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Buying Magic Mushrooms Online

Did you know you can start buying magic mushrooms online in Canada today? BuyMyWeedOnline offers a variety of psychedelic mushroom strains that can be shipped right to your door.. Our shop has all the classics like Golden Teacher and even microdosing capsules! Our products are grown by experienced psilocybin and magic mushroom cultivators. This means you can always rely on the quality of our strains. Magic mushrooms can be intimidating if you’re new to the world of psychedelics. Let’s navigate these mysteries and go through the basics of buying shrooms online in Canada.

Magic Mushroom in Canada

BuyMyWeedOnline is the best shop to start buying magic mushrooms online in Canada. 

A lot has been changing in the world of psychedelics over the last few years. We’ve seen increasing legalization efforts and legislators starting to recognize that psychedelics, like cannabis and magic mushrooms, should be decriminalized.

This opened the door for the online magic mushroom market in Canada. Our shop proudly sells everything from whole dried magic mushrooms to capsules you can use for micro-dosing.

We ship purchases quickly and discreetly right to your home! We have lightning-fast and free shipping partners, and our shipping department knows how to securely and discreetly package everything you purchase from our store.

Before further exploring magic mushrooms, we should talk about the main component that makes them work: psilocybin. 

What Is The Main Component In Magic Mushrooms?

Psilocybin is in more than 100 different fungi strains. It is the main component of magic mushrooms. History shows that humans have used it for a hundred years to achieve that psychedelic experience. It’s a common ingredient in cultural and religious ceremonies throughout history.

Psilocybin is a psychedelic. This means it causes changes in human perception, including vision, hearing, and even how we perceive the flow of time.

In small doses, called micro-dosing, psilocybin can help individuals manage anxiety, mood disorders, and even PTSD. Middle-level doses cause light psychedelic experiences that can be enjoyable and even a little profound. 

Larger doses, now called macro dosing, are known to cause substantive shifts and how we see the world and have been described as some of the most meaningful experiences in people’s lives. 

Different strains of psilocybin mushrooms are known for their different properties. Much like different strains of cannabis also have different inherent qualities and types of highs.

Main Psychedelic Mushroom Strains Here in BMWO 

Golden Teacher

Golden Teacher is a great choice for beginners and experienced psychonauts. It’s been said to offer a more spiritual psychedelic experience that provides profound insight as much as it does interesting sensory experiences.

Blue Meanie

Blue Meanie, gets its name from the blue-coloured bruises on this mushroom. The more bruising and the darker blue it is, the more potent a mushroom will be. Blue Meanie provides a highly euphoric sensory experience that often has individuals laughing and feeling introspective. 

Penis Envy

Penis Envy gets its name from its highly identifiable visual appearance. However, it’s also one of the most powerful psilocybin mushrooms. This one is not for beginners and has often been compared to the potency of LSD.

History of Shrooms

Fungi that I’ve produced psilocybin date back millions of years. Researchers have even discovered psilocybin mushrooms that go as far back as over 1 billion years ago. To put this in perspective, human civilization has only been kicking around for thousands of years.

Ancient Central America to Siberia civilizations have had cultural relationships with psychedelic mushrooms. They’ve been used recreationally for shamans to contact the divine.

Psilocybin mushrooms have also been used in medicinal practices throughout history. However, it’s only been in recent years that formal science has begun to be able to study the benefits of psilocybin.

Myths on Shrooms 

When most people buy magic mushrooms online, they also have common misconceptions about shrooms. Let’s debunk some common myths surrounding psilocybin.

They Are a “Party” Drug

Many people think psychedelics, like magic mushrooms, are party drugs. While they are euphoric, and you can have an amazing experience with people close to you using psilocybin, its reputation as a party drug is misleading.

Experiences with psilocybin can offer medical benefits and deep spiritual insight and help individuals change how they see themselves and their place in the world. Something is going on here that’s much more profound than just having a good time at the party.

They Damage Your Brain

There are also plenty of myths about psilocybin damaging your brain. We’ve heard everything from “magic mushrooms rot your brain” to if you take too much, you can become “legally insane.”

All this is nonsense but rumours made up by people who want psilocybin to be banned. To date, no scientific evidence backs up any of these myths.

They Always Cause a Trip

People also think that magic mushrooms always cause a psychedelic trip. However, you can microdose psilocybin in a way that allows you to get medicinal benefits from this substance without experiencing a psychoactive high.

Effects of Magic Mushrooms

Now we need to talk about the effects of psilocybin. One of the benefits of buying magic mushrooms online is that you can control your dosing and get whatever experience you’re looking for.

Light doses of psilocybin have an effect similar to being high on weed. It’s euphoric and uplifting, but it might also have some light to visual and sensory changes.

Moderate doses kick off visual phenomena, and you might start to notice more interesting details in patterns, lights, and art like paintings, movies, and music.

