Buy My Weed Online vs. West Coast Supply

It has only been a few years since the government legalized recreational marijuana across Canada, and the demand for weed has been growing aggressively. Today, more cannabis users then ever are getting their favorite products delivered to their doorstep by purchasing it online.

As a result, the online marijuana business has been booming, and this has encouraged more and more suppliers to set up websites and online dispensaries. The market is through the roof, as purchasing weed online has a lot of benefits. Unfortunately, with so many online stores to chose from, customers today do not know which way to turn.

With new online dispensaries opening up every day, the biggest problem faced by users all over the country is one of trust. While nearly all online dispensaries claim to be the best suppliers of recreational and medical marijuana in Canada, this is not the case. Only a handful of such online stores are able to provide the best quality products, variants, and manage deliveries all over the country at reasonable rates.

Thus, both new and old marijuana lovers all over the country need an expert opinion. Someone they can rely on, someone they can trust.

And this, exactly is what we do, by providing our readers with in-depth and critical comparisons of the top mail order marijuana websites operating all over the country.

In this article, we will be comparing Buy My Weed Online, one of the oldest stores in the business, with West Coast Supply, a prominent supplier of cannabis. Our comparison will be based on a few different criteria, such as each of the site’s product ranges, qualities, prices and promotions.

So without further ado, lets get right down to it.

Buy My Weed Online vs. West Coast Supply : Product Range

To begin with, the first thing that we will be looking at are the varieties and types of products that customers can expect to find on both dispensaries. Because essentially, both Buy My Weed Online and West Coast are online marijuana dispensaries stock large varieties of cannabis flowers, concentrates, and edibles, so this is where we will begin our comparison.

Beginning with both sites cannabis flowers range, we see that West Coast Supply have a small but nice collection of nearly 30 different types of Buds, Indica’s and Savita’s. The thing that we liked the most is that they offer numerous mix and match packages, which are a great deal for people with limited budgets.

On the other hand, we see that Buy My Weed Online has nearly 70 premium marijuana strains, all of which have been individually graded AAAA+ and curated for the true marijuana enthusiast.

To tell the truth, we were expecting nothing less from one of the oldest marijuana dispensaries of the country. Further research into their sites shows that nearly all of their strains are premium quality, highly popular varieties, containing everything from classic variants like OG Kush, and Super Lemon Haze, to modern favourites such as SkyWalker OG.

Looking next at Concentrates and Extracts, we find that once again Buy My Weed Online has a far greater collection than that of West Coast Supply’s. With over 60 different variants of premium quality tinctures, shatters, organic oils and budders, BMWO ensures that all your cravings are completely satisfied.

On the other hand, we see that West Coast supply stocks only 40 different kinds of extracts. Unfortunately, only a few of these are high selling well known brands and the majority are the types you probably have never heard of. So unless you are looking to experiment with something new, we recommend BMWO.

Lastly, we also see that both sites are dealing in edibles and marijuana accessories. Unfortunately, we see that West Coast Supply have a collection of 50+ edibles, and an incomplete section of accessories where they only sell vapes and one brand of pet treats. Whereas, BMWO proudly stocks numerous brands of extracts, oils and marijuana infused desserts, but also sells over 600 different and customizable brands and designs of rolling paper, bongs, pipes, lighters vapes and numerous other accessories.

After weighing in all these factors, our recommendation in terms of product variety is definitely Buy My Weed Online.

Buy My Weed Online vs. West Coast Supply : Product Quality – What Users Say

Now that we know how both dispensaries fare in terms of product range, it is now time to look at their product quality. For this part of our analysis, we will be turning to actual reviews on both sites to find out customers of both dispensaries think and feel about their purchases.

Logging in to both sites review and comments section, we see that both Buy My Weed Online and West Coast Supply have a star based rating and review system in place for their products. Looking first at West Coast Supply, we see a few products here and there with an average of 4/5 ratings and a few reviews as well. This makes sense for two reasons: firstly, because they are a newly opened store, and second, they do not stock many popular variants.

