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EASE is a brand that seamlessly blends functionality with simplicity in its CBD Vape Liquid range.

Catering to those who seek a straightforward, effective way to experience the benefits of CBD, EASE offers a smooth entrance to the world of cannabis wellness.

Their CBD Vape Liquid boasts of a formulation free from Propylene Glycol, Alcohol, Artificial flavors, Diacetyl, acetyl propanol, or any diluents, ensuring a clean, unadulterated CBD experience.

This reflects a shared value with us at BMWO, where we prioritize offering products that are transparent in their composition, and effective in delivering the promised benefits. EASE is a brand for those who seek a straightforward, no-fuss approach to CBD consumption, aligning with our mission to provide accessible cannabis wellness. The EASE CBD Vape Liquid range is designed to cater to varied preferences and needs. Available in two potencies - 200mg and 400mg, housed in a 15ml bottle, it allows for a tailored CBD experience. The choice of flavors like Winter, Orange, Natural, and Lemon Lime further enhances the vaping journey. EASE ensures that every draw is a step towards tranquility and balance. Discover the simplicity and efficacy of EASE CBD Vape Liquid at BMWO. Embrace a brand that values purity, and embark on a smoother wellness journey with every puff.
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