Buy My Weed Online vs. Kana Post

If you’re a Canadian who enjoys marijuana, you might know that the mail order marijuana business is experiencing a boom across the country. With legalization causing the industry to expand exponentially, it is no surprise to anyone that new websites selling weed online are opening up every day. With more and more customers choosing to buy weed online, there are more online dispensaries than ever, to choose from. Buy My Weed Online and Kana Post are two well known mail order marijuana websites in Canada.

With so many new dispensaries, come new problems for customers. This is because there’s too much choice in the market. Consumers new and old alike face difficult choices when trying to buy cannabis online. If you’re like most cannabis consumers in Canada and have tried ordering your weed online, you have probably asked yourself the following Which mail order marijuana service can they trust? Which dispensary stocks the best cannabis at the cheapest rates?

Well, you’re in luck! Because these are exactly the questions that we aim to answer. You see, our aim is to make the process of buying weed online easier for everyone. What you need is a reliable, expert voice on all aspects of the online marijuana market and we’re here to provide you with exactly that! We will be comparing the top marijuana dispensaries in Canada to find out which one is the best!

The dispensaries we will be comparing today are Kana Post and Buy My Weed Online. Our criteria for comparison will be product range, product quality, pricing, promotions, and customer service. Let’s go!

Buy My Weed Online vs. Kana Post : Product Range

We will begin by looking at the different kinds of products both dispensaries offer their customers. As both Buy My Weed Online and Kana Post are online dispensaries, they are primarily dedicated to selling their customers different strains of cannabis flower. However, both sites also stock concentrates, edibles and various marijuana related accessories. This is where the similarities end, though. An important thing to remember is that not all weed dispensaries are made alike, and this is also the case here. Both dispensaries are very different from each other in terms of product ranges, and this is what we will be discussing first.

Let’s start with Kana Post. It’s easy to navigate around their website and reach the flower page. While Kana Post offer sativas, indicas and hybrids for their customers, their collection isn’t very special. They have around 43 different strains available on their website, but very few are actually well known and recognized strains.
Comparatively, Buy My Weed Online has a much larger (and more quality ensured) selection of flower and strains available. Customers can choose from up to 65 premium quality flowers and strains for the perfect high of their choosing.

This isn’t surprising if you consider that Buy My Weed Online is one of the oldest dispensaries in Canada and is quite famous for providing its customers with only the finest quality AAAAA graded cannabis. All their premium strains be it Gold Kush, Ghost Bubba or Blueberry Pie, are carefully curated and graded so that BMWO customers can rest assured it is the best cannabis they can buy online in Canada.

Both Buy My Weed Online and Kana Post also sell concentrates, and this is where Kana Post has more products. However, something we should take into account here is that quite a few of the products on their site are out of stock, and it seems they haven’t really updated or removed them from their list. Compared to this, BMWO seems like quite a good option as they not only have more than 60 different kinds of products, but none of them are sold out. These include premium quality shatters, budders, organic rosins and oils.

When it comes to edibles, both Kana Post and BMWO are neck and neck as they each have up to 40 different kinds of edibles, including oils, gummies, tinctures and candy available for sale.

Buy My Weed Online dominates Kana Post though, when it comes to smoking and vaping accessories. Kana Post has quite a limited selection of accessories and other weed related products, such as rolling papers and therapeutics. On the other hand the Buy My Weed Online accessories collection is one of the largest in the market.

Offering up to 600 different products for their customers, their accessories section on the site is one of the most well stocked in the country. These include various CBD extracts, tinctures and topical creams, all kinds of smoking accessories including rolling papers, premium bongs, pipes, vacuum boxes, and lighters, and many different premium brands of vape pens, oils, as well as personal care and pet health products.

All aspects considered, BMWO is definitely the better choice when it comes to product selection!

Buy My Weed Online vs. Kana Post : Product Quality – What Users Say

Our next criteria for comparison is an important one. Now that we know the extent of the product ranges at both sites, let’s look at the quality of these products. As it’s very important that we do this in an unbiased way, we will be turning to actual customers in the review sections on each site. This will let us know what their customers actually feel about their products.

Both sites feature a ‘star rating system’ with customer reviews. In this, almost all products on Kana Post have an average 4/5 stars or above, indicating that their customers are quite satisfied. One review for their Rockstar OG read: “Not great but pretty good value for the price”

Comparatively, we can see that almost every product Buy My Weed Online stocks has a full 5/5 stars rating indicating an extremely happy customer base. This is hardly a surprise – like we mentioned earlier, BMWO is famous among the marijuana enthusiast community for their commitment towards quality.

From the facts above, it is clear that BMWO provides their customers with much better quality product than Kana Post.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Kana Post : Pricing

Our next criteria for comparision is pricing. According to our research, most customers will only care about the prices they’re being offered, and will consider other criteria such as product quality, and range as secondary. This is why it is very important for mail order marijuana websites to have competitive and affordable prices in order to win over as many customers as possible. Let’s see how Buy My Weed Online and Kana Post compare.

Below are the average prices for flower that Buy My Weed Online and Kana Post offer to their customers.

Average Price for 1oz of Cannabis buds:
Kana Post: $180.00 – $240.00
BMWO: $180.00 – $200.00

This does not spell well for Kana Post as their prices are much higher than Buy
My Weed Online, and that too with their lower quality and product range.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Kana Post : Promotions

Our next criteria is offers and promotions. As we all know, nobody can resist a great deal. Let’s see what these dispensaries have to offer.

Let’s begin with Kana Post. While their website doesn’t have any specific voucher offers/promotions going on, they do have a sale section with quite a few products. They also have a members section where members can earn 1 Kana point for every $1 they spend. These can be redeemed for various prizes.

Next let’s look at BMWO. Known for simply loving their customers, BMWO has a lot more to offer their customers as compared to Kana Post. Their site has a dedicated promotions section where customers can find deals up to 25% off on all products as well as a dedicated referral and loyalty program. BMWO also has a monthly prize draw with up to $3000 prizes in credits. The first position Winner is eligible to takes away $1500 in store credits – every single month!

Buy My Weed Online vs. Kana Post : Shipping & Customer Service

Our final criteria of comparison between Kana Post and Buy My Weed Online will be shipping and customer service. We will be looking at the shipping options and prices both websites offer to their customers, as well as their customer service practices and reputation.

Kana Post only offers shipping through Canada Post’s FlexDelivery whereas BMWO offer standard shipping through Canada Post Express delivery to all parts of the country.

However BMWO customers can benefit from free shipping on all orders over $99. This makes BMWO the cheaper and more convenient option as virtually all orders they process come with free shipping.

Buy My Weed Online also boast a 24/7 live chat feature for customer support, which Kana post doesn’t have. However both sites have FAQ and complaints sections for their customers.

Having looked at all criteria, we can see that the clear winner is Buy My Weed Online. They have a much larger product range, better quality, better customer service, more promotions and most importantly – better prices. However, if you’re someone who’s looking for something really specific, then Kana Post is not a bad option as they have decent weed!