Heavier doses start to introduce hallucinogenic experiences. Individuals have had profound emotional experiences, felt like they’ve had spiritual contact with the divine, and have received significant medicinal benefits from dosing this high. However, this should be for experienced users or individuals with a trip supervisor.

What The Experts Say About Psilocybin

There are plenty of sources of wisdom when it comes to psilocybin. Cultural anthropologists like Terence McKenna spent decades talking about the benefits of psilocybin. McKenna often talked about the potential medical benefits as well as the personal and psychological benefits of magic mushrooms.

Mainstream researchers are just starting to catch up with this information. The researchers at Johns Hopkins University have even recently started testing psychedelic experiences with magic mushrooms on individuals with depression.

Similar research shows magic mushrooms can benefit individuals with anxiety, depression, and PTSD. The full scope of the potential benefits of psilocybin has yet to be discovered. 

Buying magic mushrooms online from BuyMyWeedOnline is a great way to find out what all the scientists are buzzing about. 

How To Get The Correct Dosage Of Shrooms?

Getting the right dosing for shrooms is very important. You want to ensure that you have the right high relative to your experience with magic mushrooms.

You can use this chart to get a good sense of how much you should dose. Always start low and go slow. 

  • Low Dose—Up to 1g
  • Mild Dose—1 to 1.5g
  • Moderate Dose—1.5 to 3g
  • Strong Dose—3g to 4g
  • Heroic Dose—4 to 5g and beyond

Starting low and going slow is especially important for psychedelics. One great tip is to get very comfortable with how you experience one level of dosing before you move up to the next.

You should also have a trusted friend over to help supervise your experience. This is called trip sitting and is a common practice in the world of magic mushrooms.

How Is It Consumed?

There are a few different ways to consume magic mushrooms. We’re going to go over some of the most common.

The Classic Method

The easiest way to consume magic mushrooms is to chew them and swallow them. No special preparation is necessary, but the bitter and earthy flavour of shrooms is often off putting it too inexperienced and people new to magic mushrooms.

Magic Mushroom Tea

You can also make a magic mushroom tea. All you need to do is grind your dosing down and steep it in hot water. Ensure the water isn’t boiling and is no more than 87 degrees Fahrenheit. Any hotter, and you risk destroying the psilocybin.

Capsules and Edibles

Capsules and edibles are also a great way to enjoy psilocybin. You can take the magic mushrooms, grind them up, and place them into a capsule or an edible snack to ingest the psilocybin without tasting it.

Lemon Tek

Lemon Tek is also another way to enjoy psilocybin. This involves soaking your dose of psilocybin in freshly squeezed lemon juice for no more than 20 minutes. You then mix the psilocybin soaked with lemon into water and quickly drink the glass.

Tekking, as it’s known, helps the psilocybin to convert to psilocin, a process that naturally happens in the human stomach. This makes the high shorter but much more intense and should only be done by people comfortable with a stronger experience.

Pros And Cons Of Shrooms 

You should know the pros and cons of buying magic mushrooms online. The pros of buying magic mushrooms online are vast. You can enjoy the potential medical benefits of shrooms and the possibility of a life-altering psychedelic experience.

The potential cons have to do with a few downsides of magic mushrooms. With larger doses, you can experience fear and anxiety that’s often very challenging as it doesn’t go away until the trip ends. This is why it’s always important to have an experienced trip sitter with you when enjoying the higher doses of psilocybin. 

What to Watch Out for When Buying Magic Mushrooms

The internet is home to thousands of vendors selling their products, including magic mushrooms. It’s even more important to ensure you’re buying from a reputable dispensary. It’s not only the product, but you need a website where your information is safe and secured. 

Why Buy Magic Mushrooms Online with Us

Buying magic mushrooms online with BuyMyWeedOnline is the best way to get reliable products shipped to your door quickly.

Our psychedelic mushroom strains are grown by industry professionals, and we always stock the highest quality strains. We even offer a 1-ounce magic mushroom mix and match variety pack to help you discover which strain is best for you!

Always pick the right product when buying shrooms online, whether Golden Teacher or micro-dosing capsules. At BuyMyWeedOnline, we focus on fast and discreet shipping, high-quality products, and prices you won’t beat anywhere else! We are the best place to find high-end psychedelic mushroom strains that can be shipped to your front door. 

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Magic Mushroom FAQs

How much magic mushroom should I consume?

Your dosing depends on your psychedelic mushroom strains, experience, and desired results. In general: Under one gram is a microdose, one to three grams gives you a moderate experience, and above three grams should be for more experienced psychonauts with a trip sitter present.

Is it okay to take it with other medications?

Microdosing psilocybin while taking other medications shouldn’t have any Interactions. However, there is the potential for larger doses of psilocybin to interact with medication designed to affect serotonin levels. SSRIs and similar medications have the potential to interact with magic mushrooms.

Are magic mushrooms dangerous to my health?

Buying magic mushrooms online is safe for your health. No research suggests that using magic mushrooms poses short- or long-term health hazards. You only need to watch out for the occasional “bad trip” that might induce fear or anxiety.