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Spore Wellness

Discover Spore Wellness, a brand dedicated to improving well-being through microdosing mushroom capsules, available at BMWO. This brand blends traditional and modern approaches, offering a unique way to boost cognition, energy, and immune health.

Spore Wellness combines age-old wisdom with today’s science in their microdosing capsules.

They use powerful mushrooms and natural ingredients to cater to various wellness needs. Whether it’s Golden Teacher mushrooms for better cognition or Cordyceps for extra energy, every ingredient is chosen for its purity and effectiveness.

Plus, they offer vegan and gluten-free options, making wellness accessible to all who are into this lifestyle. At BMWO, the Spore Wellness lineup caters to different wellness goals, making sure that you get what you need at any given time. The Cognitive capsules help improve focus and memory, while the Energy capsules mix Golden Teacher with Cordyceps and Rhodiola for a natural boost. The Immune capsules use Reishi and Chaga mushrooms for stronger immunity, and the Essential capsules provide a pure mushroom micro-dose experience. Each product embodies the brand’s commitment to natural wellness. Browse the Spore Wellness collection at BMWO and step towards a balanced, enriched life. It's more than just feeling better; it’s about living a fuller life.
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