individuals with anxiety fall asleep easier. 

Mental Health 

CBD also has wider applications when it comes to helping people find relief from different mental health conditions. CBD looks to be very effective when it comes to anxiety and PTSD, but what about other types of mental health problems?

Plenty of individuals with depression report that CBD has benefited them. However, researchers have yet to look closely at the ways that CBD can help with depression. Researchers are currently looking into how CBD can be used as part of a range of mental health treatment options.


One of the most well-studied and well-documented benefits of CBD is that it is used as an anti-inflammatory compound.

CBD has been shown to be effective in reducing inflammation. Researchers theorize that this is because CBD blocks activity on the CB1 and CB2 receptors. CBD oil, CBD Vapes, and CBD edibles can all be effective in helping to reduce inflammation.

Inflammation contributes to countless health problems. Inflammation plays a role in everything from a sprained ankle to chronic depression. Anything that can help reduce inflammation, like CBD, can have powerful health effects.

Sleep Aid

Cannabinoids are well known for helping people get some well-earned rest. CBD is no exception. Early research shows that CBD can help people fall asleep and stay asleep, but further research is needed, especially when it comes to long-term studies. 

Neuroprotective Properties 

Cannabinoids like CBD are showing a lot of promise when it comes to their neuroprotective properties. CBD is another cannabinoid that is being studied when it comes to helping individuals with neurological conditions.

There’s a growing body of evidence that suggests that CBD can be used to help with conditions that cause involuntary muscle spasms or seizures. There have been several studies that I’ve looked into how CBD can help individuals with chronic seizures.

CBD has also been studied when it comes to relieving symptoms of Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis

Heart Health and More

Researchers are just beginning to find the true potential of CBD oil. The benefits of CBD oil go way beyond what we currently know, which means there’s a future full of exciting research out there.

A pioneering study recently concluded that CBD oil can be effective in improving heart health in men. CBD oil has also been used to help individuals with cancer manage pain and improve their appetite. CBD is also being studied as a way to help people better manage addiction to substances like heroin. 

Side Effects and Risks

You should know the few CBD oil side effects. These are typically very mild, but it’s always good to know any potential problems with using CBD oil. 


CBD is considered to be extremely well tolerated by humans. This means that it has very few side effects and those side effects are typically mild. Research has identified a few common side effects of CBD, which includes: 

  • Fatigue 
  • Diarrhea  
  • Changes in Weight
  • Changes in Appetite

People also report that CBD can have adverse reactions on their mood when taking higher doses. 

  • Changes in Mood


CBD oil is currently not known to have any severe side effects on its own. This doesn’t mean there are no severe side effects, but it only means that researchers haven’t had enough time to study CBD oil to find out if there are any.

You should always buy your CBD oil, and especially your vapes, from a reliable retailer like BMWO. There have been reports of contaminated CBD vapes that have caused severe side effects. 

Interaction with Medications

A recent review looked at the potential interactions that CBD can have with other medications. CBD might interact with your medication, so you should always talk with your doctor about any potential interactions that you might experience. 


CBD has the potential to affect the metabolism of some immune-suppressing medications. This can potentially increase the risk or severity of side effects of these immune-suppressing drugs. 


The same study found that there’s the potential for CBD to block the creation of the enzyme that metabolizes some common antidepressants. This includes SSRIs, tricyclic antidepressants, and MAOI inhibitors. This can cause these antidepressants to stay in the blood for too long, which leads to some unpleasant side effects. 

CBD and Alcohol 

CBD has a complicated interaction with alcohol that has yet to be fully studied. 

Some early research shows that CBD can reduce some of the harmful effects of alcohol.

People who took CBD before drinking alcohol performed better on certain tests compared to those who did not take CBD before drinking.

This research is still very early, so nothing conclusive can be said yet. 

Anti-Seizure Medication 

Researchers have found that CBD has a clear interaction with anti-seizure medication. This interaction often depends on the specific type of anti-seizure medication, but it can range from lethargy and diarrhea to more serious side effects. 


The right CBD dosage for you depends on what you want to get out of your CBD experience. A very low dosage of CBD might be the right amount for you, whereas other individuals could be looking for much higher doses.

CBD doses of up to 1,000 mg a day seem to be very well tolerated by people in general. Yet, your tolerance, metabolism, and biology are all going to determine the right CBD dose for you.

We always recommend starting out with a small dose and then working your way as you get comfortable with CBD. Discussing CBD with the healthcare provider is always recommended, just like starting any other supplement or wellness practice. 

How Do You Use CBD Oil?

You’ve got countless options for how you can use CBD oil. CBD can come in an edible, sublingual oil, topical cream, or even as a smokable CBD flower. 

Here’s how to take CBD oil.


Ingestion is one of the most popular ways to use CBD oil. CBD oil is swallowed and then processed through the digestive system before being absorbed by the liver.

Ingested CBD oil often takes much longer for the effects to be apparent. Digesting CBD oil can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. This depends on your metabolism as well as if you took the CBD oil on an empty stomach or not.


Sublingually holding CBD oil beneath the tongue for 30 to 60 seconds. This allows the CBD to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream through both the mucous membranes in the mouth as well as the blood vessels underneath the tongue. 

Sublingual CBD typically kicks in much faster than edible CBD. This is because it does not need the digestive system, and it gets directly into the bloodstream. Sublingual CBD can either be CBD oil or CBD powder. 

Skin Application

Topical products include lotions, creams, balms, and even bath products like soap or bath salts. These are absorbed through the surface of the skin.

Topicals tend to have a localized effect in the area where they were applied. The effects of topical CBD are often not felt throughout the body but are instead concentrated in one specific area. 


Inhalation is a very popular way to use CBD oil. The CBD oil is added to a vaporizer and then inhaled. This allows the CBD oil to be directly absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs.

Inhaling CBD oil is the fastest way to get the effects of CBD. Vaping or smoking CBD might not be the right choice for individuals with sensitive lungs or conditions like asthma. You always want to make sure that your CBD vape cartridges and CBD vape oil are purchased from a reliable retailer to avoid contaminated cartridges.

Should You Use CBD Oil?

The potential health benefits of CBD oil are promising, and even people outside of the hemp and cannabis community are realizing it.

The research into CBD oil is very early and still ongoing, but these early results are impressive. It’s linked to benefits such as pain management, anxiety reduction, mental health improvements, etc.

CBD oil is also very flexible when it comes to how you use it. It can also be added to a morning coffee or rubbed on the skin to reduce inflammation.

The decision to use CBD oil is in your hands, and you have plenty of options to try! 

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