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Orange Crush

Orange Crush is a sativa-dominant hybrid with uplifting and energetic effects, combining fruity and citrus flavors from its California Orange and Blueberry lineage.

With a moderate THC content and vibrant green buds flecked with orange hairs, it’s a pleasing choice for both recreational and medicinal users seeking to boost their mood or spark creativity.

THC – 11% to 29%

Orange Crush strain exhibits a range of THC content from 11% to 29%. While most varieties fall within the 15% to 22% range, this moderately potent strain is suitable for both recreational and medicinal use.

11% – 29%

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A sugary undertone that rounds out the scent, making it more pleasant and enjoyable.


A rich, soil-like scent that grounds the strain’s aroma profile.


A bright, citrusy note that adds a zesty freshness to the overall fragrance.


A tangy twist that enhances the strain’s complexity.

Terpenes Profile


The most common terpene in cannabis, providing an earthy scent.


Adds a peppery note to the strain’s aroma.


Contributes a fruity touch to the overall fragrance.






Dry Mouth

Dry Eyes


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History and Genetics

The Orange Crush, a sativa-dominant hybrid, was first brought to life by the BC Growers Association, who ingeniously combined the old-school California Orange, a classic hybrid that has dominated the cannabis markets since the 1950s, with the iconic Blueberry strain, an award-winning strain that made its debut in the 1970s.

The crossbreeding of these two strains gave rise to Orange Crush, a hybrid that boasts approximately 80% sativa genetics and embodies the citrusy aroma and fruity flavors synonymous with its name.

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Growing Information

Here are tips on how to grow Orange Crush strain for both indoors and outdoors:

Indoor Growing Tips

Orange Crush is well-suited for indoor growing, thriving even under low light conditions and flourishing with temperatures around 70ยฐF (21ยฐC) in a dry atmosphere with 50% RH humidity.

Its flowering time spans from 7 to 9 weeks, yielding approximately 12 ounces per square meter.

A good tip for indoor growers is to set up a grow room that mimics these ideal conditions to boost yield.

Outdoor Growing Tips

While Orange Crush can also be cultivated outdoors, it’s important to note that mature plants can yield around 16 ounces per plant.

This low-maintenance strain is versatile, thriving in both wet and dry climates.

For optimal results, outdoor growers should aim to provide temperature and humidity conditions similar to those recommended for indoor growing. This will not only enhance the plant’s growth but also its yield.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Orange Crush strain good for?

Orange Crush is an ideal choice for both recreational users seeking an uplifting and energetic experience, and medicinal users looking to boost their mood or spark creativity. With its moderate THC content ranging from 11% to 29%, it’s suitable for a variety of users.

When is the best time of the day to take the Orange Crush strain?

Orange Crush is best enjoyed during the day due to its sativa-dominant genetics and uplifting effects. It can help enhance creativity, boost energy levels, and elevate your mood, making it a great choice for daytime use.

Can beginners use the Orange Crush strain?

Yes, Orange Crush is suitable for beginners. Its moderate THC content and balanced effects make it a good option for those new to cannabis. However, as with any strain, it’s recommended to start with a low dose and gradually increase as needed.

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