But on the other hand, when we look at BMWO, we see that nearly all their products have full 5/5 reviews, and numerous of them have between 80 and hundred reviews from actual users. This, again, is hardly surprising because BMWO are well known in the market because of their strict policies towards quality control and assurance.

One review of their AAAAA Rockstar read
WOW WOW WOW, A little harsh but WOW what a buzz, nice looking weed and smells delicious. Excellent weed. Thanks BMWO.

Thus, our recommendation would be Buy My Weed Online, since there you have a better chance of getting better quality weed from here.

Buy My Weed Online vs. West Coast Supply : Pricing

According to our experience, it doesn’t matter to most people what type of strain or quality of weed they are purchasing if they are not happy with the price they are paying for it. What this means is that prices are just as important as the product quality and type. This is why, we now try to find out what the average order per ounce can cost you at BMWO and West Coast Supply.
Looking first at West Coast Supply, we see that they say they “pride themselves on helping their customers find the cheapest indicas and savitas possible”. While this does seem like a sound business tactic for a new store to follow, it also can raise some questions as to why their product is so cheap. Additionally, we see that they have a minimum quarter ounce limit for each product, and a $40 minimum order requirement. While this may not seem like a lot to the experienced user, this certainly can be a hinderance for new users who are simply looking to experiment.
The average prices per ounce of cannabis flower at both stores are

West Coast Supply: $140 – $180
BMWO: $170-$210

At BMWO however, we see that there are no such minimum order limits, and their products do seem just a little more expensive. However, it must be kept in mind that BMWO has a much higher guarantee of quality and has a wider range of products available.

Buy My Weed Online vs. West Coast Supply : Promotions

After prices, it is also extremely important to look at the kinds of promotions and discounts one can avail at both dispensaries. Because after all, not many people can walk away from a good deal.

Beginning with West Coast Supply, we see that they have a few promotions which they proudly display on their homepage, and a couple more which can be found in the promos tab. These include upto 25% off for first time customers and another 25% discount on successful referrals. Additionally, they further have monthly sales and coupons which users can avail.

Similarly, when we turn to BMWO, we also see 25% discounts on referrals and first orders. However, they also have a fully fledged rewards system in place, free giveaways with nearly every order, and a loyalty program which ensures that you get the best qualities at the lowest prices. Additionally, BMWO are also extremely famous for their many sales, which include weekend and monthly flash sales, $99 per oz deals and numerous mix and match packages.

What’s more, all of these promotions can be found in their dedicated promotions section on the website. If this wasn’t all they have a monthly prize draw where they give away $3000 worth of prizes every single month, and winners can take away up to $1500 in product, prizes and store credit!

As a result, we have to say that BMWO certainly blows West Coast Supply out of the water when it comes to promotions.

Buy My Weed Online vs. West Coast Supply : Shipping & Customer Service

The last things that we will be looking at are the shipping and customer support options available at both dispensaries.

We see that both West Coast Supply and Buy My Weed Online ship their orders through Canada Post, however, the difference is in the charges.

BMWO has a standard $15 delivery charge, but you can get your parcels delivered for free if your total bill is above $99. And in a sense, this is extremely good news since the average order can cost between $100-150. This means that unless you are purchasing a sample to experiment, nearly all of you orders will delivered for free.

Unfortunately, to avail free shipping from West Coast, you need to place an order above $200. This in our opinion is unfair and above industry standards, thus our preference is towards BMWO.

Finally, looking at BMWO’s customer support options, we were quite glad to see that in addition to a standard FAQ and blog, they also had a 24 hour live chat service, using which customers can easily register their queries and concerns.

And while West Coast also has a fully equipped blog and FAQ section, they unfortunately have only provided their customers with an email box. While this does mean that you can register any concerns you have, it also means that it will take quite a few days for you to get a reply.